Real Estate Buyers Can Save $1000s with Cashifyd

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See how much you could get by downloading the Cashifyd app

Refer yourself & save big is the idea behind Cashifyd, a new program that allows real estate buyers to connect with agents who offer cash back incentives.

GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN, USA, September 24, 2020 / — Saving money when buying real estate just got easier with Cashifyd, a new app by international real estate and marketing company RealtyHive. Cashifyd connects property buyers with real estate agents who offer cashback credit at closing.

Cashifyd was founded with the mission to give power back to the most important person in a real estate transaction — the consumer.

Cashifyd is launching now for iOS devices in the US with the goal of saving consumers hundreds to thousands of dollars on real estate closing costs for nearly any property without sacrificing quality of service.

Cashifyd was created to allow consumers to benefit from the referral system already established in the real estate industry. Prior to Cashifyd, if a consumer was referred to a real estate agent by a different agent, both agents would benefit financially when the consumer bought or sold property.

With Cashifyd, consumers are able to refer themselves and collect these same benefits on nearly every property across 41 U.S. states and for a vast array of international residential developments.

After downloading Cashifyd, users submit information about their real estate goals including when and where they are looking to purchase. Local real estate agents are then notified about a potential client and are able to submit an offer for the amount of cashback credit they will offer for that client to choose them.

Consumers are able to view agent bios and cashback credit offers and select the agent they would like to work with. Personal information is only released to the selected agent making Cashifyd safe, secure, and solicitation-free.

Real estate professionals benefit from Cashifyd by using the app as an on-demand lead generation source with no upfront fees. Agents can download Cashifyd, create a profile, and bid on self-qualified real estate buyer leads, helping to supplement their business pipelines as needed.

According to the National Association of Realtors®, the seasonally-adjusted average of home sales in the US reached 5.86 million homes in July 2020 at an average sales price of $304,100. If every one of those buyers would have used Cashifyd, consumers would have saved more than $12 billion dollars.

“Cashifyd was created to make buying real estate more consumer-focused. Cashifyd is helping consumers realize the value of their ability to buy and leverage that value for a cashback credit at closing,” said Gabe Gondeck, one of the creators of the Cashifyd concept.

Cashifyd is now available in the Apple App Store and is expected to be released in the Android Play Store later this year. More information can be found by visiting or downloading Cashifyd in the app store.

Real estate buyers connect with an agent using Cashifyd before starting their property search
All agents who use Cashifyd agree to give part of their commission to real estate buyers
After using Cashifyd, real estate buyers work with their agent as normal
Cashifyd saves buyers hundreds to thousands of dollars per transaction with absolutely no costs to the consumer.

Cashifyd is the newest program offered by RealtyHive, a Green Bay, Wisconsin based company. Built by real estate professionals who wanted a way to save consumers money while helping agents win more business, Cashifyd is the only cashback real estate app where consumers are in full control.

“For too long the power in real estate has been concentrated with agents, brokers, and MLS organizations. We feel that this system has benefitted everyone but the most important person in a transaction — the consumer. We wanted to change that dynamic, so we created Cashifyd,” said RealtyHive and Cashifyd founder Wade Micoley.

89% of buyers recently purchased their home through a real estate agent or broker
75% of buyers interviewed only one real estate agent during their home search
Millennials, who are the first generation of digital natives, now make the largest share of homebuyers at 38% while tech-friendly Gen Xers make up 22% of recent buyers.

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