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MIAMI, FL, USA, February 26, 2021 / — The story we are telling you today begins in the most beautiful country in the world: Italy, the country whose history and culture are told everywhere. Cradle of civilization and the arts, it is the birthplace of the protagonist of this story, who comes specifically from the city where the kindness, cheerfulness and commercial intelligence of the people are combined with the beauty of the place and the aroma of the food that has made it so famous: Naples. Today you will read the story of this young man, a "Scugnizzo Napoletano" who is climbing his own heights, day after day, towards professional and personal success, in turn giving his teachings to others and to the community.

– Reading the blogs, videos on the internet, or newspaper articles for which you have had the pleasure of being interviewed, one can almost see a story full of commitment, sacrifice, and perhaps even a dose of madness. We know about the great success you've had in your life, and we also know that, like all great successes, it began with a very unpleasant fall. Please tell us a little about your story.

After opening my first jewelry shop, I was able to recoup my expenses and earn money in a short time. It wasn't long before my company became a chain of jewelry stores with sales in the millions. Seeing it all fall apart in 2009 was a huge blow. But I accepted it, moved on and decided not to let it get me down. I had the same feeling when, at 17, my dream of becoming a professional soccer player was interrupted by a terrible setback. Just like that time, I chose not to let it get me down. My people have always been entrepreneurial and quite successful. I have a lot to thank to a dear friend of mine who's a multi-millionaire, who at that time believed in me and my potential, so I convinced him to go to Florida in search of success in the real estate market.

– Deciding to take advantage of the market crisis after the 2008 crash, just when the crisis in Italy also brought many businesses under water, What led you to make such a choice at such a dark time in your life?

We in Southern Italy have always been positive, cheerful people, full of a strong vitality that does not bend to the difficulties of life. The book of success tells stories of failures. I think there is no better philosophy, every failure is necessary to climb further towards success. So, full of positivity and aware of my experiences as an entrepreneur, I convinced the friend I mentioned before to leave with me for Florida, a country full of sunshine, luxury and the will to live well. It seemed like paradise for someone like me who wanted to set about finding the best houses at the best prices for myself or my clients. In a short time, thinking positively paid off.

– Believing in yourself is definitely the most important thing in life. Only this way, and with the positivity, you speak of, is it possible to get through every difficult period, and always come out positively.If I'm not mistaken, you haven't just been an estate agent in your life, have you?

My journey in America began in the Gulf of Mexico, Florida, first in Naples and then in Fort Mayers, buying and selling millions of dollars worth of properties. My positivity, however, probably linked to the entrepreneurial spirit I mentioned earlier, pushed me to go further, moving to Miami and trying my luck in the world of Short Sales, REOs, Auctions and wholesale, with profits I would not have imagined I could achieve. I have to say that it wasn't easy at first. However, I've always had a keen interest in new things, a desire to do things, and previous knowledge of the investment world due to my years as an entrepreneur and real estate agent, as well as
an investor in the real estate market.

– It was definitely a profitable choice to think about using one's real estate knowledge this way. What do you do at this very moment exactly?

You are not wrong at all. I can't sit still without improving myself every day, learning something, and, why not, passing it on to others. Now I have created a broker's company, Miami Italy International Brokers Realty. Ever since I was in Miami, I have been trying to pass on to my team, and consequently to my clients, the investment knowledge and marketing strategies to sell and buy their home, or open their own business. From Realtor to Broker, it was a very interesting jump. I am the head of several real estate investment companies at the moment, where I buy and sell millions of dollars worth of properties. I will try to impart the professionalism and business intelligence needed to succeed in life.

– Do you have anything you would like to say to young entrepreneurs and investors looking for success like you?

To all those who seek to give their all, achieve a goal, and get the best out of life, believe in it. With commercial and financial training, possibly from a Broker or Realtor like me. Contact me and I'll be more than grateful to help you achieve your goals.

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