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The EGO3 spa filter cartridge replaces the old paper cartridge filter. It`s cheaper, better and much easier to use.

SAN DIEGO, USA, February 25, 2020 / — For many decades, the entire hot tub industry has developed massively. Only one component – the spa filter cartridge – remained as it was. Every hot tub owner knows the filter cleaning trouble every few weeks. Sometimes it has to be cleaned every 1-2 weeks and despite all disadvantages no better solution was found until recently.

Cartridge filters (paper filters) for spas have and always have had many disadvantages and spa customers were thus taken their pleasure and relaxation with their hot tub.
Disadvantages of the conventional spa filters

Disadvantages were/are:

– high costs, as cartridge filters have to be completely batched very often and they are very expensive
– complicated cleaning, because a simple spraying is not enough to remove oils etc. from the fabric. These spa filters had to be inserted into chlorine solutions at great expense to get fat/oil/dirt out. Actually, you have to spray them from the inside out, which is anything but easy.
– unsatisfying results, because cartridge filters in spas depend on the size of your filter net and therefore particles with a maximum size of 35 micron can only be filtered. The rest remains in the spa and becomes more and more. This means that sooner or later you will be soaking in your own fine dirt and the water will get a slight smell of its own.

The solution – EGO³ multiuse cartridge with fiberballs

Over a decade of experience in the spa industry has led us to tackle and revolutionise this tedious issue for spa owners.

The solution is as ingenious as it is simple – EGO3 hot tub filters!

The patented filter system consists of two components and is based on sustainability by reusing the filter cartridges and easy cleaning or just changing of the filter material. Through the optimally designed container for 3-dimensional filter material and the specially designed filterballs are impurities that clouded the spa experience in the past.

How does the Ego3 spa filter work?

You buy only once the number of filter cartridges your hot tub needs. You can use them again and again. They are made from durable recycled plastic.
Our multiuse cartridges are filled with spherical filter material. It`s made of recycled material. The entire spa filter cartridge is filled with these filter balls. These special EGO3 filter balls have an enormous dirt binding capacity and a selectivity of 1 micrometer. This is 35 times as fine as previous filter cartridges.
Then screw the filter cartridges into your hot tub. With the Toploader version (=filter cartridges mounted in a cylindrical shaft) it's even easier. Ready to go in seconds.
The spa water flows from top to bottom through the EGO3 spa filter cartridge. We filter vertically instead of horizontally like previous spa cartridge filters. This has many advantages. For example, all the dirt in the filter when it is turned or pulled out can no longer come loose. In addition, the entire cross section always filters the same and our filter cartridges can hardly clog.
After a few weeks, the filter balls are checked and cleaned or replaced if necessary. If you decide to clean, which is very easy, you will save a lot of money compared to your old cartridge filter and it is still much easier. You can also simply change the filterballs, then you have no more work at all with spa filter cleaning.

And it's that simple. EGO3 hot tub filter cartridges save you time and money with the clearest spa water you`ve ever seen.

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