4 & 5 Year Anniversary for Cedar Management Group Operations Managers’

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Photo of Nikki Webb, HOA Maintenance Team Manager

Nikki Webb, Maintenance Team Manager

Photo of Kala O'Connor, HOA Violations Team Manager

Kala O’Connor, Violations Team Manager

Cedar Management Group, an Accredited Association Management Company, celebrates employees’ 4 & 5 year anniversary serving homeowners.

We all simply want Cedar’s communities to thrive beautifully and for home values to skyrocket!”

— Kala O’Connor, Violations Team Manager

CHARLOTTE, NC, USA, January 22, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Cedar Management Group, AAMC, is very fortunate for the service and commitment of two of their very own operations managers. On January 27th, Nikki Webb, Maintenance Team Manager, will be celebrating her 5 year anniversary with Cedar Management Group while on January 21st, Kala O’Connor, Violations Team Manager, will have celebrated her 4 year anniversary with Cedar Management Group.

Nikki started with Cedar in the Community Support Department as a bilingual phone agent and gradually worked through the company becoming a Maintenance Coordinator and eventually the Maintenance Team Manager. The HOA Maintenance Team is responsible for coordinating routine repairs as well as large maintenance projects and works with homeowners, board members, community managers, and vendors to coordinate the repair process. When asked how she was able to move up through this company so quickly, Nikki responded, “I think my success came from my belief that it takes care and passion to be a leader. I have always cared about Cedar and our communities and I have found passion in everything I do!” She added, “I thank God every day for how He has blessed me with this team and company!”

Having prior knowledge of service industries, Kala also started in the Community Support Department and then moved on to become a Maintenance Coordinator. After working with the Maintenance Team, she transitioned to the Violations Team and served as the Assistant Manager before being promoted to the Violations Team Manager. The HOA Covenant Enforcement Team (aka, "Violations Team") helps coordinate the HOA enforcement process in each community. The team provides services including property inspections and neighborhood drive throughs. They routinely work with the HOA board and the community manager to identify potential infractions within a community and ensure that all procedures and communications with the homeowner are documented appropriately.

We asked Kala to comment on her years of service and her new position. Kala shares, “Being the Violations Manager can be tough at times but I love my job! We all simply want Cedar’s communities to thrive beautifully and for home values to skyrocket! It’s been an honor to work here for so many years and I expect many many more to come!”

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