Dominic Kosteris Teaches Investors around Chicago the Art of BRRRR

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2021 / — Investing in real estate always comes with a fair amount of risk. However, the payouts can also be very large if the investor has the know-how and good timing. Investing in houses with the intention of flipping them can have a large potential for profit, though expenses and risks can sometimes be equally as high. Savvy investors always seek methods that reduce risk and increase profits. The BRRRR method is very safe compared to other forms of investing and can be used by anyone with a steady income. It is a very effective way to grow your wealth with limited downside risk and huge potential returns.

Dominic Kosteris has made it his mission to help people get ahead financially using the BRRRR strategy and has made a lot of money and continues to make more through smart investments while showing others how they too can use this useful tool.

What Is BRRRR Investing?

BBRRR stands for Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat. Just like you would expect, the BRRRR investing method involves buying a property, rehabbing it, renting it out, and refinancing. The process begins immediately upon purchase of the property.

B- Buy. I was fortunate to buy a house undervalued for 50k. I bought it outright with my retirement funds.
R- Rehab. I accessed an extra 5k for rehab that included paint, finish hardwood floors, and fix broken windows.
R- Rent. I rented it for $1,400
R- Refinance- I do business with a credit union. They appraised the unit for 90k and gave me a loan for 67.5K. I repaid my retirement savings. With the extra 12k that I made, I used that to buy another unit by putting down the required 20%
R- Repeat- I'm on the prowl for another house that's undervalued now that I have my retirement funds reimbursed.

The entire goal is to do this over and over again while growing your passive income.
While most investors get excited about the idea of flipping houses for huge returns, there can be some difficulties involved with this process. Flipping properties is not for everyone if you are uncomfortable with putting time and money into a project. It also involves a lot of risks because you must buy low, renovate high and then sell higher. There are times when the sale will fall through, and your plans will have to be altered, which can cost you more in opportunities than you can afford.

The BRRRR Method and Rental Properties

Dominic Kosteris started by explaining that there are so many similarities between buying stocks or real estate and let's face it – real estate investment offers a lot more "bang for your buck." It is a great way to build wealth, and it also offers a lot of flexibility. There is a lot less risk involved in investing in real estate, and it has the potential to offer huge returns when done correctly.

How does the BRRRR method work?

This technique works really well if you are looking into investing in real estate where you buy an investment property at a low price and rent it out to tenants for income via your bank account or with another person's bank account while waiting for the value of the house to go up so it can be sold for more money than purchasing costs.

Dominic Kosteris made a fortune exploiting the BRRRR strategy. His latest acquisition was a 3 bedroom 1 and a half bath property he purchased for 50 thousand dollars total, including repairs and purchase price. He started rented it for $1400 and also took out loans against his retirement fund to finance this project, spending 56 thousand in all on the construction, of which 75% was financed by credit union lending institution, allowing him to reap maximum profit while minimizing risks through clever financial management skills.
Dominic Kosteris used the money from his credit union to buy a house in his neighborhood. He then put down 20% of the cost required by FHA and saved himself on interest payments for years! He then collected rent from the renter, and he continued to save hundreds of dollars on interest for years.

Dominic Kosteris found an ingenious way around that pesky rule about not being able to get an investment loan with Federal Housing Administration financing when he bought a home just like everybody else- but instead of taking out a mortgage, Dominic paid cash upfront using funds given by the Credit Union. He used the money from this refinance to buy more rental properties using the BRRRR strategy. Not only did he save on interest payments, but he also acquired a pretty sweet deal for himself.

However, the BRRRR method is a great way to secure real estate and get ahead! It can be a great way to get started in real estate investing without having your life savings tied up.


The BRRRR method is one of the most popular ways to start real estate investing without draining your savings. It may not always be an easy way, but it can prove profitable in the end if you are willing to put in a little bit of work upfront.

Dominic Kosteris has recently been featured on Inspirery and Dotcom Magazine. For more information, visit

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Bidding Set to Close on 3BR Home & 47.9+/- Acre Farm w/Poutry Houses in Dayton, VA Announces Nicholls Auction Marketing

Well maintained 3 BR/2 BA home on .88 +/- fenced acres w/majestic mountain views -- Home has numerous recent updates/renovations.

8738 Waggy’s Creek Rd., Dayton, VA 22821

47.9 +/- acre farm -- 2 operational poultry houses -- $100,000+ in solar panels that power the farm -- New 80KW generator -- 4 BR/1 BA home -- Multiple outbuildings, barn, hay storage, litter shed, generator shed & 2 car detached garage -- Fencing

8786 Waggy’s Creek Rd., Dayton, VA 22821

47.9 +/- acre farm -- 2 operational poultry houses -- $100,000+ in solar panels that power the farm -- New 80KW generator -- 4 BR/1 BA home -- Multiple outbuildings, barn, hay storage, litter shed, generator shed & 2 car detached garage -- Fencing

8786 Waggy’s Creek Rd., Dayton, VA 22821

Bidding Set to Close on 3BR Home w/Mountain Views and 47.9+/- Acre Farm w/Poutry Houses in Rockingham County VA Announces Nicholls Auction Marketing Group

The owners have entrusted us to market and sell this immaculate home and award winning income producing 47.9 +/- acre farm in Rockingham County. Make plans now to BID & BUY and Make them YOURS.”

— John Nicholls

FREDERICKSBURG, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, September 18, 2021 / — Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, Inc., ( announces the auctions of an immaculate 3 BR/2 BA home on a .88+/- acre lot with amazing mountain views and a 47.9+/- acre farm w/2 poultry houses, multiple barns/outbuildings, a 4BR/1 BA home and more in Dayton, VA (Rockingham County) on Tuesday, September 21 according to John Nicholls, president of the company.

“Having retired from farming in order to relocate closer to their grandchild, the owners have entrusted us to market and sell this immaculate home and award winning income producing 47.9 +/- acre farm in Rockingham County,” said Nicholls. “Make plans now to BID & BUY and Make them YOURS!!”

“The home has many recent upgrades, renovations and improvements and the productive farm has many amenities, buildings & opportunity,” said Josh Puffenbarger, Nicholls Auction Marketing Group auction coordinator.

The properties are conveniently located in the desirable Turner Ashby school district only 11 miles from Harrisonburg & James Madison University noted Puffenbarger.

Auction dates and times, locations, addresses and property highlights follow:

Tuesday, September 21 at 5:00PM – 8738 Waggy’s Creek Rd., Dayton, VA 22821
Immaculate 3 BR/2 BA Home on .88 +/- Acre Lot w/Amazing Mountain Views
• Well maintained 3 BR/2 BA home on .88 +/- fenced acres w/majestic mountain views — Home has numerous recent updates/renovations.
• Visit for more information.

Tuesday, September 21 at 5:05PM – 8786 Waggy’s Creek Rd., Dayton, VA 22821
47.9 +/- Acre Farm w/2 Poultry Houses, Multiple Barns/Outbuildings, 4 BR/1 BR Home, 2 Wells, Fencing & More!!
• 47.9 +/- acre farm — 2 operational poultry houses — $100,000+ in solar panels that power the farm — New 80KW generator — 4 BR/1 BA home — Multiple outbuildings, barn, hay storage, litter shed, generator shed & 2 car detached garage — Fencing on most of the property
• Visit for more information.

The real estate auctions are open to the public. Brokers are reminded that pre-registration is required for compensation.

For more information, contact Josh Puffenbarger (540-421-5007) or visit

Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, Inc., with over 50 years of auction superiority and over 200 years of combined experience, has been synonymous with excellence and successfully marketing and selling thousands of properties.

# # #

About Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, Inc.

Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, Inc., is a professional accelerated marketing firm specializing in the promotion and sale of real estate via the auction method of marketing. Headquartered in Fredericksburg, VA, NAMG has been serving the needs of the Mid-Atlantic region since 1968. The Nicholls team comprises world and state champion auctioneers, an award winning marketing staff, and sales percentages unmatched in the industry. For more information about Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, Inc., visit or call 540-898-0971.

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Nicholls Auction Marketing Group
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Delicia Gunn’s New Venture HEMPSULATION Challenges Construction Industry to Take Bigger Steps to Reduce Carbon Footprint


WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2021 / — Delicia Gunn, President and CEO of Indigo Engineered, celebrated the launch of her new venture, HEMPSULATION LLC, and trademark approval of its debut product, HEMPSULATION®, a sustainable building insulation for commercial and residential use. The non-toxic, negative carbon footprint building material offers thermal, environmental and health benefits surpassing mineral wool, fiberglass, rockwool and other synthetic building insulation products.

Gunn, a mechanical engineer and advocate for sustainable infrastructure development, challenges consumers to get educated about the benefits of hemp derived insulation and for the construction industry to do better when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint.

“What’s behind your walls matters,” said Gunn during the trademark and launch celebration held on Wednesday night at The Showroom in Washington, DC. “Choosing a carbon-free building insulation not only affects your individual health, it impacts the health of the globe. Reducing the construction industry’s carbon footprint is key to reducing climate change.”

The construction industry is the largest carbon dioxide contributor of all industries. It produces 38% of today’s global carbon emissions, of which 10% are attributed to construction materials made from steel, concrete and glass – common ingredients in traditional insulation products. Traditional building insulation adds up to 50 years of carbon emissions to a building’s carbon footprint.

“HEMPSULATION®, Makes it Easier for the Construction Industry to Commit to Carbon-Free Building,” said Gunn.

Gunn’s product aligns with commercial industry trends towards innovations that enhance building efficiency, combat material shortages and accommodate ongoing demands for sustainable, disaster-resistant, and healthy construction while ensuring short and long-term financial benefits.
“Hemp insulation outperforms most traditional insulation with an R-value that increases over time rather than eroding over time,” said Gunn.

Hemp insulation is natural, recyclable, resistant to pests, and non-irritating to the skin and lungs. Hemp fiber is breathable, and acts as a filter for condensation, slowly dissipating any moisture which prevents mold.

“If you experience water damage from something like a pipe leak, you could literally remove, dry and replace the insulation in the wall,” said Gunn.
Architects, builders, investors, real estate developers, housing authority officials and other industry influencers had a chance to experience HEMPSULATION® in a unique setting as part of the trademark and launch party. The boho chic decor featured lounges, bars and displays with exposed wall and ceiling activations that gave guests a chance to see, touch and manipulate the insulation within the wall framing.

Brand Ambassador and urban jazz harmonicist Frédéric Yonnet — who received national and international media attention for the innovative way he transformed his gutted out property into an innovative performance space during the early days of COVID — performed and spoke to guests about his plans to use the product in his home renovation.

“I struggled with asthma growing up so the non-toxic and anti-mold properties of the insulation made installing it in our property a ‘no-brainer.’ Layer on the fact it can lower my monthly utility bills and increase the overall value of my home? I’d say ‘this is the house that hemp built!’”

For information about HEMPSULATION® visit:


Hempsulation LLC is a small, black woman-owned business based in Washington, DC. Its mission is to reduce climate change by offering building insulation products made from industrial hemp that reduce the built environment carbon footprint. It’s debut product, HEMPSULATION®, is a non-toxic insulation with a negative carbon footprint. It offers thermal, environmental and health benefits surpassing mineral wool, fiberglass, rockwool and other synthetic building insulation products.


Delicia Gunn is a mechanical engineer and Founder and CEO of Indigo Engineered, an engineering firm committed to sustainable infrastructure development. A native of Baton Rouge, LA, Gunn’s interest in environment and human health issues was inspired when a childhood friend was diagnosed with cancer attributable to environmental toxins. Her mission is to promote policies that support sustainable infrastructure development globally. Gunn’s new venture, HEMPSULATION LLC, will position her to develop and support construction products that improve the health of individuals and the earth. Gunn has worked with clients on major projects including the The Smithsonian, DC Sustainable Energy Utility, DC Water, DC Convention Center Authority, DC USA Mall, The Wharf, Architect of the Capitol, City of New Orleans, Doha Hamad International Airport in Qatar, United Arab Emirates, City Center, DC Government, and the Historic Howard Theatre. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Howard University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Policy with a concentration in International Development at American University.


Urban Jazz Harmonicist Frédéric Yonnet received national and international media attention for the innovative performance space he created in the early days of COVID. He transformed a gutted-out property into a COVID-conscious rehearsal studio, outfitted with floor to ceiling clear dividers to create rooms for each musician so the band could safely come together to create music. Each weekend for eight months, the band opened the windows from the makeshift studio, flooding the block with music. Neighbors listened from their porches, passersby watched from the sidewalks, and virtual neighbors worldwide tuned in on Instagram and Facebook to eavesdrop on his jam sessions. Dubbed Jazz Club Quarantine,Yonnet also streamed live from the IG site of legendary DJ D-Nice.

Carla Sims
Hempsulation LLC
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Ryan Corcoran Tennessee Offers Expert Advice to Make Money with Your Airbnb Despite Covid.


Ryan Corcoran Tennessee knows that coronavirus shattered the lucrative short-term rental market almost immediately.

MURFREESBORO , TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2021 / — Ryan Corcoran Tennessee knows that coronavirus shattered the lucrative short-term rental market almost immediately. Gig-economy players such as Airbnb hosts were particularly hard hit. Hosts in major cities have gone from a stable source of rewarding income to having no guests at all.

Many property owners are wondering if their Air BNB can still earn them money despite Covid. As a home builder and developer, Ryan suggests four steps to make sure your answer is a clear yes.


Rates are currently 1% lower for homeowners who have bought homes in the last 5-10 years than they are today, or even more.

A fraction of a point on your mortgage rate can reduce your monthly mortgage payment by hundreds. You can use this money for your primary property, your debt, or renovations to allow you to rent out your property at higher rates, Ryan Corcoran Tennessee explains.

If you've experienced a temporary financial downturn, a cash-out refinance for your home can help you meet your financial obligations while you wait out the crisis. You can also negotiate a cash-out refinance for more than what you owe and receive the difference in cash. That can be used to pay your car note, buy groceries, etc.

Transition to a Long-term Rental Formula:

Airbnb has been trying to find solutions for its hosts since the COVID crisis. The company is now planning to invest heavily in long-term rentals as a core product offering. Extended stays may become more popular as a way to escape and get work remotely.

Many rental platforms will connect you with students, interns, and isolating physicians, as well as transient workers who might be willing to pay a little more for housing.

Plan Now, So You Can Charge More Later:

There are very few options to maximize your rental property's profit in the short term. However, if we consider the potential annual profit, it is possible to use this time to generate additional income months later.

Reduce your Losses and Sell your House:

Ryan Corcoran Tennessee says that you will want to retain as much equity in your home as possible if you decide to sell your rental property.

It is tempting to stay put and wait for the market to rebound. It could be a great time to sell your house, as we are currently in a long seller's market and have historically low inventory.

Even though times can be difficult, homeowners often have the option of having options.

Ryan Corcoran
Ryan Corcoran Tennessee
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Veripath Farmland Fund Releases Updated Research on Constructing a Canadian Farmland Portfolio Using Factor Analysis

Veripath’s portfolio construction model utilises a weighted, factor analysis approach.

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, September 17, 2021 / — Veripath Farmland Partners is pleased to release its updated research report on building a Canadian farmland portfolio using factor analysis. A portfolio of farmland raw acre weighted by province generated a bench market return of approximately 8% over the last decade on an unlevered basis.

Based on Veripath analysis, a suitably factor weighted portfolio could have outperform this by as much as 50%.

Veripath’s portfolio construction model utilises a weighted, factor analysis approach to adjust each provincial allocation to maximize the capture a number of factors by province:

• Productivity adjusted pricing
• Sharpe ratio
• Correlation to inflation
• Up/down return profile
• Market liquidity
• Average farm leverage levels

Using these factors, an adjusted Canadian portfolio would reduce the weighting to Ontario (down ~25% to 6% from 8%), while increasing the weighting to Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan (up ~10% to 88% from 81%). The full report can be found at

Who is Veripath: Veripath is a Canadian alternative investment firm. Members of Veripath’s management team have decades of farmland, private equity, and private credit investment experience. Veripath manages over 90,000 acres across its active portfolios. Fact sheets can be found here – The Veripath Canadian farmland investment thesis has a number of interesting elements, a few of are highlighted below.

• Value: Canada has some of the most competitively priced farmland in the developed world – particularly on a productivity adjusted pricing basis
• Portfolio Construction: Farmland exhibits low correlation to traditional stock/bond investments so can improve portfolio risk adjusted returns through enhanced diversification
• ESG: Western Canadian zero-till portfolios capture material amounts of carbon
• Inflation Hedging: Farmland has strong inflation/stagflation hedging capabilities and outperforms in real terms during period of low real rates/high inflation
• Demand: Farmland is non-volatile way to capture the incremental demand coming from the emerging economies for food, feed, fuel and water (China and India alone are ~$3b people on the path to becoming middle class)
• Risk: Veripath constructs highly diversified, non-operated portfolios using limited leverage to capture the pure returns generated by land appreciation in the most non-volatile way possible.
• Open-ended: Veripath operates a unique open-ended approach so beyond the initial short contractual hold period you can set the investment duration that best suits investor liquidity and portfolio construction needs.
• Monitoring: Veripath has a proprietary land management system using an inhouse software platform combined with satellite monitoring and AI crop analysis
• Geographic Split: Veripath divides the Canadian market into two separate geographies of ~84M acres each in order to streamline and simplify farmland ownership regulatory compliance. UR Fund invests in all of Canada (excluding SK and MB), R Fund invests just in SK and MB. The two sister funds have the same terms, fee structures and return expectations.

Disclaimer: This article is only an expression of our opinions on the subject matter set forth herein and includes information from, or data derived from, public third-party sources including commentaries, articles, industry publications, reports, and research papers. Veripath has not independently verified the accuracy, currency, or completeness of any of the information and data contained in this article which is derived from such third-party sources. While we have a good-faith belief in the accuracy of what we write, all such information is presented “as is,” without warranty of any kind, whether express or implied. The use made of the commentary set forth in this article is solely at the risk of the user of this information. This article is intended only as general information presented for the convenience of the reader and should not in any way be construed as advice of any kind, investment or otherwise.

Veripath Farmland
Veripath Farmland Fund
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OfferBee Home Launched to Give Home Sellers a Way to Close a Deal in 14-Days

OfferBee Home provides quick solutions for home sellers and help close the deal.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, September 17, 2021 / — A new digital platform announces quick solutions for home sellers and rental property landlords in the market to close a deal in 14 days. Welcome to OfferBee Home. The company is poised to change the game. They want to transform one of life’s most essential business propositions with a novel, fundamentally simple, way to sell properties.

In the current era of business that is mainly technology-driven, making transactions online has definitely become the standard. Today, as devices become more sophisticated, with only a few clicks in modern mobile phones, the number of activities one can do becomes endless. Need a ride? Book through the Uber App. Want to rent or lease a place? Scroll through AirBnb. Want to sell a house quickly? Learn and do it with OfferBee Home. With the vast interconnection that the internet creates between millions of people, it is now more convenient and efficient for anyone to step into the world of trading. Offerbee Home accurately understood this link provided by the internet and transformed it to offer better online transactions and online house selling for homeowners, through simply going to and entering their property address.

With the need to adjust to the new normal of this pandemic, OfferBee Home embraced the power of the web and big data for residential real estate needs, focusing on three main aspects. The company’s first advantage is “fast closing”. This means that home sellers can expect to receive a cash offer from OfferBee Home within 24 hours. The deal can be closed as quickly as in 14 days. The second advantage that the company offers is “skip showing and repairs”. Home sellers can avoid the showing and repairs of the house with no requirement to maintain the property spotless and show-ready. The third one is lower cost. OfferBee Home charges no more than 6% service fee to the seller. In fact, the company stated that they have no other hidden costs and are fully transparent in their fees. Through the application of big data, which is the other tool that facilitates transactions of residential properties, deal processing significantly increased due to better and easier access in precisely evaluating a property.

Furthermore, through the OfferBee Home’s proprietary evaluation and predictive market analysis technologies, the company provides home sellers data-driven and competitive offers. Without the liability of selling the property instantly, OfferBee Home has lower costs. Moreover, those recently acquired homes will not be sold in the short run due to OfferBee Home’s distinctive buying and selling scheme. This allows OfferBee Home to provide an easy exit solution for rental property landlords without tenants’ actual vacating.

Sherry Li, founder, and CEO of OfferBee Home and C-Star, has over 10 years of real estate experience under several roles for a number of different leading institutions. Sherry graduated from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with a master’s degree in Real Estate specialization. With her background and expertise in the field, she expressed that: “We noticed the need for efficiency in real estate selling and OfferBee Home provides the simplest solution to satisfy this need.” She was able to realize this necessity when she worked as Director of Fosun Group and a core member of the M & A team preceding the establishment of the growing platform OfferBee Home. Furthermore, before joining Fosun, she was a seasoned professional in acquisition and portfolio management with Rosewood Investment Corporation, where she completed $4bn real estate acquisitions and dispositions on both asset and portfolio levels. Prior to Rosewood, Ms. Li conducted acquisition and asset management functions for Chambers Street Properties, a public REIT managing $3.4bn net leased industrial and office portfolio in the U.S.

Sherry founded C-Star, a real estate investment, and management firm mainly in the single-family rental industry. Presently, C-Star owns and operates over 150 properties in Georgia and North Carolina. After that, she created OfferBee Home, which functions as the technology innovation platform to transact real estate off-market with strong financial and capital resources from C-Star. OfferBee Home currently operates in Georgia and North Carolina markets with rich economic knowledge and resources in these two markets for the past three years.

To this point, the OfferBee Home is built on people who are proven and tested to be efficient, systematic, and analytical. The people behind the company are pioneers and visionaries in the field, making sure that OfferBee Home is the prime and most reliable platform for the residential real estate market.

Learn more about the company and see a full view of the markets by visiting

About OfferBee:
Offerbee, a wholly-owned subsidiary of C-Star Technologies LLC, provides quick solutions for home sellers to help them sell homes as quickly as in 14 days! OfferBee is backed by C-Star investment firm as the buyer to acquire single-family homes and hold as rental properties.

Leona Li
OfferBee Home
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NewGen’s Latest Closing Will Assist the City of Tempe in Expanding Housing Options for Those in Need

Rodeway Inn, Tempe, AZ

NewGen’s Latest Closing the 40-unit Rodeway Inn

Travelodge Hotel, Flagstaff, AZ

NewGen’s Latest Closing the 44-unit Travelodge Hotel

NewGen Advisory (NewGen) assisted in the acquisition of the 40-unit Rodeway Inn by the city of Tempe to expand the city’s housing and shelter options.

We pride ourselves on being able to read the market and provide mutually beneficial solutions for hotel owners and buyers.”

— Dinesh "Dan" Rama, the Co-Founder and Designated Broker of NewGen Advisory

PHOENIX, AZ, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2021 / — NewGen Advisory (NewGen) assisted in the acquisition of the 40-unit Rodeway Inn by the city of Tempe to expand the city’s housing and shelter options. This acquisition will provide the City of Tempe with much-needed stability for people working with the city’s HOPE homeless outreach specialists to locate more permanent solutions for housing. Program participants will have better access to social services, job programs, substance abuse treatments, and medical care.

From Hotel to Affordable Housing Options
NewGen is no stranger to these projects and continues to aid where aid is needed. In 2020, NewGen created a task force to help hotel owners and alternative use buyers during the pandemic. The NewGen Advisory task force has seen hotel conversion projects span from transitional housing for US veterans to affordable housing and now temporary housing for nonprofits providing shelter to the homeless.

“The NewGen team is proud to be able to use our knowledge and expertise to help with such a good cause,” said Dinesh "Dan" Rama, the Co-Founder and Designated Broker of NewGen. “We pride ourselves on being able to read the market and provide mutually beneficial solutions for hotel owners and buyers.”

In this transaction, NewGen represented Seller, Sunny Tewari of Vision Hospitality, LLC, and as part of a proactive campaign, reached out to the CIty of Tempe to discuss their needs surrounding affordable and transitional housing for families impacted with homelessness. The Seller throughout the transaction was engaged and accommodating after understanding the City’s commitment to addressing the homelessness issue.

Positive Community Impact
“The City of Tempe is thankful for the opportunities created through the purchase of the Rodeway Inn property. We are now able to expand temporary transitional housing for individuals and families in need, providing stability as they work with our Human Services staff to locate permanent housing,” said Mayor Corey Woods.

The initiative was brought on to reduce the impact that homelessness has on the community. The property is being purchased through the American Rescue Plan Act. This approach involves several city departments such as Human Services, Neighborhood Services, Tempe Police Department, and Community Services. Additionally, the City Council also approved an additional $450,000 in nonprofit assistance to offer a larger expansion of emergency shelter beds in the area.

About New Gen

NewGen Advisory is a nationwide hospitality brokerage firm with headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona, and offices in 16 cities around the country. NewGen achieves extraordinary results for buyers and sellers of commercial real estate with a team of hospitality experts. For more information about NewGenAdvisory, visit


April Ray
Intentional Marketing
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Adhesive Equipment Market Share, Size, Growth & Forecast 2028

Research Report

DataM Intelligence

The Global Adhesive Equipment Market is expected to grow at a high CAGR of 4.5% during the forecasting period (2021-2028).

The Global Adhesive Equipment Market is expected to grow at a high CAGR of 4.5% during the forecasting period (2021-2028).”

— DataM Intelligence

CLEVELAND, OHIO, UNITED STATE AMERICA, September 17, 2021 / — Market Overview
Adhesives are the substance shaped through the mixture of two or extra liquid or semi-liquid materials joined completely to surfaces with the help of the certain device. The adhesive formation procedure involves numerous strategies such as bonding, shelling out melting, and extracting. Thus to carry out such methods distinct styles of adhesive systems are used. The system consists of an automatic electric gun, adhesive controllers, -component volumetric allotting meter blend, business warm melt gadget, and cold glue applicator.

Adhesive equipment is appreciably utilized in give up-consumer industries consisting of industrial machinery transportation & packaging, automotives, scientific, consumer electronics, creation, crockery and glassware, patron accurate, and home equipment.

View full report:

Market Dynamics
The global adhesive system is pushed with the aid of the growing consumption of adhesives by means of the emerging end-use industries consisting of creation, automotive, textiles, shoes, electronics, etc. Around the globe. The further marketplace is pushed by a rising call for the packaging industry observed by the authority's initiatives for business machinery and plenty of different production industries.

Rising rising consumption of adhesives in construction, automotive, textiles, footwear, electronics etc. around the globe
The marketplace is pushed by way of surge inside the call for through the quit-consumer industries along with production, automotive, textiles, footwear, electronics with growing online purchasing through e-trade websites around the world. Adhesive equipment consisting of applicators, thermal paste dispensers, glue containers, computerized adhesive guns is substantially used within the textile enterprise for bonding fabric together.

As the demand for textiles, leathers, footwear and apparel and apparel is developing at a speedy pace because of the surge within the Asia-Pacific population call for which drives the boom of the adhesive device market. For example in Asia-Pacific, India is the second-largest manufacturer of textile enterprise merchandise consisting of apparel, apparel. As in line with the India Brand Equity Foundation Organization in the first region of 2020, India’s overall textiles and apparel export reached around US$ 22.95 billion and is projected to reach around US$ eighty two.00 billion by way of 2021. It created a massive call for adhesive equipment in India.

Growing demand by the packaging industry with the surge in E-commerce sale of the consumer's goods have propelled the growth of the adhesive equipment market

Further growing call for of the by using the packaging industry due to surge in the sale of the customer's goods thru the e-commerce sites have propelled the call for for the transportable adhesive equipment in the packaging enterprise. According to UNCTAD, the global e-trade sale reached around US$ 29 trillion expanded by using 13% in 2017, this is broadly speaking because of a surge in the number of online buyers.

Rising Government favorable policies regarding bio-based adhesives development with the help of advanced technology may create lucrative opportunities for the growth of the adhesive equipment market
The increasing launching of bio-based adhesives by the leading manufacturers has created a huge opportunity for the growth of the adhesive equipment market. For instance, on 10th Sept 2020, Toyochem launched new biodegradable polyurethane adhesive materials for several industries where the use of biodegradable materials is preferred. For instance, as per the India Brand Equity Foundation Organization in 2019, the consumer electronics and appliances sale reached to around US$ 10.93 billion and is projected to reach around US$ 21 billion by 2025 in India.

Segment Analysis
By Product
• Adhesive controllers
• Two-Part Volumetric Dispensing Meter Mix
• Industrial hot melt equipment
• Cold Glue Applicator
• Adhesive Pumping Systems
• Pneumatic Adhesive Applicator
• Adhesive Application Guns
• Others
By Mounting Type
• Container mounted
• Handheld
• Robotic
• Machine mounted
• Rotary
By Adhesive
• Epoxy
• Acrylic
• Polyurethane
• Polyester
• Fabric adhesives
• Yellow Wood Glue
• Spray adhesives
• Super Glue
• Hot glue
• Others
By Operation Medium
• Compressed Air
• Electric
By Application Method
• Bead
• Dot
• Flat Spray
• Round Spray
• Others
By Distribution Channel
• Retail Store
• Supermarket/Hypermarket
By Application
• Packaging & Lamination
• Technical Textiles
• Automotive
• Healthcare
• Building and Construction
• Electronics
• Industrial
• Leather and Footwear
• Woodworking
• Others

Download free sample:

Geographical Analysis
Asia-Pacific region holds the largest market share global Adhesive Equipment market
Asia-Pacific location is dominating the worldwide Adhesive Equipment market accounted for the largest market proportion in 2019, due to presence of the producing businesses, developing industrialization, and growing populace demand of the adhesive system with the aid of the manufacturing industries of fabric, apparel, automotive on this location accompanied by way of North America and Europe. As per the International Institute for Sustainable Development Organization in 2017, Asia-Pacific place accounted for maximum share in textiles and apparel area representing 61% and 37.1% of the global marketplace. Similarly, North America is also developing at the quickest pace attributable to the presence of the leading production businesses with the presence of the advanced era adhesive device manufacturer.

Competitive Landscape
The adhesive equipment market is moderately competitive with the presence of local as well as global companies. some of the key players which are contributing to the growth of the market include Henkel, Hernon Manufacturing Inc., ITW Dynatech, 3M, Dispensing Limited, Nordson Corporation, Valco Melton, Adhesive & Equipment, Robatech, Dymax Corporation, and among others.

The major players are adopting several growth strategies such as product launches, acquisitions, and collaborations, which are contributing to the growth of the Adhesive Equipment market globally. For instance, on 15th April 2020, Meridian Adhesives Group (Meridian) completed the acquisition of the adhesives division of John P. Kummer GmbH, AG and Ltd (JPK). JPK is a leading European distributor of specialty products for the electronic and medical markets.

Further on 14th June 2016, Atlas Copco, a leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions, has acquired a Swedish supplier of dispensing equipment Bondtech, for supplying adhesives and sealants used by automotive manufacturers.

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Crain’s New York Business Spotlights Mobile App Company enCappture Founder and CEO, Denise DiSano

Denise DiSano – CEO/Founder of enCappture

enCappture – Because everyone needs a mobile app!

Because the next generation of customers were born with a phone in their hand, now is the time to have a branded mobile app to engage them.”

— Denise DiSano

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2021 / — Crain’s New York Business recently honored enCappture, a mobile app engagement platform, as one of the Notable Women-Owned Businesses, and highlighted Founder and CEO, Denise DiSano, for her contributions to the technology community and other women entrepreneurs.

DiSano created enCappture two years ago out of a passion to launch enterprise-level mobile apps that are accessible to everyone.

“Simply put, enCappture is a branded mobile app platform that helps businesses grow,” says DiSano, founder and CEO of enCappture. “We are witnessing a real shift to a mobile-centric business environment where connectivity is paramount, and because the next generation of customers were born with a phone in their hand, now is the time to have a branded mobile app to engage them."

enCappture democratizes mobile apps with an easy-to-use SaaS platform, taking what usually takes months in the development process to just a few weeks. The platform allows small to medium-sized businesses to launch branded mobile apps quickly and at a fraction of the cost. Now companies and organizations can afford to engage their customers and grow their businesses.

DiSano is no novice when it comes to launching technology products. Under her umbrella company, Marked Private, she created Invite Brandz, which connects physical wristbands to a party host’s personal online portal.

Prior to going into tech, Denise was an educator for over 10 years where she launched her school's first technology program. She is an advocate for women-owned businesses, girls in STEM, and a big supporter of minority executives.

About enCappture

enCappture was launched in early 2019 by Marked Private, a technology solutions firm that connects people through innovative technology and designs affordable products for businesses and associations, non-profits, property management firms, event planners, and influencers of all types and sizes. enCappture is an easy-to-use mobile app engagement SaaS platform launched to democratize mobile apps, taking what usually takes months in the development process to just a few weeks. enCappture’s technology partner, Axispoint, Inc., is a leading software development company that has created digital, mobile, and media solutions for major Fortune 500 companies.

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The Number of Homeless Veterans Increased Even Before the Pandemic

UMBRA Homes in Nevada

UMBRA Homes in Nevada

UMBRA Homes in California

UMBRA Homes in California

Plus, we suspect the pandemic has raised the number even further.

Umbra Companies, Inc. (OTCMKTS:UCIX)

CENTURY CITY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2021 / — After President Barack Obama took federal measures to address the issue of veteran homelessness, we saw a respectable decrement in the percentage of homeless veterans. The numbers kept coming down from 2010 to 2019. According to the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), homelessness in veterans was reduced by more than 50% until 2019.

However, we saw a rise in veteran homeless in 2020, even before the pandemic came along. COVID-19 has plagued employment in almost every sector, which could, theoretically, increase the percentage of veteran homelessness even further.

The survey was conducted by HUD two weeks before the commencement of lockdowns in 2020. That means any unemployment effects of the pandemic were not considered in the report.

The accurate count of homeless veterans in HUD’s 2020 report was 37,252. But it’s estimated the number has risen to more than 40,000 as of 2021. We await an official report to find out the exact number, though.

Veterans constitute 6% of the country’s population. However, more than 8% of the homeless population are veterans. In simpler terms, more than 21 veterans out of every 10,000 are homeless in the US.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Marcia Fudge, stated, “The results are very troubling, even before you consider what COVID-19 has done to make the homelessness crisis worse.”

The results of HUD’s 2020 report were scheduled to be announced by fall 2020, but due to unknown reasons, President Donald Trump hid the results from the public for several months. If we are to guess the arrival of January 2021’s survey report, we might have to wait a few more months.

Considering the alarming numbers, there’s one thing certain: we haven’t been doing much to deal with the serious issue of veteran homelessness.

To deal with this problem and provide shelter to the rising number of veterans all across the country, UMBRA Companies, Inc. (UCIX) has taken an initiative. It’s currently working on several housing projects in several states including California. Nevada, and Texas.

Want to be part of this initiative as an investor? Consider getting in touch with us here.

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