OfferBee Home Launched to Give Home Sellers a Way to Close a Deal in 14-Days

OfferBee Home provides quick solutions for home sellers and help close the deal.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, September 17, 2021 / — A new digital platform announces quick solutions for home sellers and rental property landlords in the market to close a deal in 14 days. Welcome to OfferBee Home. The company is poised to change the game. They want to transform one of life’s most essential business propositions with a novel, fundamentally simple, way to sell properties.

In the current era of business that is mainly technology-driven, making transactions online has definitely become the standard. Today, as devices become more sophisticated, with only a few clicks in modern mobile phones, the number of activities one can do becomes endless. Need a ride? Book through the Uber App. Want to rent or lease a place? Scroll through AirBnb. Want to sell a house quickly? Learn and do it with OfferBee Home. With the vast interconnection that the internet creates between millions of people, it is now more convenient and efficient for anyone to step into the world of trading. Offerbee Home accurately understood this link provided by the internet and transformed it to offer better online transactions and online house selling for homeowners, through simply going to and entering their property address.

With the need to adjust to the new normal of this pandemic, OfferBee Home embraced the power of the web and big data for residential real estate needs, focusing on three main aspects. The company’s first advantage is “fast closing”. This means that home sellers can expect to receive a cash offer from OfferBee Home within 24 hours. The deal can be closed as quickly as in 14 days. The second advantage that the company offers is “skip showing and repairs”. Home sellers can avoid the showing and repairs of the house with no requirement to maintain the property spotless and show-ready. The third one is lower cost. OfferBee Home charges no more than 6% service fee to the seller. In fact, the company stated that they have no other hidden costs and are fully transparent in their fees. Through the application of big data, which is the other tool that facilitates transactions of residential properties, deal processing significantly increased due to better and easier access in precisely evaluating a property.

Furthermore, through the OfferBee Home’s proprietary evaluation and predictive market analysis technologies, the company provides home sellers data-driven and competitive offers. Without the liability of selling the property instantly, OfferBee Home has lower costs. Moreover, those recently acquired homes will not be sold in the short run due to OfferBee Home’s distinctive buying and selling scheme. This allows OfferBee Home to provide an easy exit solution for rental property landlords without tenants’ actual vacating.

Sherry Li, founder, and CEO of OfferBee Home and C-Star, has over 10 years of real estate experience under several roles for a number of different leading institutions. Sherry graduated from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor with a master’s degree in Real Estate specialization. With her background and expertise in the field, she expressed that: “We noticed the need for efficiency in real estate selling and OfferBee Home provides the simplest solution to satisfy this need.” She was able to realize this necessity when she worked as Director of Fosun Group and a core member of the M & A team preceding the establishment of the growing platform OfferBee Home. Furthermore, before joining Fosun, she was a seasoned professional in acquisition and portfolio management with Rosewood Investment Corporation, where she completed $4bn real estate acquisitions and dispositions on both asset and portfolio levels. Prior to Rosewood, Ms. Li conducted acquisition and asset management functions for Chambers Street Properties, a public REIT managing $3.4bn net leased industrial and office portfolio in the U.S.

Sherry founded C-Star, a real estate investment, and management firm mainly in the single-family rental industry. Presently, C-Star owns and operates over 150 properties in Georgia and North Carolina. After that, she created OfferBee Home, which functions as the technology innovation platform to transact real estate off-market with strong financial and capital resources from C-Star. OfferBee Home currently operates in Georgia and North Carolina markets with rich economic knowledge and resources in these two markets for the past three years.

To this point, the OfferBee Home is built on people who are proven and tested to be efficient, systematic, and analytical. The people behind the company are pioneers and visionaries in the field, making sure that OfferBee Home is the prime and most reliable platform for the residential real estate market.

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About OfferBee:
Offerbee, a wholly-owned subsidiary of C-Star Technologies LLC, provides quick solutions for home sellers to help them sell homes as quickly as in 14 days! OfferBee is backed by C-Star investment firm as the buyer to acquire single-family homes and hold as rental properties.

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