Pro Plumbing LLC Expanding, Opening a New Location in Tullahoma, TN

Plumbing Tullahoma TN; Plumber Manchester TN

Pro Plumbing LLC is a plumbing company that operates in Manchester, TN, which is now opening a new location for the citizens of Tullahoma, TN

TULLAHOMA, TENNESSEE, USA, January 19, 2019 / — Pro Plumbing LLC is making their services available to everybody in Tullahoma that is in need of a plumber. If clients need a plumber in Tullahoma, Pro Plumbing is a licensed and insured choice that will take care of the problems related to plumbing in any house.

Very often, people take their plumbing systems for granted until something goes wrong. Many things can happen that will require help for fixing them like a burst pipe, a flood in the bathroom, not getting running water in the bathroom or kitchen, a bath or a toilet getting clogged, pipes or sinks leaking, and more. There is a vast number of potential threats that can take clients by surprise which is why it is good to be informed about a great plumbing service that will take care of whatever the problem is.

The plumbing services in Tullahoma are offered along with an amazing 5-year warranty of all plumbing repairs! Meaning, if a client still has the same problem after Pro Plumbing LLC intervened, they will come again and fix the problem. Another thing that this company offers is a 6-month warranty on drains unless it’s due to needing further repairs.

When it comes to the kinds of services that Pro Plumbing LLC offers to its clients, there are lots of them like toilet plumbing, redoing piping, boiler and water heater installation, and much more. If somebody is looking for a 24 hour Tullahoma plumber, Pro Plumbing LLC is the right choice. With their workmanship and customer service that is very involved with clients, it surely will be the right choice.

The company gives out a flat rate pricing. They will point out the price up front, and that price will stay until the end regardless of the time and patience the job needs, except in cases where unforeseen damage is spotted further in the process.

“We offer affordable pricing with quotes and estimates which are free. Our services are both fast and reliable. It is important to take care of your home’s plumbing system as well as to respond quickly when a plumbing issue is suspected or identified. Pro Plumbing can provide both types of services and to do so on an around-the-clock basis” state employees of the company.

The many satisfied customers that Pro Plumbing LLC has, prove how good they are at their job. One of the customers’ reviews on the company’s website says the following:
“Andrew installed a dishwasher and microwave for me. His attention to detail is impeccable and I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of his workmanship. We ran into some snags due to how poorly the previous dishwasher was installed but he took the time and went above and beyond to ensure this unit was installed perfectly. I could not be happier.”

William Andrew Francis
Pro Plumbing LLC
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Rick Nobles Offers Tips on Protecting Your Home & Business from Fire Damage

Rick Nobles

Fires can affect your home and business without warning. Rick Nobles offers solutions for preparing against this type of disaster.

BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY, UNITED STATES, January 18, 2019 / — According to the United States Fire Association and FEMA, there were over 1.3 million fires in 2017, resulting in over 23 billion dollars in damages. Most of these fires can be avoided by increasing awareness and safeguarding your home or business with new and updated technology.

Rick Nobles with ProTouch understands how disruptive events like this can be to your family and place of business and will always be there in your time of need, providing professional crews to help you recover throughout the entire process.

One tip Rick Nobles recommend to families and businesses is to test and upgrade your smoke alarms. By properly maintaining your smoke alarms, and testing the batteries once per month, you can be prepared for any situation in case something goes wrong.

According to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, maternal voice smoke alarms are three times more likely and more effective in waking children than conventional tone alarms.

“In my experience, families, and businesses never truly prepare in advance,” explained Rick Nobles. Part of our job is to educate people to take steps now, to ensure their safety if a disaster ever occurs.”

Another tip is to always get your heating sources inspected. An annual inspection can help reduce your risk of fire, and if you ever use a space heater, always inspect it before and after each use and place them at least three feet away from anything that could catch on fire.

Another tip Rick Nobles recommends is always paying attention to your stove and oven and never leaving anything flammable around them. Make sure there isn’t anything hanging above the stove, and that all towels and cookbooks are a safe distance away.

By maintaining your cords, and keeping an eye out for frayed wires can also eliminate a huge risk for fires. Rick Nobles always recommends repairing or replacing the cords that seem to be damaged immediately. Electrical cords can produce heat, so don’t trap them under a rug or between furniture and the wall, as this can lead to fires as well.

In the event that you do experience a fire-related disaster, Rick Nobles and ProTouch are here to help and can access the damage and present you and your family with all of your options including an action plan and communicating with you every step of the way, until everything has been completed.

To learn more about Rick Nobles, and to connect, click here.

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Kelly Strauss Named 2019 Virginia Auctioneer of the Year

Strauss Named VA Auctioneer of the Year

FREDERICKSBURG, VA, UNITED STATES, January 18, 2019 / — Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, Inc., ( announces that the Virginia Auctioneers Association awarded Kelly D. Strauss, CAI of Nicholls Auction Marketing Group its coveted Auctioneer of the Year Award at its recent 2019 Annual Auctioneers Convention held in Richmond, VA.

The Virginia Auctioneer Association (VAA) Auctioneer of the Year award recognizes an auctioneer who has tirelessly and unselfishly represented the auction profession, Virginia’s auction industry and the VAA. This year the VAA recognized Kelly D. Strauss as its Auctioneer of the Year for his steadfast and faithful dedication to the VAA.

In comments made during the convention, Strauss stressed the importance of family in both his personal and professional auction lives and its importance for the entire auction profession.

As auction coordinator of Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, Inc., Strauss oversees the day-to-day management of many complex auction projects for the company. A graduate of the Worldwide College of Auctioneering in Mason City, IA and the Certified Auctioneers Institute, Bloomington, IN, Strauss was born and raised in the New River Valley region of Virginia in Christiansburg and Radford. He is an auctioneer from King George County, VA where he has made his home for over 20 years with his wife and two children.

Strauss currently represents the auction industry serving on the Board of Directors of the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) and previously served as the 2015 Virginia Auctioneers Association (VAA) President. Strauss was instrumental in scheduling highly respected members of the auction industry to speak at VAA meeting during his tenure of the VAA Board of Directors.

Strauss has served on numerous national, state, and local boards and is active in many community and church activities in King George.

For more information about Kelly Strauss, the VAA, and the NAA, visit,, and

# # #

About Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, Inc.
Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, Inc., is a professional accelerated marketing firm specializing in the promotion and sale of real estate via the auction method of marketing. Headquartered in Fredericksburg, VA, NAMG has been serving the needs of the Mid-Atlantic region since 1968. The Nicholls team comprises world and state champion auctioneers, an award winning marketing staff, and sales percentages unmatched in the industry. For more information about Nicholls Auction Marketing Group, Inc., visit or call 540-898-0971.

About Virginia Auctioneers Association
The Virginia Auctioneers Association (VAA) represents Auctioneers in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Founded in 1959 the mission of the VAA is to promote the auction method of marketing and enhance the professionalism of its members through education and technology. To learn about auctions in Virginia, visit

About the National Auctioneers Association
The National Auctioneers Association represents thousands of auction professionals from the U.S. and across the world. The mission of the NAA is to provide critical resources to auction professionals that will enhance their skills and successes. The NAA’s headquarters are in Overland Park, Kan. The association was founded in 1949. To learn more about auctions, visit

Shields Jones
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How to Minimize Costs When Moving According to Kerri Nettles

Kerri Nettles

Moving can be a stressful endeavour at the best of times – and it can also be costly. Kerri Nettles wants to help you minimize those costs.

OCEAN SPRINGS, MISSISSIPPI, UNITED STATES, January 17, 2019 / — Nobody likes moving. It’s exhausting, time-consuming and can end up being very expensive. The last thing that anyone wants to think about when packing and hauling their entire lives to a new location is the mounting bill that goes hand in hand with a poorly planned move. With that in mind, real estate expert Kerri Nettles wants to help you discover a number of different ways of keeping the costs low when moving house. That way, you won’t have to worry about money and instead can focus solely on how you’re going to get that piano up the stairs!

Be flexible

“Like any industry, moving has a peak and an off-peak season.” Kerri Nettles says. “If you want to save yourself not only money, but stress, too, then moving in a quieter season is definitely the way forward.” Demand tends to be higher in summer when kids are out of school and parents are desperate to move into a new location before the academic year starts, so if this was your thinking then perhaps try move in the fall or even winter.

Do it yourself

“Movers are expensive.” Kerri Nettles says. “If you’re up to the challenge and have some time on your hands, you can save a substantial amount of money by moving yourself.” Of course, this is easier said than done; moving house is a huge undertaking. You’ll need not only time, but the correct tools such as trolleys, ladders and a decent-sized truck too.

Ask some friends to help out

Need an army of movers for a good price and at very short notice? Why not enlist your friends? For the cost of a case of beer and a couple of pizzas, you could move your entire house in one weekend with the help of your nearest and dearest. The one thing to keep in mind, Kerri Nettles insists, is that you’ll definitely owe them a move in the future.

Get rid of everything you don’t need

Do a spring clean before you move. There’s no sense sweating and hauling heavy packages of things you don’t need. Having extraneous things will only slow you down, so ensure that you get rid of everything that you have absolutely no use for.

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Pavel Rombakh Offers Tips on Home Restoration

Pavel Rombakh

EDMONDS, WASHINGTON, USA, January 17, 2019 / — One of the most common resolutions in the New Year is home restoration. Pavel Rombakh offers his tips for home restoration and renovation.

With years of experience as a general contractor, Pavel Rombakh gets questions daily about home restoration and repair.

“Home restoration can be incredibly stressful and challenging,” explained Pavel Rombakh. “If the home is older, it’s always important to do your homework before beginning. You can avoid stress and headaches along the way.”

A great tip Pavel Rombakh gives is encouraging everyone to have their home inspected. This can seem like a timely or costly affair, but this can save you thousands of dollars when having an inspector look at the mechanical systems in the house, including plumbing, electrical work, and the heatings systems.

It’s always important to have a good understanding of your structural support and any kind of damage you might have to work with before starting home repairs and restorations.

Another great tip that Pavel Rombakh offers is having your roof inspected before beginning any home restorations as well.

You can avoid a lot of grief in the future by having an inspector take a look at your roof to see if there is any structural damage or repairs that are needed before digging into your renovations inside and outside the home.

It’s always easier to pay attention in the beginning to wiring issues, structural problems that may occur with the home, and plumbing now, before you start to work on your ideas for renovations, saving you time, money and energy along the way.

Pavel Rombakh also encourages everyone considering home renovations to prioritize where they want to start first.

Making a list of everything you want to accomplish can keep you on track and on budget and eliminate wasted expenses along the way. Organizing your list of renovations by room is extremely helpful, listing out what you’d like to accomplish in the kitchen, the living room, what cabinets you want to change, and listing out the different paint options can be helpful as well as the jobs like roof restoration and window repair.

Always focus on anything that can cause future damage first, and making sure that the house is structurally sound. This will keep you on budget and help you focus on what’s most important along the way.

Home restoration doesn’t have to be a headache as long as you create a task list and stay focused along the way.

To learn more about home restoration and Pavel Rombakh, click here.

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Tides on Mill Management Gives Apartment Complex Extensive Upgrade

Tides on Mill Arizona

TEMPE, ARIZONA, USA, January 17, 2019 / — The Tides on Mill Management team has given their apartment complex in Tempe, Arizona a series of upgrades that improve the well-being of all residents. A beautiful community already offering spacious apartment homes, the upgrades include new top-notch amenities and leisure areas.

At the Tides on Mill apartments, the complex offers three open floor plans to meet diverse resident needs. Interested tenants can choose from one or two bedroom apartments with ample amenities and standard features including an all-electric kitchen, a patio or balcony, hardwood floors, and a washer and dryer in addition to large walk-in closets.

Each of the apartment homes come prepped with cable and are all satellite ready. Also, Tides on Mill is a pet-friendly community, so residents are free to bring their furry friends along. While the apartments already come with a list of perks, the management team has improved other property amenities to enhance the overall resident experience.

Besides remodeled units across the complex, upgrades to the apartments made by management include:

LED Lighting: LED lights are highly energy efficient. They can consume up to 90% less power than traditional incandescent bulbs. Because of this, there is a dramatic decrease in power costs for residents and a greener initiative from management.

Pool Furniture: Pool furniture that sits under the sun exposed to the elements most of the time degrades fast. Tides on Mill management has purchased all new poolside furniture that’s clean, stable, and comfortable to lounge in.

BBQ Area: For those residents who don’t own a grill of their own, the new BBQ area is well-equipped and free of charge. Residents will only need to reserve a spot to be able to use it.

New Gym Floor and Equipment: Removing the old, outdated flooring in the gym and installing new equipment, the management team helps improve safety and performance for all gym-goers on property.

Electronic Parcel System: Keeping letters and packages safer, the Tides on Mill management team has upgraded the mail and parcel system to electronic access and security.

The Tides on Mill apartments in Tempe, Arizona remain a beautiful complex truly set apart from the local competition. The spacious apartments and luxurious upgrades are available at the Tides on Mill complex, which is close to Superstition Freeway and Interstate 10, making commuting a breeze. For those looking for nearby entertainment, Kiwanis Park and Ken McDonald Golf Course are just minutes away from the complex.

“Tides on Mill has something to offer everyone,” says the management team. “Our gated community is beautifully landscaped. You can swim some laps in the shimmering swimming pool or just hang out with friends in the barbecue picnic area. Stop in and tour the property today for more information and to learn why Tides on Mill is the best-kept secret in Tempe!”

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Phaze Concrete Explains the Benefit of Universal Design

Phaze Concrete talks about the importance and benefit of Universal Design in architecture.

CEDAR CITY, UTAH, USA, January 17, 2019 / — Universal Design is an architectural term which is credited to Ronald Mace, an architect, product designer, and professor. Mace taught at the School of Design at North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. He was the visionary behind Universal Design. He dedicated most of his life to creating a more accessible world with the design. Now, this design is the bedrock of all architectural endeavors.

Phaze Concrete is proud of the advancements that have come from Ronald Mace’s work on Universal Design. The company uses this concept in their work daily and is now explaining the benefit of it. There are three basic concepts that make up Universal Design. The first is aesthetics, the second is accessibility, and the third is anti-discrimination. This trifecta has physically built the foundation of the building principals that are inherent in every building constructed today.


Architects are artists, who ultimately, work for the people that use their buildings. Of course, everyone wants their buildings to look and function appropriately. Therefore, maintaining the look of a building, inside and out, is important. This is not only true for the architect, who wants to be proud of their work, but also the public. It is important that buildings look nice. It is important that they can be maintained properly and with ease. Plus, it is important that they are safe for everyone. That is where the addition of Universal Design steps in.


Universal Design takes an aesthetically pleasing design and makes it accessible to everyone. This design makes it simple for people of any age or ability to be able to enjoy the building. Universal Design creates provisions that help people with disabilities or those that are pregnant, or elderly navigate a structure. This way, regardless of the restrictions a person faces, they are not restricted from enjoying or working in that structure. This helps promote anti-discrimination on a universal scale.


While many people now do not have much experience with structural discrimination, before Universal Design, it was a major issue. Before Universal Design, there were certain places that people could not go. The reason for this was simply because they had a handicap that disallowed them to enter. This made life extremely difficult for many people. Therefore, enacting Universal Design helped greatly reduce structural discrimination. In addition, the architectural movement helped to bring about change in other areas of the United States as well. The creation of Universal Design was a pivotal turning point in understanding and acceptance.

To close, Phaze Concrete works hard to complete this balance of art and accessibility. After all, Universal Design strives to ensure each, and every person can enjoy structures with safety and ease. The story and subsequent practice of Universal Design is an important and highly relevant part of architectural history. It is a moment to be proud of and a concept that deserves recognition. Additionally, it is proof that quality and accessibility does not overshadow artistic design. Instead, the concept determines that aesthetics and anti-discrimination practices can work in harmony to create something beautiful.

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Shubham fulfiling dreams of families with low income.

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana

Shubham offers a diverse range of financial products and services across rural, housing and infrastructure finance sector.

GURGAON, HARYANA, INDIA, January 17, 2019 / — Shubham Housing Finance is a professionally managed company focusing on affordable housing segment, their aim is to fulfil the aspirations of lower and middle-income families for a period of up to 20 years. Shubham offers a diverse range of financial products and services across rural, housing and infrastructure finance sector.

Shubham has expertise in loan origination and offers helps to provide solutions applicable as per customer needs. The company offers a complete range of housing finance solutions such as Home loans, Home Improvement Loan, and Loan against property. Through its lending solutions, SHDFC enables customers to own their dream home.

Shubham has become the first financial institution in the country to disburse subsidy to over 30,000 customers amounting to over Rs. 2000 crores under the Credit-Linked Subsidy Scheme. The home loan on an average has been approved to the EWS and LIG segment which approximately stood at Rs. 15.1 lakhs and Rs. 20 lakhs respectively.

SHDFC in line with its vision for providing affordable housing to all has also partnered with the government wholeheartedly to take the scheme, ‘Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY)’ to the real beneficiaries i.e. Economically Weaker Section (EWS), Low Income Groups (LIG) and Middle Income Groups (MIG).

Shubham is currently operating out of 88 branches which are spread in the 12 states and has an excess of 15000 customers with its head office is in Gurgaon, India.

Shubham Housing Development Finance Company
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Fire repair only part of the restoration work

flood restoration los angeles

On top of any fire damage, you now have to deal with the water problems.

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, January 17, 2019 / — Most people know a fire can cause plenty of damage and have some idea about fire repair. What they often don't think about is water damage that comes from putting out the fire.

"This is not the fault of the fire department. They have to put the fire out. The best way to do that is with water and it can take a LOT of water," said Karl Brook of KRB Flood & Fire Restoration. "Before the fire department leaves, they have to be sure all the hot spots are put out so the fire doesn't come back later. That means more water."

KRB is an expert in fire damage repair in Southern California. Because water damage often goes hand-in-hand with putting out a fire, they are also experts at water damage repair and restoration. The damage is not quite the same as the aftermath of a fire, but it can be similar in a lot of cases.

Mr. Brook explained a flood might put water into the house a few feet deep and it can stay there for hours or days. Fighting a fire puts water anywhere, including into an attic, but it runs out quickly. The moisture left behind is the problem.

"Water soaks into everything. Walls, carpets, floors and more may have to come out and be replaced," he said. "On top of that, you need to get this moisture out as soon as possible to avoid black mold from growing. Black mold can be an environmental nightmare on top of the fire and water damage."

In business for years, KRB has established a reputation for quality and customer service that few can match. Mr. Brook said the name of the business is fire and flood repair, the company's true product is the service it provides and the way customers are treated.

"We can help you deal with the insurance company, too. We know what insurances companies look for, what they want and what they expect," he said. "We really hope you never go through a fire or a flood, but if you do, we're going to be here for you to help you through this difficult time.

For more information visit KRB Fire & Flood Restoration’s website.

KRB Flood & FireRestoration also serves the areas of Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Malibu, Beverly Hills, Brentwood, and Pacific Palisades.

About KRB Flood & Fire Restoration:
KRB Flood & Fire Restorationwas established by Karl Brook who received his construction license at the age of 19. Karl has been in the construction business for 35 years. He has performed many fire and flood restoration projects for residential and commercial clients. Karl established KRB Flood & Fire Restoration to help people take care of things as quickly as possible to reduce damages and disruption to their life. They are available 24/7, so they are always ready to take calls. KRB Flood & Fire Restoration provides written estimates.
For more information, or call 310 766-5555.

Karl Brook
KRB Flood and Fire Restoration
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Flood damage contractor

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2018 Lake Simcoe Waterfront Report

The Lake Simcoe waterfront real estate market experienced a 6% overall increase to the average sold price last year. The total number of sales dropped by 32%.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, January 17, 2019 / — Lake Simcoe Waterfront Report
Market Review for 2018

In 2018, the Lake Simcoe waterfront real estate market experienced a 6% overall increase to the average sold price within the areas that we have been reporting for the past 10 years which include:
• Georgina
• Innisfil
• Oro-Medonte
• Orillia
• Ramara
• Beaverton

The total number of sales dropped by 32% in 2018. There were 113 sales in 2018 compared to 165 sales in 2017.

(NOTE: Our annual reporting only includes properties sold above $300,000 on Lake Simcoe/Lake Couchiching. Canal, island or riverfront sales are excluded from our analysis.)


We identified a number of market trends that include price fluctuations and buyer and seller expectations as follows:

• Due to its close proximity to Toronto, Lake Simcoe continues to be a popular location targeted by buyers seeking ownership of waterfront property.

• Lake Simcoe property owners tend to consider their waterfront property as a secondary home rather than a seasonal cottage.

• Buyers expect similar modern interior features and amenities in their recreational property as their principal residence.

• Direct waterfront sells for approximately 12% higher than Indirect (shoreline is across from the road) waterfront properties.

• Resale condominium sales in the 600-acre Friday Harbour four-season Resort represented 47% of all waterfront sales in Innisfil. We foresee this trend continuing as the development is approved for 2,500 units. 500 units had closed as of June 2018.

• According to Cottage Life, the average price of recreational properties in Southern Ontario is $413,000.

• Buyers confirm that having reliable Internet and cell services is an absolute must when looking at recreational properties as reported by HGTV.

• More and more millennials are choosing cottage over house since they believe they’ve been shut out of the Toronto-GTA housing market.


• Georgina waterfront sales are down 56% since 2017 however, the average sold price increased by 10% as reported by the Toronto Real Estate Board in 2018.

• Beaverton waterfront sales declined by 47% which was primarily due to a lack of inventory. The average sold price decreased by 19% year-over-year.

• Oro-Medonte experienced a 9% price increase since 2017. Total sales are down 28% due to a lack of available inventory. The average sold price of $1,629,783 continues to outperform all other waterfront communities included in our analysis.

• Ramara reported 19 sales in 2018 with the average increase to the sold price of 7%.

• Lake Simcoe waterfront prices did not experience the same volatility reported throughout Toronto and the GTA in 2018.

• Total sales volume is down 32% since 2017 with 113 properties sold.

• The overall median sold price of $1,003,375 fell slightly by 1% however, the overall average sold price of $1,219,650 increased by 6% year-over-year.



Georgina’s lakefront communities include Roches Point, Keswick, Balfour Beach, Willow Beach, Eastbourne, Jackson’s Point and Sutton West. This area experienced the largest decrease in sale volume in 2018, however, sold prices rose by 10%.

The highest sold price reported in 2018 was $3,000,000 which is approx. $1M less than the 2017 high of $3,988,000. There was only 1 sale over $3M, however, 68% of all sales reported sold above $1.5m.

9 of the total sales were indirect waterfront properties with an average sold price of $1,074,944. The remaining 13 sales were direct waterfront properties with an average sold price $1,681,154 approx. 56% higher.

The average value per linear foot for direct waterfront was $20,013 and $17,826 for the indirect waterfront.


Beaverton properties are mostly all direct waterfront as the shoreline is deeded to the property. Affordability and the western sunsets continue to draw more and more buyers to the area. Sales volume was down by 47% due to a lack of inventory. This area also experienced the largest decrease in the average sold price of 19%.

Current prices still indicate there is tremendous value on the eastern shore of Lake Simcoe. In 2018, the highest selling price reported on the Toronto Real Estate Board was $880,000.


Oro-Medonte continues to outpace the sold price of luxury properties compared to all other areas we monitor on Lake Simcoe. Shanty Bay, a sub-area of Oro-Medonte is an exclusive area located on the northwest shore of Lake Simcoe and known for its large estate homes.

In 2018, the highest selling price reported on the Toronto Real Estate Board was $4,239,108. 5 sales were located in Shanty Bay. 6 of the total sales sold over $2,500,000.


Innisfil sales in 2018 include resale condominium properties located in the Friday Harbour Resort which, had a positive impact on the number of sales reported. There were 15 condo sales, representing 47% of the total sales in 2018. Only 3 condo sales reported in 2017. We believe this trend will continue as more and more resale units in the Friday Harbour development continue to exchange hands.

Detached waterfront sales were actually down by 57% compared to detached properties sold in 2017. In 2018, the highest selling price reported on the Toronto Real Estate Board was $6,200,000. This was a large estate home in the Big Bay Point area.

Orillia :

Orillia had a total of 9 direct waterfront sales in 2018. We included the sold properties located in the narrows of Lake Couchiching where both lakes connect.

In 2018, the highest selling price reported on the Toronto Real Estate Board was $2,050,000.


Ramara reported 52 waterfront properties sold in 2018, most of which are canal properties located in Lagoon City. Canal and riverfront front properties are excluded from our analysis. The highest selling price reported was $1,900,000. 9 sales were priced above $1M.


If you would like to obtain a copy of our full report, please email us at or call at 289-338-0767.

Please go to for more real estate articles and featured properties currently for sale.

(All data used in this report was obtained from The Toronto Real Estate Board.)

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