TPCAST Air for Oculus Go The Best Cost Performance WIRELESS solution for 3 3DOF PC VR – Shipping NOW

TPCAST Air for enterprise

TPCAST Air 3DOF with Oculus GO

Enterprise TPCAST Air is the best cost performance wireless VR solutions. Distributed first Oculus GO at 3DOF PC VR content, will follow soon with 6DOF

The SteamVR-based solution combines the most powerful PC VR with the lightweight wireless,convenient standalone headset!it is superior to the bulky tethered PCVR HMD for mobile VR market.6-DOF soon!”


SUNNYVALE, CA, UNITED STATES, June 4, 2019 / — TPCAST Air for Oculus Go Starts Shipping in North America Markets

TPCAST Air for Oculus Go provides the best cost performance wireless solution for 3 Degree-of-Freedom (3DOF) PC VR contents

TPCAST, the leading wireless VR solutions provider, announces today the availability of TPCAST Air for Oculus Go, starting to ship in US markets.

TPCAST Air for Enterprise is TPCAST's second-generation wireless VR solutions which target enterprise VR applications for different industries. TPCAST Air for Enterprise can support different 3-DOF or 6-DOF standalone VR headsets. The TPCAST Air supporting Oculus Go starts shipping first providing PC VR contents transmitted via Wi-Fi to the HMD. It provides ultra-low latency wireless VR experience for 3-DOF applications, like AEC (Architect, Engineering, Construction) industry, interior decoration design, education, gym spinning (bicycle VR game), and more.

TPCAST Air solution started shipping in February 2019 to the China market. VR developers’ feedback has been very positive. The SteamVR-based TPCAST Air solution combines the most powerful rendering PC VR with the lightweight, wireless, and convenient standalone VR headset. The combined solution is superior to the bulky, tethered PC VR headsets addressing the mobile VR market. A similar product will be supporting 6-DOF with the availability of the Oculus Quest scheduled to be available in about three weeks.

TPCAST Air for Oculus Go single-user system (including the Oculus Go headset) is offered at an MSRP of $499 in North America. The product is available to be ordered now at and also at US VR solution providers.

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About of TPCAST

TPCAST is the leader in wireless virtual reality solutions and the first to ship a commercial wireless adapter. The company vision is to free the VR world from cables and enable wireless operation of VR/AR/MR head-mounted displays (HMDs). The company’s patented technologies allow highly efficient bi-directional communication between the PC and the VR HMD at near-zero latency. TPCAST’s mission is to work with the VR Industry including HMD manufacturers, game developers, content providers, silicon manufacturers, and key VR technology providers, to deliver the best wireless VR experience to consumers and enterprises.

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