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Jasper Morgue

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Turn-Key Solutions to Establishing a Powerful Digital Footprint

We find ourselves browsing the web everyday and allow content to influence the way we feel about an individual or company. JAssets has developed a way to completely optimize those results for clients.”

— Jasper Morgue

BETHANY, OK, UNITED STATES, October 25, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — JAssets is making the path to a strong and reputable digital footprint a reality for those in the professional coaching industry. The importance of a strong digital footprint for those who work to help others in the realm of professional life, wellness, spirituality, business, and other areas of professional coaching is monumental. With no real regulation or guidance it is easy to get caught up in the wrong kind of digital marketing, which has a lasting impression on a brand’s reputation. Traditional marketing methods are no longer the go to, JAssets was launched to fill a specific need for this industry, turning tradition on its head. They have developed a turn-key method of establishing professional coaches' digital footprint online, setting them up with a positive reputation long term.

JAssets collaborates with coaches, of any level, guiding them to embrace establishing their digital footprint. They take the unique outlook of creating and managing it from the perspective of how a potential customer would see and perceive the company. Educating that customer on who they are, what they do, their credibility, their results, and the value they provide all before being met with a price tag. They assist brands in engaging on social media by having meaningful interactions with actual people and sparking good word of mouth through PR and review management. A good deal of effort is put into building up brand credibility and visibility while connecting with the target audience as well as larger consumer groups. Engaging the audience with high-quality content is key, authenticating brands and entrepreneurs by utilizing their professional understanding of social media campaigns to generate maximum coverage, engagement, and buzz.

JAssets offers more than a simple service, by using a holistic approach, building a personal relationship with each individual client. They aim to solve the entire issue and take the headache out of it for business owners building their authority over multiple digital channels. Clients are taken through an individualized online process that will establish their digital footprint. Enabling businesses to build a powerful presence on all digital channels including podcasts, press, social media, SEO, lead generation, and online reviews. The team uses their expertise to assist brands and businesses to engage on social media through meaningful interactions with actual people, sparking positive word of mouth through PR and review management. They start with a $15K whole picture solution, developed specifically to meet each client's individual needs. JAssets prides themselves on generating result based offers backed with 100% guaranteed deliverables.

“I wanted to help professional coaches because they changed my life for the better, setting me free from the hells of Corporate America to become an entrepreneur and better my own life. I wanted to give back and help grow their businesses in return. I truly dedicate my time as the owner of JAssets to spotlight and elevate the most amazing and impactful coaches out in the market today.” Jasper Morgue, founder of JAssets.

About JAssets

JAssets was started by founder and owner Jasper Morgue just under a year ago. Morgue comes from a background in marketing and entrepreneurship. After spending years building a career in the corporate world, he was unfulfilled and wanted something more. Taking what he cultivated and learned in his corporate role, he applied himself to building his own business determined to find a way to help others reach success. He now works with coaches to improve the overall quality of public perception, and to help provide reputable coaches with a framework for long term success. Driven by a desire to help others and to break out of the traditional 9 to 5 grind, Morgue is dedicated to empowering others to succeed in the same way he has. JAssets has scaled rapidly with over 16,000 published stories, and nearly 133 million digital impressions/views to date.

Jasper Morgue
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