Choosing Growth: Rabbu Announces New Executive Position with Hiring of Justin Hauge, Chief Growth Officer

Chief Growth Officer at Rabbu

Justin Hauge.

Rabbu Platform

After 10 years as Airbnb’s 13th official hire, Justin Hauge joins the Rabbu team to meet the new era of post-COVID real estate.

Emir and his team are forward thinkers. They were building with their eyes set five, ten years ahead. Almost overnight, the future was here, and Rabbu was ready.”

— Justin Hauge


Rabbu, a flexible rental asset management company, announces the expansion of their team with the addition of a new executive position, Chief Growth Officer. Bringing more than ten years of experience to the role, Justin Hauge joins Rabbu to build and scale a high-powered sales organization, and capitalize on emerging trends in Real Estate, Travel, and the workplace at large.

A pioneer in an exploding market, Rabbu turns residential portfolios into flexible-stay length rentals, helping investors realize up to 60% greater portfolio returns. Utilizing its proprietary technology, Rabbu aligns property listings to market demand, dynamically positioning properties for optimized yields. Their tech-enabled platform automates all aspects of asset management—from marketing, to operations, to tenant security and safety.

“At the inception of the crisis, we saw that it would impact investors across every asset class. We knew our solution could help them weather the storm and come out stronger on the other side,” says Rabbu’s CEO Emir Dukic. “We focused on maximizing our clients' revenue by shifting our model toward the early signs of new consumer trends that were emerging as a result of the pandemic.”

“Fortunately, our technology was flexible enough to help us execute that quickly,” adds Dukic. “We were able to unlock a new asset class within Real Estate. Our customers saw record occupancy levels through some of the most economically challenging quarters in recent history.”

Acting quickly, Rabbu identified and capitalized on the one constant amid the ever-shifting COVID-era demand: the medium-term stay. They cut costs, decreased rates, and increased the minimum stay length, marketing toward local, work-from-home travelers who needed a safe and flexible change of scenery.

Internally, all minds are set on growth for 2021. Pent-up demand for travel is coming back online, and Rabbu is in offense-mode, doing its part to usher in the new era of post-COVID real estate. Investing in their team and their technology, Rabbu is quickly becoming the best solution to a ballooning market need.

“Emir and his team are forward thinkers. They were building with their eyes set five, ten years ahead,” says Rabbu’s new Chief Growth Officer, Justin Hauge. “The pandemic accelerated everything they knew was coming. Almost overnight, the future was here, and Rabbu was ready.”

Justin Hauge is no stranger to the startup story. He began his career with MSDSOnline, a venture-backed technology startup in the Environmental Health & Safety space. As Airbnb’s 13th official hire, Hauge spent 10 years taking Airbnb from an out-there idea to a household name. In charge of driving exponential growth, he built and led teams in CX and Sales, launched a new vertical focusing on growth of professionally managed supply, and assisted on the HotelTonight acquisition—Airbnb’s largest to date.

“Inflexible investment strategies are a thing of the pre-pandemic past,” says Hauge. “As an asset-light, tech-driven solution, I’m confident we can continue to grow our team quickly while still increasing margins and focusing on profit.”

Hauge currently holds advisor roles, and he’s an active investor in a number of startups across hospitality, blockchain, and consumer-facing marketplaces. After joining forces with Rabbu, Hauge relocated from New York City to Miami to take an active role as a valuable member of their growing startup and investor community.

“As we continue to grow our team, we keep asking ourselves a simple question. When things go wrong, as they inevitably do, who do we want on our team?” Dukic reflects. “From that vantage point, I don’t think we could have made a better choice in bringing Justin onboard.”

About Rabbu

Rabbu is a flexible rental asset management platform. With proprietary technology, Rabbu automates all aspects of asset management—from procurement to marketing to operations to tenant health and safety. Rabbu helps property investors and managers maximize yield and minimize vacancy.

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