Air Quality Index Improves in Wuhan China.

Air Quality Index in Wuhan China during Coronavirus

Air Quality Index in Beijing China during Coronavirus is much better than in New Delhi India.

Better Air Quality Index in Wuhan during Coronavirus.

The positive impact of Coronavirus in Wuhan is the improved air quality index. As the people go back to work, air pollution goes up.

Climate change is not a Hoax we the people make an impact on the Air Quality Index as seen in Wuhan China where during the Coronavirus Air Quality Index is Good.”

— Air Quality index is impacted by the factories and Humans

SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, February 27, 2020 / — The manufacturing has come to a halt in Wuhan China and the residents in the city are quarantined with a fear that Coronavirus will spread. There is no one to be seen on the streets and city is deserted. What does this mean – people are not going to work; factories are not producing any products and there are no cars on the roads.

The next question is do we as human beings have any impact on the Air Quality Index and pollution or on a larger scale do we have an impact on the Climate Change. The answer is YES!

I have been monitoring the Air Quality Index in Wuhan over the last few weeks and results support the hypothesis. The air quality has been Good to Moderate in the city, whereas other cities away from Wuhan still have the poor Air Quality Index.

The forecast is as people go back to work and we begin to manufacture the product we will begin to start contributing to the pollution and poor Air Quality Index. Indicating that we are directly responsible for the environment we live in and we have to make the choices.

It is very difficult to simulate such conditions in the present world where we are so interdependent on each other and have to keep our factories running to manufacture the products to stay competitive in the global environment. It is just a coincidence that the impact of Coronavirus which is a deadly infectious virus has forced us to stay isolated from each other to mitigate the spread of the virus from human to human.

During the same time here is Air Quality Index in Beijing South which is Unhealthy at 172. This corresponds to the fact that we the human beings have a direct impact on the quality of the Air Quality Index and the pollution in our environment.

Please refer to the chart on the side that clearly shows “Better Air Quality Index in Wuhan during Coronavirus”. What a difference it is to see the change. I do not wish that we have to be under the threat of Coronavirus to improve the air quality. I pray that we can learn from this and make changes in our manufacturing process and reduce the pollutants introduced by people living in the environment.

The housing contributes at least 18 to 20 percent to the global pollution. Homes heating, cooling and domestic hot water use over 65% of the Energy. One thing we can focus on is the way we are building our future homes. If we start building with all sustainable materials and Renewable Energy, we can make a big impact. This will not happen overnight but will take decades. Our goal is to have the environment turned around by 2050. When all the cities in world can breathe fresh air and live a healthy lifestyle.

India and China are the two most polluting countries in the world. Air Quality Index Chart showing the comparison between Beijing and New Delhi reflects that China is much cleaner as compared to Delhi. Beijing has had more cleaner days with good Air Quality Index vs Delhi.

India and China must take this very seriously or they are going to be responsible for most of the climate change impact. USA is the largest consumer of energy per capita but has a better Air Quality Index overall in the country.

Is there a room to improve the answer is YES! Sun is the best source of energy and today we have the know how to convert the solar energy to Electricity. Sun provides enough energy in one hour to provide the energy requirements for the world consumption. We just have to harness the energy and use it as needed.

The challenges we have is how to store the energy and use it at a later date when needed. As we speak the research is being done and we are developing technologies like the one developed by Tesla as Power Wall. We are currently also exploring the possibilities of storing energy in the Thermal Storage Energy using the solar power.

California is the leading state to encounter the climate change impact. The City Council in the city of Berkeley, Palo Alto, San Jose and may other have approved that the new construction homes will not be connected with gas lines and will have to be all electric. Initially the cost will be higher but the long-term benefit will be awesome for the generations to come. We one day may be able to leave the plant for them to live on without pollution. We must use Renewable Energy to solve the problem.

I have lived in New Delhi and I have seen the pollution and experienced it, It for that reason I am concerned about the citizens of the world and am constantly looking for solutions to make homes with the best Energy saving technologies the also improve the air quality inside the homes. We must build Passive Inspired Net Zero Home. I am so happy to see the improved air quality in Wuhan Chine – I hope we can keep it like that in the future.

Please see the video how is China improving the Air Quality Index.

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There is hope that China one day will be able to improve the Air Quality by using more renewable energy and going all electric.

Source: EIN Presswire