HTR Mechanical Advises the Bucks County, PA Areas To Get Heating Repairs Done Before Winter Comes

HTR Mechanical advises getting heaters repaired or inspected before winter comes to the PA area to avoid last-minute heating problems!

MORRISVILLE, PA, US, September 14, 2020 / — Get Your Heating Repair Before Winter

If you're familiar with the North East Coast states of PA, NJ, DE, NY, and so on, then you know just how brutally cold the winters here can be. This is not the season you want your heater to fail! During the summer it's easy to forget about our heaters and neglect their maintenance before winter comes. Regardless, it is very important you make sure your heater is ready before you really need it. Today, HTR Mechanical gave us an expert's advice on common heating repair and general maintenance that should be done before the winter season sets in. Since your HVAC is a complicated system we would not recommend trying any of these repairs yourself. If you need any maintenance or repair and if you in the Bucks County, PA area, then know you can call HTR Mechanical for all your HVAC service needs!

Common Heating Repair Issues

1. Issues with the thermostat? A broken thermostat can cause many parts of the system to not work properly or even work too hard! If your furnace cycles a lot or if you feel a fluctuation in temperature then it might be time to look at the thermostat. Replacing your old thermostat to a "smart" model might also be a good idea. Smart thermostats allow you to monitor energy use and schedule heating settings!
2. No heat or not enough heat? Despite it being on do you feel as though there is no heat or not nearly enough heat coming through? This can have several causes, such as the thermostat, gas, power, or a clogged filter. It can also be that your heater is not a suitable size for the room or home you are trying to heat. In that case, HTR Mechanical can help guide you to a more suitable heating system for your current HVAC set up.
3. Faulty pilot light or ignition? If you have a gas heater then your pilot light is where the "heat" comes from. In non-gas systems, the pilot light is instead an ignition control. Best case a faulty pilot or ignition this just makes it difficult for your furnace to heat anything; at worst a faulty part can cause a fire! So if you suspect any problems with the pilot or ignition then call your HVAC professional right away!
4. Have you checked your air filters? This is the most common problem and thankfully also an easy issue to fix! How often the filter should be changed varies depending on the size of the house, if there are pets and how frequently the furnace is used. A dirty or clogged air filter inhibits the ventilation and can cause the system to overwork. So these filters must be changed regularly for a functional and efficient system.
5. Are your vent & ductwork clean? Since your HVAC works by cycling air (heated or cooled) throughout your home, the vents and ducts play a vital role in the process. If the vents or ducts are dirty this not only means dirty air is circulating in your home but it also can wear down your furnace. Have a professional check them out and properly clean them regularly to avoid breaking your system when you need it most!
6. Is it the switches or breakers? This may sound silly, but sometimes your furnace simply needs to be turned on! With it being off for half a year it can be easy to forget. Simply find the corresponding switch in your breaker and that can be an easy solution to your problems! If you can confirm your furnace is on but still isn't working properly then be sure to call HTR Mechanical for a diagnostic.
7. Noisy or inefficient? Furnaces and heaters can make different noises as they work but it is fairly quiet. If you are hearing abnormal noises or extra loud noises then something is certainly going wrong. They could signify clogged burners, reduced airflow, and much more. It's important to do general maintenance to prevent problems before they can become full of urgent repairs!
8. Frequent cycles or running blower? If the heater cycles between on and off frequently or if the blower seems to never stop running – then some professional help is needed. A malfunctioning thermostat, a faulty limit switch, a clogged filter, or improper airflow can all be possible problems. Call an HVAC professional to fix it for you!

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