Local Emergency Plumber Tells The Local Philadelphia, PA Area How To Prevent Plumbing Emergencies

McClain Bros. LLC, Bucks County and Philadelphia local emergency plumbing company, tells the public how to prevent plumbing emergencies in their latest blog.

PHILADELPHIA, PA, US, August 11, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — No one ever wants to face an emergency situation and while not always predictable, some emergencies can be prevented. When it comes to plumbing there are somethings you can do to prevent having to call a plumber for emergency plumbing services! If you do need to call someone then McClain Bros. wants the local Bucks County and Philadelphia areas to know that they are here to help with all emergency plumbing needs 24/7! So, before they discussed how to prevent plumbing emergencies, they first went over what is considered a plumbing emergency.

A true problem that will need emergency plumbing services will typically cause water damage or deny your home of water. It’ll be clear when these situations become emergencies and there is no time to wait. If you are unsure or the issue isn’t urgent then you better call for advice or a non-emergency plumbing service instead. So what events are considered an emergency? Emergency plumbing situations include a risk of flooding, a backed-up sewer, being without water, and the risk of a pipe burst. They wrote more about what problems need an emergency plumber in another article also found on their website. So now that it is know was is an emergency, how does one go about preventing them?

Preventing emergency plumbing calls means providing regular maintenance to your plumbing system and avoiding certain actions that tend to cause major problems. McClain Bros. wrote more about preventing clogged drains in another article also available on their website! These simple things go a long way to avoiding issues from occurring in the first place. Save yourself from the stress and sudden expenses by taking these actions to prevent plumbing emergencies!

1. Don't pour fats, oils or grease down any drains because they cause nasty clogs
2. Don't use "flushable" wipes because most don't degrade quickly enough
3. Don't hang anything on exposed pipes! The extra weight can cause them to break!
4. Don't use drop-in toilet bowl cleaners because they are made of corrosives that can damage pipes
5. Replace rubber washing machine hoses with stainless steel for a more reliable hose
6. Be careful what you'll put in the garbage disposal, not everything belongs in there!
7. Its good to know exactly where your water shut-off valve for just in case
8. Avoid harsh chemicals when cleaning your drains since they will eat through pipes over time
9. Draining your water tank annually will remove sediment and prevent rusting

As an extra tip, McClain Bros. also offered advice on keeping your drains clean! Keeping your drains and pipes properly cleaned will go a long way in preventing plumbing emergencies in the future! They wanted to make sure alternatives where offered since their advice stated to not use certain products like drop-in toilet cleaners and harsh chemicals.

1. Run hot water through the sink after use. Think of it like taking a drink to help wash down your dinner! Hot water helps prevent things like soap and sticky substances from hardening, thus sticking around to clog your sink up.
2. Minerals from water can react with substances such as grease and soap. It also likes to build-up and causes problems. By having a water softener installed can help prevent minerals from being a problem in your water! Be sure to speak to a professional about getting a water softener installed in your home.
3. A simple DIY cleaning method is to run baking soda and hot water down the drain. Alternatively, pouring some vinegar and running hot water after 30 minutes works too. Baking soda and vinegar are classic yet effective cleaning tools. Afterward adding some lemon juice will keep your sink or bathroom smelling nice!

Sometimes emergencies can't be predicted or prevented, but in the case of plumbing, there is a lot you can do to avoid having to call for emergency plumbing services. If you do need emergency or non-emergency plumbing service and are from the Bucks County, Philadelphia areas then know you can always call McClain Bros. LLC 24/7!

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