LunarGlo Lights Make the Apple Festival an After Dark Stand Out

Event organizers credit LunarGlo solar powered lights in their portable restrooms as making the Apple Festival cleaner, brighter and more enjoyable for all

“Once people experience what a big difference our solar powered porta-john lights make, they never want to go back to the “dark ages”.”

— Judy Barton

ELKHART, IN, UNITED STATES, June 25, 2019 / — With the festival and outdoor event season now in full swing, LunarGlo solar powered lights are helping make these venues brighter, cleaner and safer around the world. LunarGlo president Judy Barton said, “Once people experience what a big difference our solar powered porta-john lights make, they never want to go back to the “dark ages”.

Illustrating this difference from an event organizer’s perspective, Jeff Kitson, Executive Director of the Nappanee Area Chamber of Commerce said, “The Nappanee Apple Festival has had LunarGlo solar powered lights in our portable restrooms for several years now. It makes our event stand out by how clean and bright our portable restrooms are after dark. We have limited access to public restrooms and with over 100,000 visitors to our festival, the lights make the evening more enjoyable for all. I would highly recommend installing LunarGlo solar lights where ever you need light. They are amazing, durable and bright.” The preferred portable restroom supplier for the Nappanee Apple Festival is J&K Septic in New Paris, Indiana.

Rex Barton, LunarGlo’s co-founder added, “We know safety is another important consideration in an event organizer’s decision to require reliable, automatic solar lighting products in their porta-johns and wash stations. Their attendees don’t consider this kind of lighting to be a luxury; it’s a necessity.”

About LunarGlo, LLC:

With several years of engineering, design and development work in the area of high quality solar lighting solutions, LunarGlo® was formed to manufacture and supply LunarGlo® Solar Lights to specifically meet the needs of the portable restroom industry. Made in the USA, with the highest quality components, LunarGlo® Solar Lights are fully automatic, power washable, operate for up to 80 hours on a single charge, and are backed by a full two-year warranty. Other LunarGlo® products now include the LunarVent solar powered vent fan, as well as mounting hardware to adapt LunarGlo® Solar Lights a wide variety of applications including pier lighting, garden, walk-way, and patio lighting. Complete details can be found at

Judy Barton
LunarGlo, LLC
+1 574-294-2624
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Rudy L. Kusuma Was Awarded the 2019 Second-Mile Service Award in the San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce Event

Rudy L. Kusuma Was Awarded the 2019 Second-Mile Service Award at the San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce

SAN GABRIEL, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 25, 2019 / — Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Inc., a top-notch real estate company in the Greater Los Angeles area, participated in the installation dinner event of their in-house legal counsel Attorney Paul P. Cheng, Esq. as the President of the San Gabriel Chamber of Commerce.

The event was held at the Sheraton Los Angeles San Gabriel on Wednesday, June 19, 2019, from 6 pm to 9 pm. The event’s theme is Fight for the Chamber. The Law Offices of Paul P. Cheng and his wife, Ainy Gu, are happy to welcome and invite the community to their beautiful installation and networking dinner.

The event recognized also conducted to recognize and honor Wendy Holten, Dickson Motor Service for her 2 years of service as the Board President and member of the Chamber. Their installing officer is Kathryn Barger, Los Angeles County Board Supervisor, Fifth District.

According to the team, the event was also an exceptional evening for them and an honor for their company to have one of the core values being adapted to recognize local community and business leaders: the 2019 Rudy L. Kusuma Second Mile Service Awards.

Rudy L. Kusuma, the CEO of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Inc. was also recognized and given an award for the service and contribution to the community. Their local community is the San Gabriel Valley, and their company’s commitment is to provide their best to the community and make it the best place to work, live, and play.
The company always wants to offer their best service to reach the satisfaction of real estate agents, prospective buyers, and sellers, as well as community members across the San Gabriel Valley. The quality of their work is the source of pride and confidence of the team of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Inc. With this, they continue to implement the best approach to make the best of their services.

With their successful years of service in the industry, they already mastered the techniques on how to satisfy the needs of their customers. They give importance to the trust and support that they get from their valued clients. With this, they are more motivated to develop essential solutions to improve the quality of their work.

The team of Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Inc. understands the needs of its customers. With this, they guarantee their clients to have a hassle-free process while dealing with them. They also give consistent and excellent customers to support the happiness and satisfaction of their clients. They always want to leave a good impression to their customers about their work. Quality of service is their top priority.


For more information about Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Inc., visit their site at or email them at

Your Home Sold Guaranteed Realty, Inc.
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Edyza Integrates High Density Wireless Sensor Network Solution with Premio Ushering a New Level of IoT Edge Computing

Edyza powers nervous systems for the physical world with IoT HD technologies

Edyza powers nervous systems for the physical world with IoT HD technologies

Edyza and Premio offer an integrated sensor network and computing stack without the reliance of internet connectivity more real-time industry 4.0 applications

We have learned first-hand that industrial environments have unstable internet connectivity, making edge computing critical for customers to realize the full potential of high density sensor networks.”

— Atul Patel, CEO and Co-Founder, Edyza

IRVINE, CA, UNITED STATES, June 25, 2019 / — Edyza, Inc. (, an Internet of Things hardware and software company enabling dense sensor networks with its proprietary wireless radio and computing stack, has partnered with Premio Inc. (, a premier global ODM/OEM provider in computing technology from the edge to cloud, to offer Edyza-enabled gateways and edge servers manufactured by Premio and certified to host Edyza’s solution with and without cloud access.

Edyza has developed an end-to-end solution that utilizes its proprietary wireless communication tuned for high density sensor networks enabling the collection of granular spatially correlated sensor data of environments that require precision controls. The expanding selection of Edyza sensor nodes tuned for high density use cases include electrical conductivity & moisture, temperature and humidity, air quality, CO2, and VOC, and digital light. With sensor fusion, the data provides greater insights of environments to make more informed decisions and integrate into automated control systems through high-throughput messaging streams, rich APIs, spatial visualization, and workflows.

Edyza’s hardware and software solution utilizes robust gateways with local message brokers, database storage, and decisioning applications fully managed through software containers. The solution automatically adapts to internet outages by optimizing between edge and cloud processes across all its services such as real-time alerts and actions, integrations into on-premise control systems, machine learning algorithms, and local user interfaces. “We have learned first-hand from our deployments that industrial environments have unstable internet connectivity, making edge computing critical for our customers to realize the full potential of their high density sensor network,” stated Atul Patel, CEO and Co-Founder of Edyza. “With Edyza-enabled Premio computing hardware, our customers have a more practical solution they can rely on regardless of cloud availability and they can gain all the benefits Premio provides such as fanless designs, IP-ratings, and a strong history in embedded computing.”

With its partnership with Premio, Edyza is now able to offer a consistent experience for its customers across all industries including agriculture, hospitals, supply and logistics and more. This technology partnership between sensor networks and edge-computing offers a scalable infrastructure for large-scale data collection and processing with a validated edge compute network architecture. “The data explosion and value from Edyza’s innovative high density IoT capabilities are at the forefront of a massive digital transformation for industries like smart agriculture,” states Dustin Seetoo, Director of Product Marketing for Premio. “By deploying Premio’s rugged industrial computers into an edge-enabled network, we are able to accelerate the specific requirements needed for remote and edge workload applications that depend on compute power and mission critical reliability”

For over 30 years, Premio’s engineering expertise and manufacturing agility have been delivering hardware solutions in enterprise servers/storage, industrial embedded systems and industrial touch panel displays for some of the world’s premier technology companies. Premio’s experience in rugged system reliability and computer engineering has been a valuable asset for its partners like Edyza because of the ability to accelerate into the market with a validated compute solution.

At Premio’s Booth #1937 within the Sensor Expo in San Jose on June 26-27, 2019, Edyza and Premio will be showcasing their innovative joint capabilities. The live demonstration will feature an enclosed environment of controlled temperature, humidity, condensation, and airflow with a sensor node network that emulates many of Edyza’s actual customer deployments where nodes are deployed every 25 square feet. The nodes will communicate using Edyza’s proprietary wireless network protocol for high density and powered by Premio’s industrial computer gateway (RCO-1000 Series / BCO-1000 Series) and IP65 industrial touch panel pc (VIO-Series) that will host the Edyza edge computing services and user interfaces. Most importantly, the demonstration will operate entirely without internet connectivity. The goal of the demonstration is to encourage the market to imagine a new level of sensor networks that can enable artificial intelligence and machine learning never contemplated before.

Edyza and Premio are seeking industry channel partners, sensor manufacturers, and end customers to explore scaling sensor network deployments with Edyza’s high density wireless capabilities and Premio’s embedded systems and industrial touch panels. To learn more visit Edyza ( or call 855-60-EDYZA.

About Edyza, Inc.
Edyza is a hardware and software technology company that enables dense internet of things networks in industrial, commercial, and government sectors. Edyza’s high density internet of things (HD-IoT) wireless communication software uses a proprietary channel method to enable thousands of sensors and actuators to communicate in close proximity with extraordinary power efficiency and minimal interference. Combined with its fog, edge and cloud computing software platform, Edyza offers unprecedented levels of data with the scale, precision, and resolution needed for machine learning, predictive analytics, and automation. Edyza is based in Irvine, California and has 30 years of combined experience in wireless, big data, and software-as-a-service. Edyza builds nervous systems for the physical world with our IoT-HD technologies. To learn more, visit

About Premio, Inc.
Premio is a premier global ODM/OEM provider in computing technology from the edge to the cloud. We design and manufacture highly reliable, world-class product solutions for businesses with complex, highly specialized requirements. For over 30 years, our engineering expertise and manufacturing agility have been delivering hardware solutions in enterprise servers/storage, industrial embedded systems and industrial touch panel displays for some of the world’s premier technology companies. With a state-of-the-art facility in Los Angeles, California (ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO13485) and strategic locations in Taiwan, Malaysia and Germany. Premio provides robust product engineering, flexible speed to market and unlimited manufacturing transparency.

Kina De Santis
Edyza, Inc.
+1 (949)-245-2642
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Floor Plan Visuals Announces Launch In Portland, OR

Floor Plan Visuals extends services to “The City of Roses”

PORTLAND, OR, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2019 / — Floor Plan Visuals specializes in creating high-quality, marketable floor plans for real estate professionals, property managers, and developers. With locally staffed architectural building surveyors, Floor Plan Visuals operates in key markets nationwide including Los Angeles, Washington DC, Miami, New York City, Dallas, Houston, Austin, Boston, and now Portland. “The Portland housing market has been booming for a while now and we have received many inquiries from realtors. We are excited to announce our expansion of services to real estate professionals in the area,” stated Arda Bascinar, Founder of Floor Plan Visuals.

Since 2010, Floor Plan Visuals has created floor plans for over 10,000 properties; this is over 30 million square feet of surveyed real estate. Headquartered in Charleston, SC, Floor Plan Visuals is comprised of architectural designers and marketing professionals. A sampling of their most notable work includes the “Fleur De Lys” residence in Los Angeles, floor plans for HGTV and Bravo reality personalities, as well as multiple foreign embassies.

Floor Plan Visuals creates floor plans for all property types in both residential and commercial real estate. Their services extend beyond high-quality floor plans. They offer additional services including Site Plans, 3D renderings and 3D fly-over animation videos.

What sets Floor Plan Visuals apart from its competitors is the level of attention given to each plan. On-site measurements are performed by professional surveyors who have architectural backgrounds and utilize laser measuring equipment. Each custom floor plan is created in-house and assigned to an experienced staff of designers. Floor Plan Visuals provides an architectural level of quality with a low cost to fit marketing budgets.

Ashley Cashon Hanratty
Floor Plan Visuals
+1 (503) 822-6882
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Oaks Labs Introducing Oaks Smart Lock at NAA / Apartmentalize Show in Denver

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2019 / — Oaks Labs invites you to join them at the National Apartment Association’s Apartmentalize show in Denver, June 26-28. Look for them at Booth #943, where they will be accepting pre-orders for their brand new Oaks Smart Lock.

Initially introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) earlier this year, the new Oaks Smart Lock is truly one of a kind and an industry leader. With the new Oaks Smart Lock, Oaks Lab aims to provide choosy consumers with enterprise-grade technology in the comfort of their own home. What’s more, the new Oaks Smart Lock is not only one of the most secure deadbolts available on the market today, it is also the slimmest smart lock in the world with BLE, App, NFC, and FOB functionality.

“Our open API was built to provide service companies and IoT device manufacturers a robust platform and toolset without worrying about ‘walled gardens’ that are typically prevalent in the smart home space,” shares CTO, Clark Li.

“We are looking to power the real estate industry with our brand new Oaks Smart Lock,” explains Merrick Lackner, CEO and Co-Founder. “Our primary market at NAA are those multi-family residential properties that are managed by property managers. Our secondary market is vacation rental owners and also single-family homeowners who are interested in the best technology available,” he continues.

The Oaks Smart Lock boasts a number of proprietary details and features, including:

Deadbolt smart lock and powered by Bluetooth technology
Works offline with a WiFi bridge and can remotely control the lock
Digital access via electronic key code, FOB / IC Card and App
Can be used for Lever and Mortise lock models
Extended battery life up to a year, supported by 4 AA batteries
Auto-lock sensor
Cloud-enabled activity logs and notifications

“We introduced the brand new Oaks Smart Lock at CES this past January and generated real, organic interest for our product,” says Lackner. “We will be delivering the first 500 pre-orders this September and are now accepting pre-orders from the public, at substantial savings from the retail cost.”

To learn more about Oaks Labs and the Oaks Smart Lock, or for some behind the scenes insights, follow along on social media (@livewithoaks across all channels). You can also learn more on the company’s website, Oaks Smart Lock can currently be pre-ordered through the Oaks website. Pre-orders are now being accepted at the discounted rate of $150.

About Oaks Labs

Unlike other IoT providers, Oaks Labs aims to provide hub-less constantly connected IoT technologies with a flexible Open API to consumers and developers. With the new Oaks Smart Lock, the goal is to provide Oaks Labs’ enterprise-grade technology to consumers who are tired of “walled garden” IoT ecosystems and hub-based smart homes. In addition to being one of the most secure deadbolt locks on the market (with Grade 2 security and no keyhole to prevent picking or bumping), the new Oaks Smart Lock is the slimmest smart lock in the world with BLE, App, NFC, and FOB functionality.

Andre Sanchez, VP of Operations
Oaks Labs
+1 323-319-6979
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Griffin Living Sheds Light on Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month

Paul Griffin

CALABASAS, CALIFORNIA, USA, June 24, 2019 / — June is Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month and Griffin Living, a developer and operator of senior living communities, is highlighting their commitment to providing well-designed housing and compassionate care to those requiring memory care.

Nearly 5.2 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease and that number is expected to triple by 2050. Griffin Living is preparing for this increase by developing the communities needed for tomorrow, today.

In Simi Valley, California, Griffin Living is constructing VivaBella at Simi Valley, a senior living community with 78 assisted living units and 23 memory care units. In Thousand Oaks, California, Griffin Living is developing VivaBella at Westlake Village, which will have 58 units for assisted living and 28 units for memory care. Across the country in Snellville, Georgia, just north of Atlanta, Griffin Living, in a joint venture with Senior Lifestyle, has built and is currently leasing, The Sheridan at Eastside, with 32 independent living cottages, 90 independent living suites, 60 units for assisted living, and 32 units for memory care.

Paul E Griffin III, CEO and president of Griffin Living states, “At Griffin Living, we realized long ago that our mission was not just to build buildings. It was to create innovative communities that help residents thrive in a vibrant, caring environment. This is our passion and mission. As a highly experienced, senior-needs-focused, owner/developer, we are committed to creating the finest senior living communities in the industry.” He continues, “Each Griffin Living community is an impressive combination of prime location, innovative design, impressive amenities, and a committed, caring staff. All of our living spaces are comfortable, inviting, and well-appointed. In addition, each development has been built to the highest construction standards. Griffin Living is growing and continuing to expand our presence across the country. We are continually looking for municipalities where we can make a difference by providing superior quality senior living experiences for underserved 55+ populations.”

Paul Griffin
Griffin Living
+1 8189657400
email us here

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Robert Thomson offers insight into highly successful real estate career

Rob Thomson

Rob Thomson

Real estate mogul Robert Thomson of Waterfront Properties provides a closer look at the business and his highly successful, decades-long career.

JUPITER, FLORIDA, USA, June 24, 2019 / — Owner of Waterfront Properties and Club Communities, marketed as the largest purveyor of luxury real estate in Palm Beach and Martin County, Robert 'Rob' Thomson is a true veteran of the South Florida property market, first entering the industry more than 30 years ago. A South Florida native, Jupiter resident Thomson offers a closer look behind the scenes at Waterfront Properties and shares further insight into his highly successful career.

At the helm of Waterfront Properties and Club Communities, Robert 'Rob' Thomson directs more than 100 real estate agents and considers himself something of a visionary within the industry. "If you continue to do what you've always done, you'll only end up where you are," he suggests. "My goal, therefore," Thomson continues, "is to constantly evolve, and to be in line with any changes which are coming."

"You have to be passionate about it, and not just trying to make an effort," adds the real estate mogul, today responsible for in excess of $2 billion in lifetime sales.

Success, however, he says, did not come overnight. "There's been no shortage of hard work and dedication," Thomson explains. "It's something of an education, and one which started when I was a boy, with my mother being one of the first realtors in the Jupiter area, primarily focused on the Jupiter Island market," he goes on to reveal.

In 1987, Thomson's mother, Joan, would change the name of her existing real estate business to Waterfront Properties, the company which today has evolved into Waterfront Properties and Club Communities, and of which Rob Thomson himself is now at the helm.

Asked what sets Waterfront Properties and Club Communities apart from the competition, Thomson quickly points toward the cutting-edge technology and unique online marketing model which the business employs. Thomson and Waterfront Properties and Club Communities have also agreed on exclusive affiliations with prestigious international real estate networks, such as Mayfair International Realty, based in the heart of London, England.

"Our commitment to cutting-edge technology, our unique internet model, and our global affiliations have, together," Thomson suggests, "allowed Waterfront Properties to truly dominate the Palm Beach County and Treasure Coast luxury property markets."

Branding is also incredibly important at Waterfront Properties and Club Communities, he says. "Much of our success also relies on having established ourselves as a brand in the South Florida luxury real estate market," explains Thomson.

Indeed, Thomson's visionary approach to business, technology, and branding have all seen Waterfront Properties win multiple, highly celebrated awards. "Such awards stand as a testament to what we do," he suggests, "and demonstrate why we remain unmatched by anyone else in our market."

Turning back to what he calls his learning experience, Thomson reveals that it's often this, however, above all else, which keeps him ahead of the curve. "There's no end to the learning experience, and the most important thing, for me," he adds, wrapping up, "is to remember to keep on learning."

Robert Thomson is a luxury real estate professional based in Jupiter, Florida. Robert 'Rob' Thomson is a managing partner and owner of Waterfront Properties and Club Communities. Rob Thomson is also the name behind Waterfront Yacht Brokerage, giving Waterfront Properties and Club Communities' clients the option to buy and sell luxury watercraft alongside homes and other properties, and is co-owner of the Jupiter-based restaurant Shipwreck Bar and Grille. Thomson himself also happily resides in Jupiter and is the proud father of six children, two of whom currently work alongside him at Waterfront Properties.

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
+1 7865519491
email us here

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HTR Mechanical is now servicing Air Conditioners in Bucs County

HVAC in Bucks County

Bucks County HVAC Service

Look no further than HTR Mechanical for all of your air conditioning service in the Bucks County area. Schedule your routine maintenance today.

The best HVAC company in the Bucks County area!”

— Craig Sanford

LEVITTOWN, PA, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2019 / — With summer now here, its more important than ever to schedule an HVAC check up with HTR Mechanical. We are a local Bucks County HVAC company specializing in air conditioning service throughout Levittown, PA and Montgomery County. Poor air flow from a clogged filter, or not enough freon can make or break your air conditioner from running at optimal efficiency. If you don't have these things checked and kept in top shape, you run the risk of damaging your HVAC unit, which could lead to needing a whole new unit, which is a very costly expense. Air conditioning repair in Levittown, PA is more and more popular as every homeowner now has an air conditioner, whether a simple window unit or a whole house HVAC system.

In addition to quality air conditioning service, we also install and service air scrubbers in Bucks County. With an air scrubber, your HVAC system will provide the cleanest air to your home or office. A scrubber cleans the reclaimed air passing through your A Coil before coming back out through your supply ducts, allowing you to breath better and live a longer, healthier life. Installing this helps remove pollen so any allergic customers can also breath a lot better in the comfort of their homes.

Don't waste time waiting on someone miles and miles away to show up to your home after the seasons over, when you can call up HTR Mechanical, located nearby in Levittown, PA to service your HVAC system today.

With air conditioning repairs and regular air conditioning maintenance checks from HTR Mechanical, a great air conditioning system can last over 20 years if it is taken care of properly. Are you noticing poor airflow, weird sounds or smells, or a lack of cool air? These are all issues that you want to address immediately, as well as any damage to the unit. Getting to the root of the problem immediately will help to avoid other, more serious issues. HTR Mechanical is close enough to your home to send a specialist to service your unit as needed, to help you address any potential problems leading to your air conditioning system to be repaired or replaced. They want you to have complete peace of mind that your air conditioning system will continue to work, despite even the hottest part of the summer.

We serve customers throughout the residential market and commercially to local business surrounding our service area. For those colder winter months, check out our humidifiers we supply for customers with dry heat systems looking to improve the overall feel of their heat system.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience at 267-241-3769 or visit us on the web at We provide free estimates to customers located in either Bucks County or the Montgomery County area. Unlike other HVAC companies, we are licensed and insured to give our customers peace of mind that not only will the job get done right the first time, but they truly have nothing to worry about.

HTR Mechanical
+1 267-241-3769
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Swan Island Networks Sponsors Texas Readiness for Resilience Workshops

Preparedness done well can save lives, property, and operational continuity for all types of organizations;”

— Pete O'Dell

PORTLAND, OR, UNITED STATES, June 24, 2019 / — Swan Island Networks, creators of the TX360 real-time situational awareness platform deployed on the Microsoft Azure Cloud, will sponsor the Texas Hurricane Resilience workshops in Houston and Port Aransas the week of July 8.

The workshops are being conducted by the Texas A&M Agrilife Extension and other partners, including the Smart Cities Council, the National Association of State Energy Officials, and the Business Council for Sustainable Energy.

“Preparedness done well can save lives, property, and operational continuity for all types of organizations;” said Pete O’Dell, CEO of Swan Island Networks. “The workshops are aimed at increasing overall resilience, which can help with multiple types of emergency events. Situational awareness of possible threats and disruptions can give you more time to prepare, prevent and mitigate.“

TX360 is a real-time situational awareness platform that is cloud-based, easy to deploy and use, and allows a great deal of redundancy through its distributed access. The platform has integration capability with a wide range of other continuity and emergency response tools.

“The NYC Metropolitan Resilience Network has over 1,200 credentialed users from 400+ organizations;” said Bill Raisch, Executive Director of INTERCEP/NYU. “TX360’s unique ability to add new intelligence sources has greatly streamlined the delivery of our regional situational awareness picture.”

The Texas Readiness for Resilience workshops on July 9 in Houston and July 11 in Port Aransas will bring community leaders, stakeholders and technology partners together to discuss post-Harvey regional initiatives, public-private partnerships, and funding opportunities towards building a more resilient future.

About Swan Island Networks
Swan Island Networks, Inc. is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that has developed innovative software platforms that deliver trusted situational awareness and threat intelligence services. Swan Island’s TX360 service is a highly secure cloud-based platform for managing the integration, display and sharing of critical real-time information, supporting virtual Global Security Operations Centers (GSOC as a Service) and security and operations teams around the world. For more information, please visit

Pete O'Dell
Swan Island Networks
+1 503-796-7926
email us here
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Michael Ingui of Baxt Ingui Architects

Passive House Brownstone

Passive House Kitchen

Passive House Staircase

Baxt Ingui Architects Partner Michael Ingui's Bold New Mission

It’s wild to think you could help save the environment while having a better home. Passive House Accelerator hopes to amplify widely just how revolutionary Passive House can be.”

— Michael Ingui, Partner, Baxt Ingui Architects

NEW YORK, NY, USA, June 24, 2019 / — CNN recently published an article on their site (“Making an old home healthier for you and the environment,” June 18, 2019) that discusses how some architectural firms are using innovative techniques and design, such as Passive House building standards, on buildings new and old to make them more energy efficient. A home that is built to the Passive House standard is incredibly well sealed from bugs, dust, pollen, and drafts. A Passive House is also well insulated, creating a comfortable and serene environment that can reduce homeowners’ cooling and heating needs by between 80 percent and 90 percent. Many of the homes in the New York City area that are built to the Passive House standard only used their heat a few days this past winter.

Though Passive House was developed in Germany during the 1990s and has become popular in Central Europe, it is still relatively new to the United States. CNN reports that only 1,161 homes in the US were Passive House certified or were in the process of being certified in 2018, but that the number of homes is growing quickly.

Michael Ingui hopes to accelerate that growth.

Ingui, a Partner at Baxt Ingui Architects, who was interviewed by CNN for the article, has established Passive House Accelerator, a website that makes it easier for designers, contractors, and homeowners to learn about the specifics of Passive House standards. Ingui, who is currently working on nine Passive House renovation projects in Brooklyn and Manhattan for his firm, has been a pioneer in utilizing Passive House building standards, and believes that the building standard will become more popular as word of its numerous benefits to owners and the environment spreads.

On top of making homes “greener,” there are also health and economic gains to be had, as the upgrades allow owners to reduce indoor allergens and the usage of their heating and cooling systems. He added that a Passive House retrofit can cut heating and cooling expenses by upwards of 80 percent.

“You gain a better house,” Ingui told CNN. “You gain a healthier house. You gain money in your pocket for not paying for heating. It’s a pretty wild approach to think that you could actually save the environment while having a better home.”

“The biggest thing people have to get used to is that they hardly have to heat their house,” he added.

With Passive House Accelerator, Ingui believes that he can bring together a collaborative network of Passive House enthusiasts who will not only speak of its virtues to a wider audience, but also support the growing Passive House community by sharing ideas and solutions.

“Our goal is to spread the message,” Ingui said. “That’s number one. It all comes down to information. When the information is out there and easy to find, more and more people will understand just how accessible, responsible and rewarding Passive House can be.

Once people learn about Passive House, they tend to ask 'Why isn't everyone building this way?' The answer is: once they know about it they will."

Kimberly Macleod
kmacconnect pr
+1 917-587-0069
email us here

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