Louisville Home Buyer Seeks Innovative Ways to Cash Flow Short-term Rentals

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Using land-hacking to creatively cash flow through unique short-term rental setups and other revenue-generating structures.

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY, UNITED STATES, July 27, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Matt from Cash Offer Kentucky is taking huge action in the real estate industry. His company is located in Louisville, KY. This homebuyer has done nearly everything you can name in real estate:
• Bought mobile homes
• Renovated large apartment complexes
• Flipped land

This team is quite the opposite of one of those we buy houses companies. Cash Offer Kentucky’s next big thing is a plan to buy land and build creative short-term rental units throughout it. The vision is simple. Make cash flow as quickly as possible.

The small rental units that he plans to build are inexpensive. He mentioned that they can be anywhere from $1500 – $2500 after all the materials are purchased. Fortunately, he can build them himself, which helps with overhead costs to get started.

Matt claims that the short-term rentals will generate anywhere from $1250 – $1750 per month. Not a bad return on investment! If he is fully occupied with no vacancy, he can make his month back within 2 months. Cash Offer Kentucky plans to build out this property in the woods of Kentucky outside of Louisville. His vision is for tenants and guests to utilize the land as a fun feature. He intends on placing fun things around the property for guests to entertain themselves.

Additionally, he plans to eventually build a stage on the property with the proper setup to host events. Who wouldn’t want to get married in the mountains amongst the beautiful trees of Kentucky? Cash Offer Kentucky is planning to fund this project. Now that travel is opening up more, Matt expects this business to take off soon. If he is successful, he plans to use this as a mode of financial independence and potential early retirement from the daily grind of his current real estate position.

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