M1 Legal and ECC: There has never been a better time to end an unwanted timeshare contract

ECC Legal team

ECC Legal team

M1 Legal and ECC leading the way for Spanish court success

With the law now firmly on the side of the consumer, timeshare resorts are employing tactics to delay the inevitable. That is why it is so important to get legal advice.”

— Sharon Johnson, ECC spokesperson

LONDON, UK, June 14, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The M1 Legal and ECC partnership is a winning team when it comes to getting rid of your unwanted timeshare – and there has never been a better time than now to make the move. So far this year they have secured 62 victories in the Spanish courts worth £856,514 to the successful clients.

But the partnership has warned potential clients to be patient and not to expect immediate results when fighting cases in the courts.

“It can take 16 months before any payment is received if a case is successful in the courts,’ said ECC spokesperson Sharon Johnson. “For a start, it will take three or four months for a submission of the lawsuit to the courts and 15 months to get a judgement when there is no appeal made and before any money is forthcoming.
“If a defending resort does not accept jurisdiction of the case in the Spanish courts, then the process will take 18 months for a ruling, and it can take a total of 25 months for a judgement if a resort appeals a decision and goes to the Court of Appeal.

“But this should not put people off because there has never been a better time for success for timeshare holders. M1 Legal currently has 660 cases in the courts, with a further 340 being prepared. In the last two weeks the Anfi Group of resorts suffered six more victories thanks to the M1 Legal team totalling £75,251, and two more jurisdiction victories against Club La Costa – bringing the total of jurisdiction victories to 24 since January.

“And it is very easy to get the ball rolling if you think you have a case – we have easy to follow guidelines for potential clients looking at getting their money back.”

It was in January 2015 when the Spanish Supreme Court made a ruling which had a significant impact on owners of Spanish timeshares. The court ruled that all contracts signed after 5th January 1999 must not be for more than 50 years, outlawing the perpetuity contracts which had been prevalent since the 1980s.

Since then, further challenges in the courts have resulted in more rulings:
resorts are obliged to give clients a cooling off period; it is illegal to accept any monies or have the client sign for any finance agreement during this period; the 10 day period was extended to 14 days; time shares sold since 5th January 1999 must state the details of the apartment or unit and the weeks bought; and’ importantly, failure to comply with these rulings can end up with the contract being deemed null and void and buyers getting a full refund.

“With the law now firmly on the side of the consumer, timeshare resorts are employing tactics to delay the inevitable,” said Sharon Johnson. “That is why it is so important to get legal advice such as that available from M1 Legal.”

If you want to learn about the process for submitting a claim in the Spanish courts, or any other details involved with taking the next step, contact 0034 951 562 209 or email pr@ecc-eu.com

European Consumer Claims Ltd are the UK and Europe’s leading experts in helping to release people from unwanted timeshare contracts and making claims for people to get their money back, assigning cases to their legal experts M1 Legal in Malaga.

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