REI Reply: Latest Automation and Marketing Platform Set to Revolutionize the Real Estate Industry

Technology is quickly changing industries everywhere. David Espaillat, founder of REI Reply, is making a serious change in the Real Estate Industry:

USA, August 6, 2020 / — David Espaillat has perfected the first-ever multi-touch sequential marketing platform for real estate investment businesses. He founded the REI Reply platform, which focuses on sequential automation for qualifying leads, among others. The platform is set to revolutionize the real estate industry as it brings in new advantages for real estate professionals.

This automated platform has been regarded as one of the top automation tools for real estate investors and wholesalers in the United States. Top lead-generation experts have invested in the tool and continue to recommend its use. They have recognized REI Reply as a one-stop shop, as it has scaled down all the features necessary for professionals in the real estate market into just one platform.

The founder of the platform intended to hit not just two, but many birds with one stone. His goal was to help users control their sales pipeline effectively. The platform seeks to empower and equip real estate professionals with the necessary tools without having to break their bank. Whether old or new to the real estate industry, the platform accommodates all real estate professionals no matter what stage in their career.

The company seeks to bridge the gap between success and automation through effective communication, marketing, follow-up, and sales. REI Reply allows users to close deals and keep track of their business conversations in text messages, e-mail, phone calls, or even Facebook.

Another focus of the platform is converting leads through automation. This is the multi-touch marketing technique that allows users to be on autopilot while sending an e-mail, text, or voice message, doing a live call, and making a schedule. The platform comes with several done for you campaigns but you can also customize theirs or create your own. REI Reply also incorporates funnel builders to create landing pages that essentially convert traffic to leads. These leads will then automatically be stored in REI Reply. With that in mind, importing funnels can be done instantly.

The platform is an essential tool for real estate investors to achieve deals efficiently and effectively. REI Reply places real estate professionals one step ahead in the industry as most competitors have no website hosting, no development, and ultimately, no capabilities. Overall, it provides the complete support needed in the business of real estate investing. Usage of the platform is unlimited, which means that real estate professionals can make use of the features in any manner they desire.

Indeed, automation is the future of the real estate industry. Real estate professionals should take the time to look into the best platforms they can use to accomplish their work in the best way possible.

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