Scott Zack Explores Latest Plans for Play to Resume at Comerica Park

Detroit-based entrepreneur Scott Zack takes a closer look at plans for the Tigers to resume play at the city's famous downtown ballpark this summer.

DETROIT, MICHIGAN, USA, May 18, 2020 / — A local entrepreneur and lifelong baseball fan, Scott Zack, from Oakland County, Michigan, has this week delved into Major League Baseball's latest plans to save this summer's play despite the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic. All, however, may not be quite as it seems, yet Zack—and league officials alike—appear highly optimistic overall amid continued uncertainty caused by COVID-19.

"Following a couple of now largely dismissed proposals for ways to approach this year's Major League Baseball season, it seems a solution may now have been found for play at Comerica Park and elsewhere this summer despite the pandemic," says Scott Zack, a Detroit Tigers fan and entrepreneur from the Oakland County township of West Bloomfield, Michigan, around 25 miles from Detroit.

Comerica Park is the home of the Tigers, Detroit's Major League Baseball team. An open-air ballpark, Comerica Park replaced the Tiger Stadium two decades ago, back in 2000. Located in Downtown Detroit, the ballpark is named after Detroit-founded Comerica Bank. "The bank, interestingly," adds Tigers fan and entrepreneur Scott Zack, "was even based at Comerica Park when it originally opened 20 years ago."

Amid continued uncertainty as a result of the ongoing global COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, a decision has now been made, it seems, surrounding this summer's play at Comerica Park. Part of a plan by Major League Baseball to begin season play as normal at some point during the summer, Comerica Park—and a number of other famous Major League ballparks—are now set to reopen, at least to some extent, according to Scott Zack. "All may not, however, be quite as it seems," adds the local entrepreneur, speaking from his office in Oakland County.

"While Major League Baseball officials have announced that the regular season will begin as usual no later than the start of July, ballparks—such as Detroit's Comerica Park—will not be open to fans," Scott Zack explains.

Furthermore, according to Scott Zack, only intra-division games will be played, with teams divided purely based on geography. "2020 Major League Baseball games will, under the proposed new plans, be played exclusively at each team's big-league stadium," adds the Tigers fan.

Television partners are reportedly delighted with the latest developments, which Scott Zack suggests is understandable, but what about the fans? While a distinct absence of any in-person public spectating for the games may not impress many of Major League Baseball's fans, Scott Zack is seemingly impressed by the latest plans for play to resume, including at Comerica Park.

"When all is said and done, plans for the Tigers to resume play at Detroit's famous downtown open-air ballpark look good to me," he reveals. "Major League Baseball officials across the board are reported to be cautiously optimistic, and I'm optimistic, too," notes the Michigan-based businessman.

"What's more, some fans, albeit perhaps only a small number, may yet," adds Scott Zack, wrapping up, "still be able to attend late-season games and games in the postseason, if all goes well in coming months."

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