Andrew Cratsenberg Jr shares a personal perspective on surviving cancer

Andrew Cratsenberg Jr

Attorney and property investor Andrew Cratsenberg Jr shares a personal perspective on living life as a survivor of cancer.

FEDERAL WAY, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, November 7, 2018 / — A cancer diagnosis, or diagnosis of any other life-threatening illness, can be earth-shattering. Beating the illness, however, and continuing to live life to the full can be truly profound, according to Andrew Cratsenberg Jr – himself a cancer survivor.

An attorney and property investor based in Federal Way, Washington, Andrew Cratsenberg reveals how beating the disease has provided him with a new perspective on life. From a new 'get up and go' approach to living, to appreciating the simple things in life, here he shares what his diagnosis and recovery has taught him about surviving cancer.

Cancer, says Andrew Cratsenberg Jr, instills a new sense of urgency into everyday life. Being lazy isn't an option – rising early becomes the new norm, even after beating the disease, according to the Washington-based attorney.

He also explains how battling the disease strengthens friendships, saying that from diagnosis, throughout treatment, and into recovery, true friendships come to light. What's more, these friendships, he says, continue to strengthen, having survived cancer and subsequently going on to live life to the full, alongside these closest of friends.

Another lesson Andrew Cratsenberg reveals which cancer has taught him is that material things don't matter. You learn not to worry about the inconsequential things in life, he says, and instead learn to invest your time, interest, and concern in the bigger picture.

Cratsenberg's perspective was also changed on how best, and why it's important, to take better care of the bodies we've been given. Now, he says, he eats better food, more organic produce, and chooses to avoid processed foodstuffs wherever possible.

You also learn, says Andrew Cratsenberg Jr, to put friends and family before work. Friends and family should come first, he suggests, also pointing to the importance of finding a job which is a pleasure rather than a chore, making it easier still to maintain a happy, healthy, work-life balance.

Lastly, and of one of his biggest takeaways as a survivor of cancer, Andrew Cratsenberg tells how life should be all about enjoying small pleasures. For him, cancer, he says, made it easier to be grateful for the simple, little things in life – such as hearing birds singing, or watching a beautiful sunset.

What had perhaps given him joy before, he now notices more often, and as a result, pays closer attention. This, he suggests, wrapping up, is part of what's fostered his new-found tendency to always see the glass 'half-full.'

Andrew Cratsenberg is an experienced attorney and property investor based in Washington. Andrew Cratsenberg Jr has invested heavily in commercial property in Arizona, including in Phoenix and the city's metropolitan area town of Gilbert. Andrew Cratsenberg has also invested closer to home, in DuPont, and in his hometown of Federal Way, where he and his family have previously pledged over $1 million to support local public schools.

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