Business Reporter: It’s time to make business property agile and responsive too

How people counting can lead to great savings in the hybrid office

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 25, 2021 / — In a video published on Business Reporter, Nick Stogdale, Customer Success Director at Irisys explains how the pandemic opened the eyes of office managers to waste of space and energy and how great savings can be achieved by low-cost IoT investments.

Typically, businesses don’t have a clear understanding of how their office and workspaces are being used. They don’t know if they have too much space, too little space, or even the right kinds of space for their employees’ needs. With the rise of hybrid and flexible working, these unknowns are only growing. However, by placing non-intrusive sensors at critical points of the office, managers can gather real-time space utilisation data and discover opportunities for optimisations, which is instrumental when, for example, trying to find the right balance between workstations and collaborative spaces.

Although the outlines of the new hybrid office are still fluid, it’s already clear that it needs to be more agile and responsive than its legacy version. To work out how the office space can best enable employee productivity without violating employee privacy, the insights gleaned from data captured by office sensors can be an excellent guide.

The savings large-size business organisations can achieve by even small adjustments to their office space and energy usage can be huge, but the RoI of usage monitoring deployments for SMEs can be impressive too. Meanwhile, cutting down considerably on energy costs will decrease the business’s ecological footprint and give credibility to its environmental claims.

To learn more about how occupancy data can drive savings and improve employee experience, watch the video.

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