Gabriel Btesh Continues to Lead as Construction Guru and Mentor

Leading Panama City construction mogul Gabriel Btesh reveals what it takes to become an industry guru and mentor.

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA, May 27, 2020 / — With five-star testimonials abundant and a largely unrivaled history and personal background in construction, Gabriel Btesh persists in leading as a self-styled construction guru and mentor. Looking back, Gabriel Btesh reveals how he continues to establish himself among Panama's very best and most respected construction firm owners, both in Panama City and across the rest of the Republic of Panama.

"I've been associated with Gabriel Btesh for 20 years and know him to be a trustworthy, 'go-to' kind of person," says long-time associate of Gabriel Btesh, Jim Tocash, in a recently shared five-star testimonial. "Along with business acumen, Gabriel Btesh also possesses a high level of common sense and is always a safe bet to work alongside," adds Tocash.

Chief innovator at the family business—Btesh Construction—for many years, Gabriel Btesh is today at the helm of the highly successful construction empire originally founded by his father, Jack Btesh, several decades ago.

A self-styled construction guru and mentor, Gabriel Btesh has shared dozens of pieces of invaluable, in-depth advice in recent weeks, months, and years alike. Btesh, he says himself, tirelessly promotes prosperity through property in Panama.

Committed to prosperity in the Central and South American nation as the construction industry continues to flourish, Gabriel Btesh has extensively leveraged, he says, his professional position to help raise standards of living in Panama.

Also openly reflecting on his retail and leisure industry construction highlights, explaining how leisure and retail industry construction is benefiting Panama, and continuing to honor a socially conscious commitment to construction, Gabriel Btesh remains at the forefront of the construction industry in the Republic of Panama.

The Republic of Panama is a thriving nation home to more than four million people. Its capital, Panama City, is a thoroughly modern metropolis framed by the Pacific Ocean and man-made engineering marvel, the Panama Canal – a world-famous conduit for maritime trade. "It's a truly wonderful city, and a modern metropolis, no doubt about it," reveals Btesh.

More recently, the construction mogul has explored the ongoing building industry boom in Panama, sharing bountiful construction sector career opportunities in the process, and, just last week, revealed what he believes it truly takes to succeed as a construction contractor.

"The construction industry lives and dies on five primary skills and abilities," said Gabriel Btesh, speaking from his office in Panama City, the capital of the Central and South American Republic of Panama, last week, "which are work ethic, communication skills, problem-solving, project management, and quality assurance."

"I also continue to establish myself among Panama's very best and most respected home builders," adds self-styled construction guru and industry mentor Gabriel Btesh, wrapping up, "thanks to an undying commitment to a socially conscious approach to even the largest-scale developments both here in Panama City and across the rest of the beautiful Republic of Panama."

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