Delicia Gunn’s New Venture HEMPSULATION Challenges Construction Industry to Take Bigger Steps to Reduce Carbon Footprint


WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, September 17, 2021 / — Delicia Gunn, President and CEO of Indigo Engineered, celebrated the launch of her new venture, HEMPSULATION LLC, and trademark approval of its debut product, HEMPSULATION®, a sustainable building insulation for commercial and residential use. The non-toxic, negative carbon footprint building material offers thermal, environmental and health benefits surpassing mineral wool, fiberglass, rockwool and other synthetic building insulation products.

Gunn, a mechanical engineer and advocate for sustainable infrastructure development, challenges consumers to get educated about the benefits of hemp derived insulation and for the construction industry to do better when it comes to reducing our carbon footprint.

“What’s behind your walls matters,” said Gunn during the trademark and launch celebration held on Wednesday night at The Showroom in Washington, DC. “Choosing a carbon-free building insulation not only affects your individual health, it impacts the health of the globe. Reducing the construction industry’s carbon footprint is key to reducing climate change.”

The construction industry is the largest carbon dioxide contributor of all industries. It produces 38% of today’s global carbon emissions, of which 10% are attributed to construction materials made from steel, concrete and glass – common ingredients in traditional insulation products. Traditional building insulation adds up to 50 years of carbon emissions to a building’s carbon footprint.

“HEMPSULATION®, Makes it Easier for the Construction Industry to Commit to Carbon-Free Building,” said Gunn.

Gunn’s product aligns with commercial industry trends towards innovations that enhance building efficiency, combat material shortages and accommodate ongoing demands for sustainable, disaster-resistant, and healthy construction while ensuring short and long-term financial benefits.
“Hemp insulation outperforms most traditional insulation with an R-value that increases over time rather than eroding over time,” said Gunn.

Hemp insulation is natural, recyclable, resistant to pests, and non-irritating to the skin and lungs. Hemp fiber is breathable, and acts as a filter for condensation, slowly dissipating any moisture which prevents mold.

“If you experience water damage from something like a pipe leak, you could literally remove, dry and replace the insulation in the wall,” said Gunn.
Architects, builders, investors, real estate developers, housing authority officials and other industry influencers had a chance to experience HEMPSULATION® in a unique setting as part of the trademark and launch party. The boho chic decor featured lounges, bars and displays with exposed wall and ceiling activations that gave guests a chance to see, touch and manipulate the insulation within the wall framing.

Brand Ambassador and urban jazz harmonicist Frédéric Yonnet — who received national and international media attention for the innovative way he transformed his gutted out property into an innovative performance space during the early days of COVID — performed and spoke to guests about his plans to use the product in his home renovation.

“I struggled with asthma growing up so the non-toxic and anti-mold properties of the insulation made installing it in our property a ‘no-brainer.’ Layer on the fact it can lower my monthly utility bills and increase the overall value of my home? I’d say ‘this is the house that hemp built!’”

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Hempsulation LLC is a small, black woman-owned business based in Washington, DC. Its mission is to reduce climate change by offering building insulation products made from industrial hemp that reduce the built environment carbon footprint. It’s debut product, HEMPSULATION®, is a non-toxic insulation with a negative carbon footprint. It offers thermal, environmental and health benefits surpassing mineral wool, fiberglass, rockwool and other synthetic building insulation products.


Delicia Gunn is a mechanical engineer and Founder and CEO of Indigo Engineered, an engineering firm committed to sustainable infrastructure development. A native of Baton Rouge, LA, Gunn’s interest in environment and human health issues was inspired when a childhood friend was diagnosed with cancer attributable to environmental toxins. Her mission is to promote policies that support sustainable infrastructure development globally. Gunn’s new venture, HEMPSULATION LLC, will position her to develop and support construction products that improve the health of individuals and the earth. Gunn has worked with clients on major projects including the The Smithsonian, DC Sustainable Energy Utility, DC Water, DC Convention Center Authority, DC USA Mall, The Wharf, Architect of the Capitol, City of New Orleans, Doha Hamad International Airport in Qatar, United Arab Emirates, City Center, DC Government, and the Historic Howard Theatre. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Howard University and is currently pursuing a Masters in Public Policy with a concentration in International Development at American University.


Urban Jazz Harmonicist Frédéric Yonnet received national and international media attention for the innovative performance space he created in the early days of COVID. He transformed a gutted-out property into a COVID-conscious rehearsal studio, outfitted with floor to ceiling clear dividers to create rooms for each musician so the band could safely come together to create music. Each weekend for eight months, the band opened the windows from the makeshift studio, flooding the block with music. Neighbors listened from their porches, passersby watched from the sidewalks, and virtual neighbors worldwide tuned in on Instagram and Facebook to eavesdrop on his jam sessions. Dubbed Jazz Club Quarantine,Yonnet also streamed live from the IG site of legendary DJ D-Nice.

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