KW Commercial Executes Record-Breaking Sale of Belvedere Tattoo Parlor

New area expansion spurs demand for previously unwanted buildings in the East Belvedere Corridor.

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2018 / — Palm Beach-based Keller Williams Commercial Real Estate announced today that Managing Agent Brad Kuskin recently represented the seller in the $495,000 sale of a 2,000-square-foot former tattoo parlor on the eastern portion of Belvedere Road. The transaction price of $248 per square foot represents a five-year record for proportionate sales prices along the East Belvedere Road corridor.

KW CRE negotiated the transaction on behalf of long-time Boynton Beach resident who had initially purchased the property in 1997 for $75,000. Buyer-agent Spencer Grossman of NAI/Merin Hunter Codman represented the local buyer, Farm To Family, LLC, who intends to utilize the building as a vegan-oriented meal delivery preparation facility. The well-positioned location on Belvedere provides the Buyer with direct access to affluent El Cid and Palm Beach Island communities. The acquisition was contingent on the relocation of an existing tattoo parlor and South American boutique, who had previously occupied the building under annual leases.

"Transaction terms were finalized only days after initially listing the property, which clearly illustrates the growing strength and allure of the southern West Palm Beach neighborhoods, particularly in well-positioned older buildings. Many downtown buildings have extremely passive owners, who don't align lease structure with current market trends, offering additional value to long-term business operators and investors," said Kuskin. "We worked through several unique challenges related to the tenants and provided our client with maximized value based on a very dynamic market and potential user base. KW Commercial managed expectations of all parties while directly addressing concerns of tenants forced into relocation and early lease termination. It was a testament to the work of agents on both sides who worked to close the transaction promptly and at the originally negotiated terms."

"Keller Williams Commercial Real Estate has the unique footprint and breadth to provide clients the benefit of expansive transaction experience and rock-solid relationships throughout the South Florida market," said Kuskin. "Our national scope, combined with our commitment to a superior level of client service, allows us to provide unparalleled market insight, leading to strategic investment and liquidation initiatives, ultimately leading to maximized transaction efficiency."

About Keller Williams Commercial Real Estate

KW Commercial is a subsidiary of Texas-based real estate giant Keller Williams. KW Commercial currently operates in 790 offices throughout 49 states.

KW CRE is a full-service commercial real estate firm with a clear client-driven mission: "We Work For You." KW Commercial provides insight into land development, tenant representation, portfolio diversification, asset liquidation, land entitlement and all other sub-groups of the commercial real estate industry. For more information, please visit or call 561-223-8354

Brad Kuskin
Keller Williams Commercial
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U.S. Title Records Adds New Service for Home Shoppers

Home buyers and real estate investors now have same-day access to the information they need about a property and seller(s) before making an offer to purchase.

CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 11, 2018 / — U.S. Title Records is changing the way Americans shop for property. U.S. Title Record's newest service entitled "Home Buyer's Package," empowers property shoppers with the information, data and statistics needed to make an educated, well-calculated offer on a property.

Whether the client is a seasoned real estate investor or a first time home buyer, this service will provide all the relevant information, including the seller's individual profile report, property details with lot and building characteristics, full searches for property liens, taxes, personal liens, judgments, UCC filings, neighborhood demographics, comparable valuation sales report (all recorded sales), mortgage, sale and transfer history, flood and zoning information, foreclosure activity and much more.

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Lisa Levina and Brian Atallian Selected as Cover Stories in October 2018 Issues of Featured Agent Magazine

October 2018 Real Estate and Mortgage Editions include features on professionals in California, Delaware, Massachusetts, and New York.

We are pleased to showcase the talents and accomplishments of this month’s featured professionals, and introduce our readers to their valuable services.”

— Lisa White

PHOENIX, AZ, USA, October 11, 2018 / — The October 2018 Real Estate and Mortgage Editions of Featured Agent Magazine have been released, and feature New York based Real Estate Professional Elizabeth “Lisa” Levina, and Delaware based Mortgage Professional Brian Atallian as cover stories. Both editions are available in their entirety on Featured Agent Magazine’s website.

Lisa Levina — Owner and Principal Broker of New Vista Horizons, Inc., based in Manhattan — has made a name for herself as a consummate professional and a dynamic talent. Her business serves all five of New York City’s boroughs, as well as Florida’s Miami metro region and southwest Florida’s North Port and Port Charlotte communities. Lisa has earned a host of designations, including Certified Buyer’s Representative and Master Certified Negotiating Expert, and is also a New York State Certified real estate instructor, further underscoring her in-depth knowledge of the industry. The issue also includes profile stories on Adam Glick, a Santa Monica, California based real estate professional serving the regional market from Beverly Hills to Venice, and Santa Monica to the Palisades, and Esin Susol, a Boston, Massachusetts based real estate professional serving the Boston metro region, including the South Shore and North Shore.

Brian Atallian, an accomplished Mortgage Professional based in a Newark, Delaware, is known for his sincerity, hard-won knowledge, and proven track record of success. Beyond his home state, Brian is also licensed in New Jersey, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. His experience runs the gamut, and he has worked alongside resales, first-time homebuyers, move-up borrowers, and has even established himself as an authority on new construction financing. Brian also serves as President of the Delaware Economic Summit.

Lisa White, Managing Editor of Featured Agent Magazine says, “We are pleased to showcase the talents and accomplishments of this month’s featured professionals, and introduce our readers to their valuable services.”

Featured Agent Magazine is targeted towards real estate and mortgage professionals, along with consumers. The magazine’s website includes a searchable agent directory, allowing consumers to locate and connect with real estate and mortgage professionals in their communities. Educational articles, along with a variety of lifestyle articles are also included in each issue.

Featured Agent Magazine is published by Times 3 Publishing Group, LLC. Call 888-437-5707 or visit for more information. Follow Featured Agent on Twitter or Facebook.

Lisa White
Featured Agent Magazine
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Borden Waste-Away Group and Customers Continue Joint Funding of Life Saving Cancer Research

For its 7th Straight Year, Borden Waste-Away Group Donates All Proceeds Raised to Goshen Hospital’s Cancer Research Fund by Matching Customer Donations

ELKHART, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, October 10, 2018 / — As Breast Cancer Awareness month is well underway, Borden Waste-Away Group met with Goshen Health Foundation to present fundraising proceeds for cancer research that is more far-reaching than breast cancer alone.

In 2011, Elkhart-based Borden Waste-Away pioneered an exclusive program called the “Trash Cancer Matching Fund” where interested customers add $1.00 to their monthly bill as a donation for cancer research. Each year, Borden matches these donations dollar for dollar, with the combined amounts raised donated to Goshen Health Foundation in connection with Goshen Hospital in support forty-five active clinical trials. The clinical trials include a wide range of studies that includes breast, lung, colorectal, lymphoma, esophageal, head & neck, prostate, melanoma, multiple myeloma, pancreatic, and other cancers. Other programs supported includes preclinical studies for early detection, cancer vaccinations and improved radiation oncology verification systems, as well as The Tissue Bank.

Including donation funding from 2017, Borden Waste-Away Group totaled an astonishing $19,346.18 during this funding period, for a 7-year total of over $160,800 dollars.

“Seeing the number of customers each year who are dedicated to donating to such a worthy cause, I am so very happy to help with our ongoing contributions to this life saving program”, relates Chris Himes, President of Borden Waste-Away, “It’s awe-inspiring and humbling to help support ongoing clinical trials, as well as important cancer research.”

To participate in Borden Waste-Away Group Trash Cancer Matching Fund Program, we want to encourage everyone to call Borden’s Customer Support team at (800) 386-3313 ext. 570 to join in fight against cancer.

About Waste-Away Group

Waste-Away Group, Ltd. manages waste collection, transportation, and disposal, both to our state-of-the-art recycling facility and local landfills for residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Having served Northern Indiana and Southern Michigan for over 70 years, Waste-Away Group, Ltd. is headquartered in Elkhart, Indiana. Its affiliate companies includes Borden Waste-Away Service, Inc., providing residential waste and recycling removal, Himco Waste-Away Service, Inc., serving commercial and industrial customers for waste and recycling removal, Integra Certified Document Destruction LLC, providing safe, secure destruction of sensitive material and hard drives, and Recycling Works, Inc., the Materials Recovery Facility that sorts and ships recycling commodities to the world market for reuse. Together, these companies making up Waste-Away Group provide innovative, environmentally sound solutions while maintaining a leading market share in its core business areas.

Customer support Team
Waste-Away Group, Ltd.
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Title Junction Celebrates Its 13th Anniversary

13 years in the real estate title insurance business and still going strong!

It’s been a wild ride, but totally worth it.”

— Jennifer Ferri

FORT MYERS, FLA., UNITED STATES, October 10, 2018 / — On October 10th, 2005, Florida’s Cape Coral and Fort Myers real estate title specialist and notary, Title Junction, opened its doors for the first time. From the start, owner Jennifer Ferri knew that clients deserved to be the business’s first priority and has devoted Title Junction to consistently delivering the real estate/closing relationship you deserve for 13 years.

Title Junction prides itself on having open communication with clients, keeping them up to date and informed throughout the closing process. Title Junction strives to provide its clients with confidence and peace of mind by answering any questions they may have, and the company sees the importance in educating the public about the real estate and title insurance industries.

“It’s been a wild ride, but totally worth it,” says Jennifer. “I’ve gotten to work with a lot of amazing people, and every year I’m hoping to implement new strategies to educate clients and grow the business.”

In just the past year, Title Junction has made some exciting changes, expanding its office space and revamping the interior.

A leading provider of title and closing services in Florida, Title Junction will continue to provide the real estate/closing relationship you deserve and aims to find new ways to provide superior service to its clients with each passing year.

Title Junction is a full service real estate title company serving the area of Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and the entire state of Florida since 2005. The company handles a number of real estate title services for both commercial and residential properties. Employees of Title Junction can also act as a witness in courtesy closings as well as an escrow agent and a notary public.

Amanda Seiders
Title Junction, LLC
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CAFTA Arbitrators Abandoned the Rule of Law, Facts and Evidence


Arbitrator Eduardo Siqueiros, Mexico City

Arbitrator Perdo Nikken from Caracas, Venezuela

Arbitrator Mark Baker, Houston, Texas

It’s a fundamental principle in the Law, no one can be prosecuted for doing something that 's not prohibited by Law. A principle the arbitrators totally ignored

It's very important in a republic that the people, including Judges, respect and comply wth the Rule of law, for if we throw them to the winds, then what becomes of our civil government?”

— Elizabeth Cady Stanton


A judge must be faithful to their professional competence in the Law and rely on facts and evidence in their rulings. In this Arbitration case, the Arbitrators abandoned the law, the facts and the evidence.

Newly appointed Supreme Court Justice, Brett Kavanaugh, said this in his confirmation hearing:

“Our rulings need to be accurate and correct because they affect peoples’ lives. Our rulings must be clearly explained so that both parties, even the losing party, clearly understands how we came to our decision and that it was JUST AND FAIR.”

In comparing Justice Kavanaugh's clear statement to the CAFTA Arbitrators written ruling, the reader will be scratching their heads trying to figure out the poorly written, un-clear and poorly explained ruling. I explained this in my four previous reports, below and want to expand on report No 4 in this report.


In Paragraph 763 of their Ruling, the Arbitrators make this NON-FACTUAL statement: “and also fragmented the land in order to avoid the requirement of submitting a D1 Application to secure an EV permit for the easements".

FACT: The Fragmentation along public roads was done in accordance with Costa Rica law. Both Mr. Aven and developers' expert, Mr. Luis Ortiz, testified, there was a Costa Rica law permitting the fragmentation, therefore it was legal and not prohibited.

FACT: Mr. Aven received advise from his Attorney stating that fragmentation along public roads was permitted under Costa Rica law. The attorney divided the land accordingly, but the law was ignored by the Arbitrators.

FACT: All lots were legally registered and construction permits for easements were legally issued by the municipality.

FACT: Arbitrators simply ignored Costa Rica law and sided with the State's false assertions, with no basis in either facts or evidence. The Arbitrators then illegally adopted the State’s false hearsay narratives in finding against the Claimants.

Two big problems with the arbitrators actions:

1. FACT: Both the State and Arbitrators accused Mr. Aven of DUPING SETENA. Defrauding a Government is a serious crime, such allegations should be made carefully and only with conclusive facts and evidence, WHICH-DOESN'T-EXIST!!!

FACT: Proof of Intent to commit a crime is required before criminally charges can be filed.

FACT: There could be no intent, Mr. Aven's obtained legal advice saying THE LAW allowed the FRAGMENTATION.

FACT: There was no direct testimony from any Costa Rica agency, involved in creating the fragmentation, stating the Claimants acted illegally. Therefore, any assertions to the contrary were INADMISSIBLE HEARSAY!

FACT: The arbitrators should have ruled it inadmissible hearsay, but instead THEY ADOPTED the State's inadmissible hearsay into their ruling, with no direct evidence, and ruled against the Claimants.

2. FACT: In "ignorance and arrogance," the Arbitrators abandoned the rule of Law and threw the FACTS and EVIDENCE into the WINDS.


I wrote previously about the importance of Article 19 in SETENA Resolutions saying this: “The resolutions of the National Environmental Technical Secretariat (SETENA) must be well founded and reasoned. Compliance will be obligatory both for individuals, and for entities and public institutions.”

FACT: There were no exceptions in Article 19! EVERYONE was required to comply! Yet, both the Arbitrators and the State's refused to follow the Law and due process.

FACT: To legally annul a SETENA Resolution, due process had to be followed. The State HAD-TO-FILE an annulment motion with the court. A hearing would be schedule and both parties could provide their arguments and evidence.

FACT: A Motion to annual the SETENA Permit was never field BY-THE-STATE, thereby depriving the developers of having their day in court.

FACT: Based upon their ruling, the arbitrators seemed to be perfectly FINE with the capital punishment (coup de grâce) the STATE carried out on the project and Mr. Aven, without direct witness testimony and without due process under COSTA RICA LAW.

Here's the important take away. FACT: Arbitrators accused Mr. Aven of UNLAWFUL acts, despite Costa Rica Law saying the acts were "LAWFUL". The arbitrators not only let the STATE proffer their hearsay testimony throughout the hearing, but THEY adopted it into their ruling, EVIDENCING "THE FIX WAS IN." Let me give you a simple hypothetical for clarity: "IMAGINE-IF-THIS-HAPPENED-TO-YOU?"

The police knock on your door and accuse you of robbing a gas station manager. You say it wasn't me. But you're arrested and brought before a Judge. The police officer tells the Judge, the manager of the gas station told him it was you who robbed him. The only evidence it the manager's alleged statement. You say, Judge, the manager is mistaken, who is this guy? You ask the Judge, "where's this "ALLEGED MANAGER" to tell the you and me that I robbed him"? The Judge said we don't need him, since we have the testimony from the police officer, stating the manager told him it was you. The Judge finds you guilty, fines you for robbing the gas station and sends you to prison.

You would be correct in saying, "WITH OUTRAGE", that could never happen since the "ALLEGED" manager never appeared in court to testify against me; and "THE LAW" REQUIRES my accuser "MUST" appear before me, in court, and give PERSONAL testimony. Yes, THAT'S THE LAW, but the Judge just ignored the Law!

FACT: The hypothetical would never happened in a, "REAL COURT OF LAW", because none of the hearsay testimony would have been permitted, and the Judge would have found the accused not guilty.

FACT: It was wrong, in the above hypothetical, for the Judge to find guilt without the accuser's required testimony. It was equally as wrong for the Arbitrators to do the same with the developers in their flawed Arbitration ruling. This is what corruption looks like, if NOT STOPPED, it could next happen to you, to me, or someone else. (See-more-reports on CRBUZZ.COM)

Ron Rice
The Rice Report
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With decades of experience and thousands of installations nationally, Rhino Shield brings new life to home maintenance

Rhino Shield Jacksonville

Rhino Shield Jacksonville

Rhino Shield of Northeast Florida is celebrating nearly twenty years in business servicing the beautiful state of Florida

JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 10, 2018 / — The endless cycle of repainting every 5-years it not only exhausting, but it is also not cost-effective and can add even more damage to the structure over time. Rhino shield was born out of a lack of market solutions to this very problem. “For most homeowners in warmer climates and those in higher altitudes, they are faced with a difficult task; how exactly can they maintain their biggest investment?” Explains Rick Mariano, owner of the Rhino Shield dealership for Northeast Florida. “Keeping the outside of businesses and residential homes gets difficult each year with warming climates and weather cycles ever changing.”

Rhino Shield of Jacksonville recently hit another milestone, 10,000 successful installations of the ceramic coating that has changed businesses and residential homes around the nation.

At the heart of Rhino Shield is a ceramic nanotechnology in exterior coating systems, or simply the use of ceramic microspheres. Rhino Shield uses the highest quality ceramics with low breakage rates, low thermal conductivity, and consistent spherical shape, and as a result, provide insulation benefits and coating durability which can lead to energy saving among many more benefits.

Rhinos Shields wall coating technology breaks the perpetual exterior painting cycle and businesses and residential clients every have adopted the hashtag, #NeverPaintAgain. “Rhino Shield is most proud of this product because of the money, time, and energy costs to families and businesses. We want clients everywhere to be able to focuses on their businesses and families, and everything that’s most important to them.” -Rick Mariano

Because Rhino Shield is 10x thicker than traditional paint, it prevents cracking, chipping and peeling for almost three decades. Additionally, all cracks and joints are filled with a 60-year sealant, and rotten wood is replaced to provide the best possible outcome for a life lasting Rhino Shield job.

“At Rhino Shield, the painting market has gotten cheaper, while our product has become best in class and the most durable available”, explains Rick Mariano. “We want every business and residential home to use the most trusted ceramic on the market.”

For more information on Rhino Shield, their advanced coating product and more home repair information call 904-519-5055 or visit us at

Eric Ash
Web Presence, LLC
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Meth Lab Cleanup is now offering the FIRST clandestine drug lab decontamination course online.

Entrepreneurs no longer have to pay expensive franchise fees and royalties to start their own meth lab cleanup business.

ATHOL, IDAHO, UNITED STATES, October 10, 2018 / — Meth Lab Cleanup Company – The Original, is now offering the FIRST clandestine drug lab assessment and decontamination course online. The course can be electronically proctored to establish authenticity to regulators and clients. Entrepreneurs no longer have to pay expensive franchise fees and royalties to start their own meth lab cleanup business.

Meth Lab Cleanup Company (MLCC) is proud to offer the most comprehensive online Clandestine Drug Lab Assessment & Decontamination training available. Our experienced instructors offer a current and technically sound understanding of both OSHA requirements and nationwide standards for clandestine drug lab testing and remediation. Meth Lab Cleanup’s training staff includes a registered professional industrial hygienist with a Master’s Degree in Hazardous Waste Management and instructors with over a decade of drug lab and occupational safety and health experience. The online course instructor, Joe Mazzuca, has over 14 years of experience in this industry. He is an accredited expert witness and is considered a leader in clandestine drug lab assessment and decontamination services, technology, and regulation. This course was video-graphed live, in a classroom, to retain authenticity. Great care has been given to maintain fluidity between the video and presentation slides. The course also offers an in-depth look at the equipment needed to provide service. Students have the option to have the course exam electronically proctored, by web cam, to offer validation to regulators and clients. You have 30 days to complete the course and may start and stop as needed. A business course tailored to this industry will soon be posted to help guide new business owners in startup requirements.
There is no need to pay expensive franchise fees and royalties.

In addition to the online training described, MLCC offers a variety of web based training for environmental remediation professionals. These offerings include 40 hour initial Hazardous Waste Operations (HAZWOPER) training, 8 hour HAZWOPER refresher training; 8 hour HAZWOPER Supervisor training; Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) training; OSHA Respirator Training; Confined Space Training and Asbestos Awareness Training. Meth Lab Cleanup also offers an online methamphetamine screening course tailored to home inspectors. The course is accredited by the American Home Inspectors Association (AHIA), the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, (InterNACHI) and the National Home Inspector Association (NHIA). Visit to sign up.

Meth Lab Cleanup Company also provides do-it-yourself meth residue test kits. The first, MethAssure®, is a meth residue test that is analyzed by an independent laboratory. This test is quantitative and will determine exactly how much methamphetamine residue is present on a surface within two days of receipt at the lab. The second test method, Accumeth®, is an onsite, semi-quantitative immunoassay test which is tailored towards clandestine drug lab technicians, law enforcement, real estate professionals, industrial hygienists, home inspectors, landlords, home buyers and renters, remediation professionals and regulators. The Accumeth® tests target the most recognized legal standards of 0.1 ug/100cm2 or 0.5 ug/100cm2. Accumeth® kits are nonhazardous and can be disposed of as household waste. In situations where extensive or routine testing is required, MLCC offers the Black Box Reader® to quantify and document the Accumeth® test results. The Black Box is an electronic monitoring device that reads Accumeth® test results and provides a direct numerical readout of the results in 15 seconds. It is battery operated and fits in the palm of your hand! To purchase visit:

Meth Lab Cleanup Company (MLCC) is a privately-owned company providing professional environmental services throughout the United States. The company, established in 2003, specializes in clandestine drug lab assessment, decontamination, consultation and training. If you have any questions, please use our contact form at Or call 208-683-1974.

Joseph Mazzuca
Meth Lab Cleanup Company

Joseph Mazzuca
Meth Lab Cleanup LLC
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Using Bathroom Renovations to Add Value to Your Home

Bathrooms2Go, a bathroom renovation company with locations in both Burlington and Oakville,
discusses how bathroom renovations can add value to your home.

BURLINGTON, ONTARIO, CANADA, October 10, 2018 / — When it comes to home renovations, it can sometimes be hard to know where to
spend your money. People often think that a master bedroom or kitchen is the best place to spend their
money, when really, its bathrooms that tend to have best return on investment. A home with tastefully
renovated bathrooms is going to sell much faster, and for more money.

When it comes to renovating bathrooms, homeowners can often be hesitant to commit, as most homes
have more than one bathroom, and odds are that if one needs to be renovated, then they all do. To
most people, this means more money, and more time spent picking out finishes and tiles and other
details, though it doesn’t have to be this way. Companies like Bathrooms2Go, strive to simplify the
renovation process for the homeowner. They do this by providing a “one-stop-shop” for clients to select
all the products and finishes for the renovation with the guidance of experienced and professional
design staff. The also offer a transparent pricing model that’s starts with all-inclusive base package
prices. With this business model you know exactly what finishes you’re getting in the bathroom, and
what the cost is going to be – with no hidden fees or surprises.

“We offer three main package solutions designed to accommodate all bathroom configurations– each at
their own price point with features specific to the bathroom layout” says, Annie Callan, General
Manager of Bathrooms2Go, “This way all of our clients know exactly what they’re getting into when
they start a bathroom renovation with us.”

In terms of spending money on house renovations, people can often be hesitant to put down the money
to get a job a done. But whether you’re looking to have a bathroom redone, or get your kitchen
remodeled, home renovations should be looked at as an investment – not an expense.

About Bathrooms2Go: Bathrooms2Go is a family owned bathroom renovation company with beautiful
brick and mortar showrooms in both Burlington and Oakville. They offer turnkey bathroom remodeling
solutions with a base price for their clients and offer free consultations to see what will work best for
your home. With their two showrooms, potential clients can come and view some of their work, see the
fixtures and finishes available, and talk with a knowledgeable bathroom design professional to help you
with your one stop bathroom renovation.

Annie Callen
Bathrooms2Go: Burlington
(905) 844-5585
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Konstant Recognized for Sustainable Mobile App Development and Excellence in 2018 by Tabby Awards

Tabby Awards

Konstant Gitex  2018

Konstant Infosolutions - Top Web & Mobile App Development Company

Flawing all rumors, Konstant has been recognized in the Tabby Awards 2018 for their exemplary projects distinguishing the development scenario.

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 10, 2018 / — Being a huge bunch of motivation, Konstant Infosolutions (India) has been recognized for its excellence and leadership as one of the best app development agencies besides – DotcomWeavers (USA), EIGHT25MEDIA (USA) and Fueled (USA & UK)

Konstant has bagged this award for its admonitory client work on Oyraa – OYA KOC. Konstant team had converted into a family and all the projects it undertakes are treated as children, which are nurtured and developed. Extensive brainstorming sessions, candid and sometimes discussions, sometimes at odd hours, which ultimately resulted in production decisions. There have been times when teams have been spending time after the working hours as and when an inspiration came in. Despite all odds, success was certain, because of the firm belief of the team members and management (much because they understand the essence of the proposal at times which leads to continuing the idea further till completion).

Tabby awards committee has been regularly outsourcing mobile app development agencies, which have submitted entries on behalf of their clients to their mobile app events. Tabby has been creating an exclusive event to better capture client satisfaction benchmarks – like reviews from clients, consistency with budget and timely submission, adeptness to new technologies, selection of appropriate business model, post-deployment maintenance, and support and history of previous projects. Without skipping the support for various cross-platform development technologies is equally important.

The selection criteria include – consistency with budget and delivery of submission, reviews from clients, agility to adopt new technologies, selection of appropriate business model, post-deployment maintenance, and support, communication with clients and history of previous projects. One of the very important criteria is to switch between technologies if required, support various cross-platform development technologies and making apps rank in terms of performance and efficiency.

According to Vipin Jain, CEO, Konstant, “To win Tabby Award for app development is a wonderful acknowledgment. We have been discovering new trends in emerging technologies which are crucial to understanding and meeting challenges in app development. And for Konstant, this is one way to help people and business prosper. That is our purpose.”
He further says, “It is an opportunity for all the individuals to work hard and perform as now they have a better platform to showcase their skills and expand their ideas. It is a reward for them. We are more charged-up than ever before and would be striving even harder to take up projects that will benefit our organization.”

About Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions is a leading mobile and app development agency which is pioneers in developing world-class applications for various industry niches. They have always been a part of the learning journey. They have been working towards greater customer satisfaction by adopting their techniques and adapting to their requirements. They have been exceeding the expectations and have been surprising clients from time to time. They have been accolade many times by review and research firms and are considered as favorite development partner by most of the recent clients. Their projects have been appreciated constantly. Major solutions include chat solutions, beacon solutions, on-demand app solution, directory app solution, classified app Solution, e-commerce and mobile app development solutions.

Vipin Jain
Konstant Infosolutions
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