Robert Tweed Suggests Doing These Things to Improve Property Value

Robert Tweed, San Marino, CA, Suggests Doing These Things to Improve Property Value

SAN MARINO, CA, USA, May 11, 2021 / — Looking to sell or rent a property? Real Estate expert Robert Tweed shares tips for improving property values.

Property markets have reached all-time highs in many areas. Still, there are steps you can take to improve property value before you rent out or sell your property. Real estate expert Robert Tweed is going to share some insights he’s learned over his long and successful career as an investor.

“Perceptions are important when it comes to property value,” Robert Tweed argues. “Even seemingly small improvements can greatly improve the value of your home or other property. Anyone looking to sell a property, or to rent it out for that matter, should look for ways to improve value.”

Simply removing clutter and junk inside your property can improve value. Cleaning up and boxing up unneeded stuff will make your home or other property look cleaner and more inviting. Grabbing a carpet cleaner and doing a deep clean is especially smart.

Robert Tweed says bathrooms are often trouble spots, so make sure you pay extra close attention. Something as simple and affordable as new toilet seats can help you make better impressions.

When selling homes, you should also put away personal belongings, like family photos. For both commercial real estate and homes, fixing light fixtures and making sure all the lights turn on is a smart, easy step.

“Starting with a deep clean is a great first step,” Rusty Tweed notes. “Not only will you improve perceptions of your property, but it also gives you a chance to take stock of your properties. You might find serious issues, like mold, that need to be mitigated.”

Mold is a serious issue for many properties. If mold is in your HVAC system and has infected your heat or AC, it could lower property values. Professional mold cleanup is wise before selling a property. Rusty Tweed also suggests hiring an exterminator to take care of any pests.

Further, you shouldn’t forget the yard when prepping your property for sale or renting. As they say, first impressions count. For many people, the yard will offer the first impression.

Robert Tweed Discusses Fresh Paint and Other Upgrades

Sprucing up may not be enough to improve your home or other property's value, especially if you want to get as much as possible. Sometimes, bigger repairs and remodels are needed to unlock a property’s full potential.

“New paint is an investment, but dollar for dollar, it’s one of the best ways to add value to your home,” Rusty Tweed says. “Kitchens suffer a lot of wear and tear, new cabinet doors, a paint job, and new appliances can make your kitchen shine.”

It’s also smart to work with realtors and professional real estate investors when possible. Industry experts can help you better understand your property and its full value. A bit of extra effort and vital insights now could help you earn a lot more money from your property.

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