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You may think plumbing is all about rigid pipe, but the experts at Haynes Plumbing Services are keenly aware that a new technology called flexible PEX pipe.

LORTON, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Haynes Plumbing Services Offers Fully Licensed, Insured and Trusted Plumbing Expertise to Residential Customers

You may think plumbing is all about rigid pipe, but the experts at Haynes Plumbing Services are keenly aware that a new technology called flexible PEX pipe offers its residential customers a great many benefits, including durability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Unlike more traditional piping solutions, PEX plumbing systems can be installed with any combination of Crimp, Clamp, Push-To-Connect, Expansion, and Expansion-With-Compression connections. According to Haynes Plumbing Services:

Crimp connections use a copper ring outside the pipe married to a special fitting inside the pipe. To make a connection, it’s easy to slide on the crimp ring and then insert the fitting. A specialized crimping tool then makes the connection in one easy operation, which is easily verified using a “go/no-go” gauge.

Clamp connections are similar, using a stainless-steel ring outside the pipe married to a different style of insert. However, clamp connections are easier to take apart if and when repairs become necessary.

After 25 years in the plumbing business, the experts at Haynes Plumbing Services know that durable, leak-proof PEX connections can’t be done without properly calibrated tools. Any error in calibration is almost certain to produce a leaky connection.

Push-To-Connect fittings use a simple stiffening sleeve that pushes into the pipe, after which the connecting pipe can be pushed onto the other end of the fitting. Although this system costs a little more, in many ways this is quickest, easiest method for building a PEX plumbing system. It requires no special tools, and these connections can be taken apart and used again, when necessary.

Because they can be removed and replaced with more permanent connections later on, Haynes Plumbing Services often uses Push-To-Connect PEX fittings for temporary or emergency repairs.

Any of these three kinds of PEX connections work well behind walls and buried in soil, although it’s important to wrap the connection in impermeable material to prevent corrosion after soil burial.

Expansion (or “cold expansion”) connections use a PEX expansion ring and a matching fitting. The expansion ring slides over the end of the pipe, leaving a short overlap on the end of the pipe. Then an expansion tool working within the end of the pipe temporarily stretches that overlap enough to accept the connection fitting. The expanded PEX pipe automatically shrinks to its original size, creating a water tight seal.

This more “professional” style of connection is the strongest, and allows for the largest flow through the pipe. It also eliminates any need for “go/no-go” gauges or carefully calibrated crimping and clamping tools. It’s easy to see at a glance whether the expansion connection is a good one.

Expansion With Compression connections combine the expansion idea with the compression idea, utilizing a metal compression sleeve outside the pipe and a fitting on the inside. A special tool for this connection is built with both an expansion head and compression jaws. But because this connection involves a two-step process, the work can take a little longer to do, particularly in tight spaces where manipulating the tool can be tricky.

These two methods also produce the only PEX connections approved for burial in concrete.

In addition to PEX installations and repair, Haynes Plumbing Services handles any kind of plumbing or sewer work you may need, from fixing a leak to installing new fixtures, and more.

Haynes Plumbing Services is available to serve you throughout Virginia: Fairfax, Alexandria, Reston, Herndon, Vienna, and more.

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