720-acre real estate development project outside Atlanta, Georgia could hit the property market by the end of 2018

A 25-acre spring-fed lake, one of the natural features of the property

The World Children’s Center Master Plan—this map shows the original plan for WCC layout and illustrates the potential for what a residential development could look like

A 10-bedroom, 7,000 square foot home, another amenity on the property

Just outside Metro Atlanta, a project designed to serve hundreds of neglected children may be scrapped and sold if an angel investor doesn't step forward.

We are appealing to any investor, donor, or foundation that has the means to step forward and help take this project from the five-yard line to the end zone.”

— Donald Whitney

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The WORLD CHILDREN’S CENTER (WCC), located outside Metro Atlanta is dedicated to making long-term positive influences for children in the greatest of need, but time is running out.

Donald Whitney, founder, president and the visionary of the WCC asks us all to “imagine a place where children who have only known fear, pain, and hunger, learn to laugh, play, trust and love; a place where the cycle of hunger, abuse, and neglect is broken forever; a place of healing and celebration where every child recognizes how valuable and precious they are.”

The World Children’s Center is a 720-acre environmentally-friendly boarding school campus that would serve 800+ homeless, orphaned, trafficked and/or neglected children from Georgia, the U.S. and the world. The campus is centrally-located between Atlanta (45 minutes), Birmingham, AL (1 hour) and Chattanooga, TN (2 hours).

However, at this point, Whitney says the WCC will need an angel donor/investor or foundation to step forward by the end of 2018 in order to join in his efforts so the campus can continue with its mission and open Phase II.

“If we’re unable to find an angel investor or donor by end of year, the campus will be sold and the WCC will form the World Children’s Foundation in order to begin serving the children we
aspired to help in a different way.”

The WCC is currently seeking up to $9 million to assist with Phase II of the campus, which would allow the Center to officially open.

Whitney has a long history of helping needy children. He sponsored his first child at the age of 12 through a global humanitarian organization and his family currently sponsors 18 children through various nonprofits dedicated to the wellbeing of children.

The mission of the World Children’s Center is to provide children with a nurturing environment consisting of highly-qualified staff; to provide an environment where the highest ideals of Judeo-Christian values can be explored and experienced; to give each child an opportunity to develop a sense of personal faith to gain inner strength and spiritual leadership; to develop a measurable educational curriculum to prepare children for productive living in a global society; to offer both children and adults unique opportunities for leadership training that will lead to a positive impact on the world; and to create research and development opportunities to enhance their programs and services, as well as impact the welfare of children worldwide.

The WCC campus is being modeled after the Milton Hershey School (MHS) in Hershey, PA, which is currently serving 2,300 disadvantaged children. MHS is a cost-free, private co-educational boarding school that offers state-of-the-art facilities, advanced technology and hundreds of extracurricular activities.

Whitney said he wants to continue in the tradition of the Hershey School in the South.

“It’s a humble, brilliant, and eternal business model that public and private companies should consider following in which the Hersheys left everything they owned to benefit children in perpetuity”, says Whitney, “It’s the golden ticket for so many deserving children. The school actually covers total living and educational expenses all the way through any college a student chooses to attend.”

As for the World Children’s Center, Whitney purchased the 720 acres of land in Haralson County, Georgia in 2005. Since then, much has been accomplished, including the infrastructure of roads, power, water, gas, sewer, fiber, the main entrance and the first children’s home.

The WCC Community also has planned public and private venues that would help to ensure the wellbeing of the children who would live and grow at the Center, as well as children who live in the surrounding communities. Private venues include a Pre-K through 12th-grade school, a pediatric wellness center, parks and playgrounds, a food and clothing distribution center, an international humanitarian development & training center, graduate housing, a 100-acre organic farm, animal therapy, a non-denominational worship center, a 4,000-seat cultural art and music center and 100 children’s homes with surrogate house parents capable of caring for up to 10 children per home.

When completely built, the World Children’s Center will employ 300+ full-time associates.

The WCC could potentially have a positive impact on the local, regional and state economies. According to one economic impact study, the WCC would create over $1 billion in total economic activity during the period 2018-2028. Construction and operation of the facility will account for a $500 million increase in direct economic activity during this period as well. Furthermore, the Center will create 360 jobs annually. As a result of that job creation, the WCC will generate $9 million in annual spending and $600,000 in tax revenue from increased spending.

The project has been endorsed by Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, former Georgia State Attorney General Sam Olens, President of Milton Hersey School Peter Gurt, and others.

Whitney is appealing to any investor, donor, or foundation that has the means to step forward and help take this project from the five-yard line to the end zone. If successful in raising the $9 million needed to proceed, Whitney said other foundations and organizations have committed to the project and will join the efforts for the Center’s needs.

Parties interested in helping the World Children’s Center should contact Donald Whitney at dwhitney@worldchildrenscenter.org. Also, visit the WCC website to view a map and animated tour of the property. Among the 720 acres is a 25-acre lake and a private registered airstrip.

Whitney is the Founder and CEO of Corporate Sports Unlimited, Corporate Events Unlimited, and Corporate Health Unlimited. He also founded the U.S. 10K Classic which ran for 17 years in Atlanta. The event became the 6th largest multi-sport road race in the United States and was created to assist in bringing awareness to the World Children’s Center and other children’s charities. The event donated $5 million to 30 local children’s charities during its run.

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World Children’s Center Animated Tour – virtual 3D rendering fly-throughs of entire campus

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