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MANSFIELD, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, September 16, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Even though home ownership is the American Dream, people still feel like they're stepping into a nightmare. Of course, there's a lot to be afraid of when you're spending so much of your money, but a good realtor can help put your mind at ease as you navigate the process of buying or selling a home.

“I'm hard pressed to believe that helping people fulfill their American Dream is anything but spectacular,” says Dee Davey.

Dee Davey is a real estate broker with over 40 years of experience. She is the co-founder of Davey Goosmann Realty.

“Real estate is just like life: it's talking to people; it's working through problems; it's having huge disasters sometimes, but it’s also having wonderful rewards and experiences,” says Dee. “It’s frustrating and confusing for a lot of people. And one of the things I really enjoy doing is taking people by the hand, setting them down, and showing them the path to what their ultimate goal is.”

Born in 1950, raised in Arkansas, Dee was planted in the wonderful little town of Mansfield, TX.

“It felt kind of like home. It was down to earth. It was lots of close relationships,” recalls Dee. “I went to work at Coldwell Banker, and I did a lot of marketing there. It was a small town, things were happening, and I was able to be a big part of that. Now 42 years later people say everyone knows Dee Davey.”

Dee says service is where real estate agents get an opportunity to really shine.

“This is going to be a journey for us both,” says Dee. “I need to know everything that you want. Don't even think about money just yet. Once I know what somebody wants, I know where their mindset is. If they want a big backyard, we're not going to be showing them garden homes. We're going to take them through the process and when we find the house for them, we’re all going to know.”

Obviously, there have been a tremendous number of changes to real estate with the internet. Today, you can look at a house online and buy it without ever seeing it, but if you're going to live there, if that's going to be your home, you want to know what the street looks like. Are there trees? Is it a flat land? The internet is just not going to show you all that.

“The change that has come about in the real estate business can be a little bit sad because it is a relationship business,” says Dee. “And you need those relationships. The media and market trends and everything would have us believe that you can push a button, pick a house, find another house to move into, have somebody buy your house from you, and you're on your way. I work very hard to foster the relationship that I feel is absolutely necessary to be successful in the real estate business.”

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