For Unemployment, Forced Career Change and Life Disruptions, Personal Reinvention Might be The Only Way, Says New Book

New book “Evolve & Restart”

Coach and author Luis López-Portillo

The Restart Mindset offers a 7-step framework to craft a new beginning after a personal crisis from the 2020 pandemic

There is certainly a great need for personal reinvention, either to switch careers, start a business or change a lifestyle”

— Luis López-Portillo

CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 1, 2021 / — As unemployment statistics stay high all over the world, coach and organizational trainer Luis López-Portillo offers a step-by-step method for personal reinvention, to help people find new professional or personal paths. In his second book, “Evolve & Restart: Personal Reinvention and Sustainable Change Applying The Restart Mindset”, he promises a practical framework to craft sustainable new beginnings.

The International Labor Organization (ILO), a United Nations agency, recently revealed that 255 million full-time jobs were lost in 2020 globally. In the US alone, the Department of Labor has reported 10.1 million registered unemployed persons in February. Many layoffs and career dead-ends are not officially registered.

“There is certainly a great need for personal reinvention, either to switch careers, start a business or change a lifestyle”, says the author. In a world in which the 2020 pandemic altered everyone’s lives, personal change might be optional for some people, but it might be “the only way out” for many facing dramatic life disruptions.

In his book, López-Portillo details The Restart Mindset, a method that provides practical steps for sustainable change. “Not superficial one-week change, but transformations that last a lifetime. One of my biggest life lessons was having to lose 60 pounds and remain healthy to keep myself alive”, says the author. In his book, he explains how he assembled his framework from personal life experiences, from coaching clients and from history’s greatest life-makeover cases.

“With my book I want to invite all those who need a life turnaround to stop adapting to survive and consider evolving to restart in a new direction”, says López-Portillo. “I share a practical and science-based framework for all those who want to bounce forward from a critical personal crisis and need to reset their lives”. The new book will be released on March 10 only on Amazon.

López-Portillo has a 30-year long background helping organizations in crisis management and change management. From his professional experience, he has come to believe that “a crisis is a good launchpad for change”. One key premise of the book is that anyone can learn from an unexpected disruption in life. “You can use a crisis as a springboard for personal reinvention. It requires a mental shift of intention and a smart and proven method that makes it easier”.

According to López-Portillo, young people in unemployment have the opportunity to weather the storm and wait for some “normality”, but those above 35 years old with children and obligations have to reinvent themselves and restart in a new direction. “Those of us who have children and a mortgage have to reset our mind and use our brain better to craft a new path to income and wellbeing”, says the author.

“I am not saying that all people unemployed around the world should start their own business, I’m saying that when you are surrounded by adversity, whether personal or professional, crafting a life redesign in a new direction is probably the best option”, says López-Portillo. “It’s because I was unemployed that I decided to switch careers and started working in the world of organizational culture back in 1998”, he added.

The book is not only for the unemployed, but also for anyone looking for deep change in their lives. “The pandemic disrupted everyone’s life, one way or another we need to switch strategy, rebuild and bounce forward into a new version of ourselves”, says the author. “Personal reinvention can mean a career switch, moving to a different city, turning the page from a torn relationship, adopting a new lifestyle or going back to school to restart the professional life”. Any deep personal change requires reinvention.


The Restart Mindset is a framework structured around concepts and ideas backed by brain science. Being able to change your beliefs and being capable of rethinking your mindsets can and will have a profound effect in your future. Adopting a new mindset opens a wider world of possibilities in your life, using the proper method to take action.

THE RESTART Mindset Principles

1-Change only happens from an awake rider who truly masters the brain
2-You can change only if you firmly believe you can change
3-You can change behaviors if you first change your mindset, beliefs and identity
4-You change by doing, feeling and practicing, not just by knowing
5-Sustainable change means a new lifestyle and automatization of new habits

To evolve means to improve and renew by getting better acquainted with your mind. It requires that you wake up to recognize yourself and discard the parts of you (beliefs, habits, behaviors) that do not contribute to your personal growth as you move forward in a new direction. This is a framework that relies on a pattern found in thousands of well-known success stories and turnaround cases all over the world since the beginning of time. This is a framework that has worked for me and for my clients. It’s a framework grounded in real-life experience and the sciences dedicated to understanding the brain and the mind.

Have clarity about the following distinctions. Reinvention is not about willpower; it’s about having a method that makes it easier. It’s not about being able, it’s about using better the energy to avoid exhaustion. It’s not only physical strength, but also the mental and emotional game that moves you forward. It’s not always about skills, sometimes it’s the environment and specific situations that make it harder. This is the framework:

R. Restrain your ego
E. Eject the old you
S. Shift to full acceptance
T. Tailor new intentions
A. Align your energy
R. Reset your habits
T. Turn it into a lifestyle

This is a personal change framework. The sequence has a foundation in science, in personal experience and years of studying how the brain and the mind work.

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