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Hadi is a local realtor. His expertise is in helping families in financial crisis who are in the Pre-Foreclosure process and those about the loss of their homes

MISSION VIEJO, CA, UNITED STATES, December 31, 2020 / — Are you behind in your mortgage payment in Orange County? Are you searching for top short sale real estate agent in Orange County? Look no further than Hadi Bahadori with Home Smart Evergreen Realty.

A short sale is when a home is being sold at a purchase price that is less than the current existing balance. It is known as “a debt forgiveness granted to a homeowner by a lender.” Within a short sale, the lender agrees to accept less than the total owed in exchange for a release of the mortgage as a lien on the property. A short sale could be a great option if you're owed more than what your property's worth. There are several terms for a short sale, for instance "short pay", "distressed short sale" or "pre-foreclosure" houses or homes. You may even be unsure if you need to short sale or wash sale, which is breaking even after the sale of your property. So if you are curious as 'How do I short sell my house in Orange County', you have come to the right place. a large portion of the real estate purchases in Orange County in the past years were done with little to zero down payment, and these homes became 'underwater', the sellers owe more money than the property is worth, needing some forgiveness from the lender at the moment of selling. Banks are now pre-approving Orange County short sale transactions. Yes it is possible! You will actually get your Price approved before your home gets listed. Then all you need to do is get the home under contract and close escrow quickly. Banks are paying some distressed sellers to sell their home as SHORT SALES rather than Foreclose. Some banks will even compensate sellers financially to cooperate with short sales.

Banks will pay for seller closing costs. Sellers can virtually complete their Orange County short sales with no out of pocket costs. This is a huge relief to cash poor sellers that are behind on their mortgages. Debt Forgiveness. With the extension of the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act, sellers will, will, for one more year, exempt the taxation of mortgage debt that is forgiven when homeowners and their mortgage lenders negotiate a short sale or loan modification (including any principal reduction).

Sometimes, the best option that is available is to cut your losses and sell the home. We live in a world of difficult, unpredictable financial situations. You may start out on a high note, perhaps purchasing a home and enjoy the benefits of it. When a financial or significant life event occurs, however, you may be facing the possibility of foreclosure. This is a difficult situation that can impact you and your financial life for many years. It is important to note that you must work with a Realtor that understands the mortgage company closely. Not all Realtors know how to successfully work with banks to complete a short sale and it’s important to interview 2-3 Realtors to learn who has the most experience and can talk you through the process clearly.

"From start to finish I felt comfortable with Hadi and his short sale team. They were knowledgeable, empathetic and willing to go to bat for my family during the short sale process. Their communication was efficient and they explained things to me if/when I needed it. I truly believe that we would not have made it thru the process without Hadi and the entire team!" said Anthony Rahmedi who had to sell his home due to unique financial crises in his family.

Home Smart Evergreen Realty is working with buyers & sellers, attorneys, investors and banks to find the ideal financial resolutions to satisfy all parties need during short sales process. Hadi and his team are unique in the area since they have the marketing and transactional expertise, and They also can help with the rehabilitation and construction needs of distressed or investor properties. In some cases, they are able to offer to purchase the property as an instant cash transaction if time is a high priority. Hadi with Home Smart Ever Green are great resource for short sale homes in Orange County.

"Having to do a short sale on my home was very scary and intimidating, but Hadi and the team made it so easy! They took care of everything and took a lot of stress off my shoulders. I worked with Hadi specifically and he always made himself available for any questions I had. Everything was done within short time! " said Sue M. Rodrigues who just went through divorce .

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As a consistent top producer at Home Smart Evergreen Realty, Hadi specializes in the marketing and sales of single-family residences, condominiums and investment properties throughout Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Diego County with emphasis on Tustin, Irvine, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Newport Coast, and Costa Mesa

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