Tonopah Arizona proposed path of I-11 near Gates’ Smart City, called Diamond City as syndication groups make investment

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Map of Arizona US Highway I-11 through Tonopah Arizona Linking Mexico and Canada

Map of Proposed Highway I-11 through Tonopah Arizona

Tonopah Arizona could become Dodani Diamond City as investors eye the future of Arizona land values

Tonopah Arizona is located on proposed path of I-11 and Gates’ Smart City, is now being called Diamond City, as syndication groups make their move on valuable land”

— Joe Dodani


Tonopah Arizona location on proposed path of I-11 and Gates’ Smart City, being called Diamond City as syndication groups make their move

Tonopah, AZ – July 17, 2017 – With over 200 transactions in the area, award winning 15-year land brokerage veteran, and certified land sale specialist Joe Dodani is currently closing some of the most significant properties in the downtown areas of Tonopah Arizona. Tonopah located just west of the now flourishing Buckeye, Arizona and not far from where Bill Gates shocked the world announcing the $80 million purchase of land near the city of Tonopah, Arizona, in order to build the nation’s first high-tech city, Belmont.

Dodani and his syndicate of investors have acquired 121 acres from a total of 242 available acres of prime commercial land directly in the center of downtown Tonopah. Groups like SLM Land Holdings, comprised of three dynamic women, an attorney Eileen Jain Sahai, a physician Dr. Smita Patil Mehta, and a familiar name in the land business, Anita Verma Lallian breaking away for this venture, from her family’s company Vermaland. Vermaland is one of the largest land owning companies in Arizona. SLM’s initial 120-acre parcel was just along the Interstate 10 freeway, east of Tonopah next to Belmont sold out in just two days.

Another syndication group that has purchased the additional 121 acres in Tonopah is managed by Phoenix physician, Dr. Hetal Shah. “Actually he is the pioneer of land syndications”” says Dodani. Syndicates are commonly structured as special purpose entities, such as limited partnerships or limited liability companies. Dodani calls Tonopah his “Diamond City” for many reasons, one is that the current plan is for the border to border highway from Mexico to Canada will go just west of Buckeye one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, which travels right through Tonopah and north in a direct path of Belmont.

“This is a turnkey opportunity, with the legal matters and other hurdles normally stopping new land investors, taken away by organizations like these” says Dodani. For additional information contact
Joe Dodani directly for a complete view of the town Tonopah and surrounding areas key to the future of Arizona..

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