These CEOs Are Fighting Corporate Misinformation and Raising Awareness About the Need for Media Transparency

CEOs Unite to Fight “Green Corporate Misinformation”

Kenneth W. Welch Jr. & Georg Engelmann

Bronwyn Leigh Jones, CEO of Coral Sustain & Luxury Realtor

de Castellane Creative shares its cutting-edge stance on media transparency regarding misleading corporate “sustainability” initiatives.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 24, 2021 / — The “GREEN” Misinformation

Indeed, given the recent public pressure for “Green” initiatives, many corporations are performatively signaling their new “commitments to renewable energy.” With oil industry giants hit by billions of dollars of losses in 2020, companies like B.P. and Shell announced their new sustainable initiatives, like B.P.’s announcement to become net-zero carbon emissions by the year 2050 (CNN). But are these announcements just damage control?

The overall system can’t just be overhauled, in that we currently don’t have any scalable substitutes for oil and gas, with more than 70% of our daily products including cars made from plastic, which is an oil byproduct. However, many activists have asked for deeper transparency about the future of these companies and their pledges to move towards renewable energy.

The de Castellane Creative Group is a Next Generation- multi-industry alignment of forces within digital broadcasting, consumer media and lifestyle, technology, policy, and consumer advancement.

Daniel de Castellane, the founder of de Castellane Creative Group, is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, sustainability advocate, and consultant to the UN. His stance is, “there’s a role to play at every level. It’s the consumer demand that defines which markets are more palatable, who’s going to dominate which market. Consumers must get educated on a deeper level about what they really want and why. We cannot always take companies’ “Green” initiatives at face value. The perception we often get from the media or marketing companies about “Green” energy is not always accurate.”


One of the groups we chose to highlight today that we see on an upward trajectory towards making a massive, meaningful impact in the renewable energy world is Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. Their innovative suite of hydropower technologies have recently been infused with a sizable investment, and have garnered media attention because their water-driven systems have the best conversion efficiencies among all known energy sources.

As Georg Engelmann, President and C.E.O. of Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc. states, “We clearly see a need for a step-change in the way that the resources of this planet are being stewarded. We have to go from an exploitation-driven environment to more of a balance of give and take.”

Kenneth W. Welch Jr., the mastermind systems Inventor and Founder of Global Oceanic Designs and SeaDog Systems Inc. shares, “In our systems, we will have actually utilized more carbon out of the environment for the purpose of energy creation, then we would have incurred in terms of carbon debt to create that system in the first place. I’ve chosen systems that actually have sources of energy that are perpetual. The energy source that is most durable that has the greatest amount of impact and consistency is the waves. Ocean waves are the optimal manifestation of energy.”

“We have a portfolio of technologies that enable every aspect infrastructure, be it from the water that you drink, to when you flip on the light, to the very building that you’re habituating or the transportation system that you use to get there, or the aquaculture or the hydroponics or the agricultural systems that are actually creating your food. I have a system that can create freshwater from the sea. All of this is done on a very environmentally conscious and sustainable basis. Today’s incarnation of that vision is the wave energy conversion system. My passion is solving these kinds of problems, problems that can only be revealed when you have the compassion to dig in and go after the source.”- Kenneth W. Welch Jr.

Bronwyn Leigh Jones, CORAL Sustain

Bronwyn Leigh Jones, CEO & Founder of CORAL sustain, another change-maker on our radar, works on the cutting edge of sustainable real estate & Lifestyle. Bronwyn Leigh Jones is a model and actress from Australia turned entrepreneur and luxury real estate agent. After acting as a soap opera star and working as a VJ for MTV Australia, she moved to Los Angeles and has been paving the way in sustainable luxury real estate.

Her sustainable luxury approach is multifaceted. Her consultancy agency worked with Delos™, who created the DARWIN Wellness Intelligence platform, which involves installing and integrating technologies into a seamless home wellness solution that helps improve the client’s overall well-being.

These applications range from water purification, lighting systems that awaken clients each morning and dim at night to just the right hues, attuning to natural circadian rhythms and melatonin levels, to air purification amenities that work automatically that monitor the air quality of a home 24/7. Bringing awareness to these systems could change the way we build infrastructure, with a focus on wellness and sustainable materials.

Bronwyn Leigh Jones has also worked towards global sustainability by raising money and awareness for Water Health International, an organization that supplies clean drinking water to villages in Africa and India. These water units are solar-powered and airlifted into the center of villages, and they create jobs and squelch the need for daily water retrieval trips, thus opening up time for youth to attend school. These units not only lower disease by providing clean water, but provide the basis for self-sustaining economies, and are just one example of the company’s solutions-based approach to water inequity.


Though our world faces many challenges, we find hope in the inspiring innovators we have the privilege of working with every day. We urge you to stay attuned to the exciting advancements to be in the expansion of Diamond Infrastructure Development, Inc., as well as with the work of Bronwyn Leigh Jones and de Castellane Creative. Stay connected with us at to learn more.

We must remember that we hold the power as consumers, producers, and advocates to see the changes we are passionate about come to fruition. We can influence policy change with our voices and by creating media that is truly transparent. We are each responsible for contributing to creating sustainable systems wherein every one of us can thrive.

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