Money Doctor Neil Gallagher Reveals 3 Reasons Why Estate Planning Is Important

Money Doctor Neil Gallagher

Protect Your Assets & Safeguard Your Future

LOS ANGELES , CA, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2018 / — Founder, President, and CEO of Gallagher Financial Group Inc., Money Doctor Neil Gallagher has been a successful entrepreneur, investment counselor, and financial journalist for more than two decades, managing over one billion in assets and serving over one thousand clients world-wide. In addition, he also hosts weekly radio programs covering financial communication, the psychology of investing, wealth creation, family enrichment, and the importance of estate planning.

“Whether you are leaving a huge financial windfall behind for your offspring or a smaller monetary account, it is important to create an estate plan which allows greater control, privacy and security of your legacy,” Gallagher instructs.

“Interestingly, 55% of Americans don’t even have a will, which can be an alarming thought, especially in certain states. In the state of Connecticut, for example, there are certain laws that mandate how your assets will get distributed,” he continues.

Although “basic wills” are available online, Gallagher highly recommends, “sitting with a professional to develop a plan that works for you”.

3 Reasons Why People Do Estate Planning:

1. Probate Fee & Tax Reduction
If your assets are too high, you will be required to pay estate taxes to your state and possibly federal estate taxes depending upon the value of the accounts. And, probate fees may be assigned as well. Therefore, it is beneficial to work with an attorney who can help explain the laws and help you make smart decisions regarding to whom, where and when to designate your assets.

2. Asset Protection
It is extremely important to protect your assets. A professional may also suggest things like an Umbrella Insurance Policy which provides excess coverage if you are unfortunately involved in a car accident and go through your auto insurance limits. Protect your assets so your loved ones are protected as well.

3. Control and Management
Estate planning alleviates the fear and guarantees your final wishes regarding asset distribution. Family dynamics often can be tricky. Estate planning takes away the guessing and provides a detailed plan of who, what, where and when.

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Aurora DeRose
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Networkbay Retail develops 'Gadgets of Desire' store format for Croma

Networkbay Retail develops Croma’s ‘Gadgets of Desire’ store

Interactive screen

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, May 31, 2018 / — Networkbay Retail, a unique curated retail platform, which combines the talents of the world’s leading retail design agencies, retail technologies and services to transform retail experiences, has recently partnered with the electronic megastore, Croma to develop Croma’s tech-centric premium format – ‘Gadgets of Desire’.

Helping retailers to develop the “Store of the Future", Networkbay Retail took on Croma’s mandate to deliver a global standard premium format that showcases Croma’s omni-channel capabilities and extends their ‘wider-than-store’ proposition. Recently launched in Green Park, Delhi, Croma’s ‘Gadgets of Desire’ store is a never before experience for Indian consumers.

On delivering Croma’s mandate, Mr. Hozefa Attari, Co-founder Networkbay Retail said, “We are glad to partner Croma to showcase our capabilities of collaborating with best in class global agencies in design and technology to create retail experiences that are seamless. Our unconventional approach to delivery is the key factor that sets us apart from the otherwise traditional models.”

Mr. Attari further added, “Befitting Croma’s requirement we engaged two global retail specialist – a US based global brand experience design company, Chute Gerdeman to create the store experience and a UK based agency,, Scoop Retail to develop the in-store technology for the new small store format. Our focused cross-functional team of professionals worked seamlessly with Croma’s Operations, Store Design, Real Estate and the Project Management departments, all the way from concept up to the opening and post-inaugural phases.”

Speaking on the partnership with Networkbay Retail, Mr. Ritesh Ghosal, CMO Croma, said, “Croma, Gadgets of Desire, is an attempt to come closer to the customers and become a go to destination for everything in electronics! The new store format, is a small neighborhood store that is a totem of the full-fledged Croma store. Networkbay Retail has been a partner in helping us put together our premium store format vision”

The key highlights of the ‘Gadgets of Desire’ store are the ‘wider-than-store’ feature, the immersive demo experience in the sound category and an exclusive IOT (Internet of Things) zone to experience the entire IOT ecosystem.

The ‘wider than store’ approach to the store concept enables consumers to access the entire range and capabilities of a full-fledged Croma store. Customers can browse and shop for the entire Croma catalogue through multiple interactive screens strategically placed across the store.

The dedicated sound space enables music enthusiasts to experience more than 90 speakers with just a touch through an interactive screen. Customers can simply select and play a track of their choice on their selection of speakers to experience the sound quality of the product.

Specialist in developing futuristic but customer centric vision of retail, Networkbay Retail believes in collaborating with the best global technology and retail service providers and adapting their model for the Indian market. Their extensive list of experienced global partners includes Chute Gerdeman, Scoop Retail, Tulip Retail, RetailNext, The Science Project, PlayNetwork and The Valley Group, to name a few.

To know more about Networkbay Retail check

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Networkbay Retail develops Croma’s ‘Gadgets of Desire’ store

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Texas Corporate Whistleblower Center Now Urges an Insider to Call About Rewards If A EB-5 Visa Regional Center in Texas Is Raising Chinese or Asian Money for a Bad Real Estate Deal or Ponzi Scheme

If you possess information about a Texas based real estate developer cheating Chinese or international investors wishing to participate in the US EB-5 Visa Program please call us at 866-714-6466”

— Texas Corporate Whistleblower Center

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, May 31, 2018 / — The Texas Corporate Whistleblower Center says, “We are urging an employee of a Texas based real estate developer or EB-5 Visa Regional Center to call us anytime at 866-714-6466 if they can prove the EB-5 Visa Regional Center in bed with a real estate developer and is raising money from Chinese, European or Middle Eastern investors for a development that has no chance of ever being economically viable, or that is a ponzi scheme. At the same time, we would like to talk with a regional center insider who can prove a Texas based EB-5 Visa regional center is paying bribes to attorneys, or anyone else who is not properly licensed to receive a commission.” http://Texas.CorporateWhistleblower.Com

Recently the US Securities and Exchange Commission announced in a press release, “A whistleblower award of more than $1.7 million to a company insider who provided the agency with critical information to help stop a fraud that would have otherwise been difficult to detect. Millions of dollars were returned to harmed investors.”

When it comes to the EB-5 Visa Investment program for Chinese or International Investors Thinking Texas is the Land of Opportunity the Texas Corporate Whistleblower Center Whistleblower Center Believes the Following:

* A EB-5 Visa regional center’s investment opportunity could easily require over five hundred thousand dollars plus broker and legal fees for a real estate development that will never be economically viable or succeed-Targets Apartment properties-Dallas-Houston, Austin, or San Antonio and or hotel properties statewide.

* The group believes some Texas real estate developers are one in the same as the Regional Center promoting the development and they fear the developer may be hiding key information from the EB-5 Visa investor including the part about the developer has used some of the investor money to bail out other projects, or they have misused the money by spending it on themselves.

* The group also believes some Texas real estate developers in cahoots with a Regional Center could be bribing officials in China or middlemen to gain the trust of Chinese or international investors who want to participate in the US EB-5 Visa Program.

According to the Texas Corporate Whistleblower Center, “If you possess information about a Texas based real estate developer cheating Chinese or international investors wishing to participate in the US EB-5 Visa Program please call us at 866-714-6466 and let’s have a conversation about reward potential. Why sit on a potentially winning lotto ticket without ever finding out what it might have been worth?” http://Texas.CorporateWhistleblower.Com

Simple rules for a whistleblower from the Texas Corporate Whistleblower Center: Do not go to the SEC first if you are a potential whistleblower with substantial proof of wrongdoing involving the US EB-5 Visa Program. The Texs Corporate Whistleblower Center says, “Major whistleblowers frequently go to the government thinking they will help. It’s a huge mistake. Do not go to the news media with your whistleblower information. Public revelation of a whistleblower’s information could destroy any prospect for a reward. Do not try to force a developer/employer or individual to come clean about them cooking the books, fraud or bribery involving a US EB-5 Visa Program. Come to us first, tell us what type of information you have, and if we think it’s sufficient, we will help you with a focus on you getting rewarded.”

Unlike any group in the US the Corporate Whistleblower Center can assist a potential whistleblower with packaging or building out their information to potentially increase the reward potential. They will also provide the whistleblower with access to some of the most skilled whistleblower attorneys in the nation. For more information a possible whistleblower with substantial proof of wrongdoing in Texas can contact the Whistleblower Center anytime at 866-714-6466 or contact them via their website at http://Texas.CorporateWhistleblower.Com

For attribution please refer to the July 2017 Securities and Exchange Commission press release:

Thomas Martin
Texas Corporate Whistleblower Center
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Nightshade Studios stands at the forefront of trend and grasp the opportunity to enter Cambodia

PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA, May 30, 2018 / — The Southeast Asia region lies in the strategic layout of the Belt and Road, and the real estate profits of Southeast Asian countries have continuously increased in recent years. In recent years, when it comes to overseas real estate investment, more and more investment experts give priority to Cambodia. This emerging country, known as the "Asian Tiger", has outstanding economic performance as a whole with increasing focus on real estate investment.

The Chief Operating Officer of Opulence Development, which is a subsidiary of Nightshade Studios stated: “Opulence Development has in-depth observations and investment in the Cambodian real estate market. Cambodia’s real estate investment has been very attractive in the international community in recent years. In the past, Cambodia was like a forgotten country, but since the One Belt and One Road initiative and the rapid economic rise of ASEAN, these two forces props up the entire Cambodian economy, allowing Cambodia to soar as a new dazzling star! In 2018, it will be a crucial year for Cambodia, ASEAN. The further reduction of mutual tariffs between countries will lead to the progress of the ASEAN Economic Community, with the greatest benefit to Cambodia."

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the establishment of inseparable diplomatic relations between China and Cambodia. Nightshade Studios is leading this boom and has obtained a property development case in the capital of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. This development is located in the immediate vicinity of the Tonle Sap, a tributary of the Mekong River. It is only two kilometers from the Royal Palace of Cambodia and sits in the golden district of Phnom Penh. It has an excellent location and accessible transportation. It integrates business, culture and tourism. The international comprehensive development of the residence has attracted the attention of many investors and it is believed that it will become a new landmark in Phnom Penh in time to come.

Nightshade Studios has long been known for providing high-end services and the group also plans to bring these high-end services to all investment customers in the future. It is expected that Nightshade Studios will create a boom in Southeast Asia luxurious real estate.

Henry Stevens
Nightshade Studios
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Paul Ingram Accomplishes Guru Status in Mesa Arizona

Real Estate and business mogul, Paul Ingram is making waves is Mesa, Arizona.

MESA, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, May 29, 2018 / — Paul Ingram comes from a family of highly-revered business-minded individuals.

However, being that Paul Ingram is the oldest son in a family of success, he is always trying to focus toward the future. His family’s legacy gave Ingram the resources needed for forging his own accomplishments.

It is because of his unwavering dedication to his passion that has propelled Paul Ingram through such a positive entrepreneurial journey.

Generational Accomplishments

Paul’s father, Mike Ingram owns and operates El Dorado Holdings, which started developing in Arizona in 1987. Since the business started, it has grown to be one of the biggest development companies in the state.

Due to this, Paul grew up in this environment, surrounded by innovation, which sparked his own zeal for advancement.

Therefore, Paul Ingram followed closely in his father’s footsteps, making connections, and learning about all aspects of the business.

This has allowed him to excel beyond real estate development, and become skilled in all aspects of the business.

Personal Accomplishments

Paul Ingram studied business management and marketing at Southern Nazarene University through 1988. Then, he became a licensed real estate agent in 2005.

Throughout this entrepreneurial journey, Paul Ingram worked throughout all aspects of marketing and business. Due to his vast array of experience, he garnered wide variety skills.

Here are a few of the skills that Paul Ingram has acquired an acute proficiency of:

• Sales and Marketing
• Building a Business for Success
• Accounting
• Payroll Management
• Meeting and Event Planning
• Brokering

Henceforth, it was through this host of acquired skills that have made him an invaluable asset to the Mesa, Arizona area.

Paul Ingram’s Business to Business experience spans back twenty years. Additionally, his construction and developmental background have a strong foundation that he’s built upon his entire life.

“I have a hunter mentality,” Paul Ingram said, “I have the desire and the results to continue my success.”

Future Endeavors

Paul Ingram’s serial entrepreneur mentality is going to continue to lead him to greatness. After all, being a successful entrepreneur is all about taking the right kind of risks. Ingram has a knack for innately knowing which investments are good and which risks are too high.

That is a skill that cannot be taught. It is only built upon by dedication and umpteen perseverance. It is a skill that is advanced by years of practice, experience, and being able to deliver premium service.

These qualities are all inherent in this Mesa, Arizona real estate and business guru. Therefore, there is always room for growth, expansion, and limitless opportunity.

In summation, Paul Ingram’s solid track record of success is taking the Mesa, Arizona business community by storm. There is no holding back. Paul Ingram is ready to pounce at the next opportunity, giving everything he has to make it a success. The Ingram Hunter himself is on the prowl and there’s no telling which feats he’s going to tackle next.

For more information about Paul Ingram, visit his professional Linkedin profile.

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Web Presence, LLC
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Manchester Financial Group Installs SemaConnect Smart EV Charging Stations

San Diego continues to invest in its electric vehicle infrastructure

Steps like these have played a critical role in reducing our city’s carbon footprint by 17 percent since 2010, surpassing the Climate Action Plan’s goal of 15 percent by 2020.”

— Stephanie Brown, Manchester Financial Group

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, May 29, 2018 / — Manchester Financial Group has installed two SemaConnect electric vehicle charging stations at the Manchester Financial Centre in San Diego. The two wall-mounted stations can be found on the third floor of the parking garage.

Tenants in the historic building, which includes the iconic Mister A’s restaurant and the Manchester Financial headquarters, had requested stations where they and their customers could charge their electric vehicles. Since the installation of the two chargers with three years’ full service from SemaConnect, guests and employees have appreciated the peace of mind in knowing that they have a place to charge their electric cars.

Don MacNeil, director of sales at SemaConnect, said, “Manchester Financial Group has been involved in the redevelopment of the San Diego waterfront for many years. The group has transformed the city skyline and provided a thoroughly modern face for San Diego. For this property, located just a few blocks from the San Diego Zoo, the installation of EV charging stations has brought the most modern of commercial property amenities to this thriving neighborhood just north of the waterfront and San Diego’s Little Italy.”

San Diego is leading the way in adopting clean transportation and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions. By installing the first charging stations in Bankers Hill, Manchester Financial Centre helps move San Diego toward sustainability for the future.

Stephanie Brown, vice president of marketing and public relations at Manchester Financial Group, said, “Manchester Financial Group is a strong proponent of environmental consciousness and sustainable energy. We will continue to update our properties with the latest and most efficient technologies, to ensure we are adapting and providing the best amenities for our tenants and customers. We believe in doing what is right for the environment and that sustainability should be at the core of all our developments. Steps like these have played a critical role in reducing our city’s carbon footprint by 17 percent since 2010, surpassing the Climate Action Plan’s goal of 15 percent by 2020.”

The stations are open to the public and cost $1 per hour for the first few hours. Availability and map locations in real time can be found using the PlugShare app.

About Manchester Financial Group:
Founded in 1970 by Papa Doug Manchester, Manchester Financial Group is headquartered in San Diego, California, and specializes in hotel and commercial real estate development. Manchester Financial Group and its subsidiaries have been instrumental in developing downtown San Diego's waterfront, paving the way for the city of San Diego's burgeoning convention industry, while also founding two banks and establishing an extensive and diverse investment portfolio. The company is an integral part of San Diego's economic landscape developing important landmark properties including the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego, San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina and downtown San Diego's First National Bank building. In the La Jolla area, the company has developed the Manchester Business and Research Park, Torrey Executive Centre, and the Manchester Financial Building. Further north, Manchester Financial Group’s most prominent and acclaimed development, the Fairmont Grand Del Mar, was voted the number one resort in America and received Forbes triple five-stars for restaurant, spa and hotel. The company invests and takes active leadership roles in industries including tourism, hospitality, convention services, technology, telecommunications, banking, broadcasting, medical device instrumentation, education, and other important areas of health and human services. Over the past few decades, Manchester Financial Group has developed more than $5 Billion in assets worldwide and continues to be one of San Diego's largest and most profitable private companies. For additional information on Manchester Financial Group, please visit

About SemaConnect:
SemaConnect is the leading provider of electric vehicle amenities to the North American commercial and residential property markets. A complete EV support partner, SemaConnect delivers a truly modern property experience through innovative, elegantly designed charging stations and a robust and open network. The company has helped maximize property value and appeal through thousands of successful Class A deployments since its founding in 2008, for companies such as CBRE, JLL, Hines, Greystar, Cisco Systems and Standard Parking. SemaConnect remains the preferred charging solutions partner of municipal, parking, multifamily, hotel, office and retail customers across the United States and Canada. For more information, visit

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Level Office Announces National Accounts Program

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, May 29, 2018 / — Coworking company Level Office has announced the debut of its National Accounts Program, as well as its new National Corporate Accounts Manager, Kayley DiCicco. The program will provide a single point of contact for enterprise companies and real estate brokers serving clients with multiple office locations.

“As the demand for flexible, customizable office suites continues to grow, we’re excited to make the process of finding beautiful modern workspace even easier for enterprise companies and our broker partners,” said Bill Bennett, Founder of Level Office.

In addition to providing a single contact for clients with multiple locations, the National Accounts Program streamlines the office search process for corporate clients by offering easy access to Level Office’s network of office suites in 18 cities nationwide. Level Office’s 600 to 10,000-square-foot private office suites offer managerial offices along with a kitchen, conference room, and open floor plan space, as well as the flexibility of a 1 to 2-year term at affordable rates. In addition, all suites include access to meeting rooms and business services.

Pricing for office suites starts at $229 per person per month, well below that of the current global leaders in the coworking space for enterprise companies. Furthermore, Level Office’s all-inclusive pricing covers access to amenity space, all utilities and taxes, security, fiber internet and furniture, prominent lobby display of enterprise client logos, as well as espresso bar and beer on tap.

About Level Office
Level Office provides fully-furnished, technology-equipped, and affordable workspace to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and enterprise companies. Level Office members have access to more than 1.6 million square feet of workspace in 23 locations including Alexandria, Boulder, Charlotte, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Richmond, San Diego, Savannah, and Seattle. For more information, please visit

Kayley DiCicco
Level Office
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Exceed Solar unveils Indigenous Initiative for solar-powered, high tech housing

Solar powered home with high tech building materials

High tech housing using sustainable materials and solar PV

High tech concepts designed to disrupt costly housing industry

There is no better time than now to introduce a strategy that focuses on sustainable technologies that are better aligned with the needs of these communities.”

— Crystal Kosa, Director, Indigenous Initiatives

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA, May 29, 2018 / — EDMONTON, ALBERTA, MAY 29, 2018 – The need for sustainable, energy efficient housing is no more acute than in Indigenous communities across Canada, and Exceed Solar is pleased to announce it is meeting that demand head on with a new Indigenous Initiative.

The initiative is designed to introduce new sustainable housing concepts to Indigenous communities and replace antiquated Western style homes with living spaces more suitable to Indigenous heritage. The initiative is being spearheaded by Crystal Kosa, who has extensive experience in implementing training and education programs designed for Indigenous people across Canada. Crystal, who is Director of Indigenous Initiatives for Exceed Solar, is of Métis heritage and a successful entrepreneur based in Edmonton, Alberta.

“The need for a new approach to Indigenous housing is well documented,” Kosa explains, “and in many of these communities the lack of suitable housing has already reached a crisis point. There is no better time than now to introduce a strategy that focuses on sustainable technologies that are better aligned with the needs of these communities.”

According to the 2016 Census, Indigenous peoples are the fastest growing segment of the Canadian population. Compared to the rest of Canada, they grew four times more than the non-Indigenous population, accounting for a 42.5% growth rate since 2006. In the next 20 years the Indigenous community is anticipated to exceed 2.5 million people.

The most recent Canadian Census also showed that one in five Indigenous peoples live in a dwelling in need of major repair, with on-reserve housing being even worse. In fact, over 40% of homes on reserves need major repairs compared to 7% in non-Indigenous housing. While the quality of housing varies from community to community, many reserves lack good quality homes, and in many cases those who live on reserves or in Northern Canada share accommodations with up to 16 people.

Both the provincial and federal governments in Canada have recognized the need for both better quality housing and implementing renewable technologies for more sustainable communities. In the last budget unveiled in February, 2018 the federal government announced $300 million in new funding for Indigenous housing over the next 11 years. Similarly, provincial governments such as Alberta have also pledged millions in grants and funding to advance the transformation toward renewable energy in Indigenous communities.

Exceed has created a team and a strategy to assist these communities in accessing the required financing to make this transformation happen. The Company has partnered with industry experts to create fully sustainable, energy efficient living spaces that can meet the needs of Indigenous housing. Exceed Solar’s “Sol Spaces” have been designed to both reduce carbon footprint of typical structures and to utilize available renewable energy from the sun using PV solar panels.

Unlike traditional housing that has been built for Indigenous communities using stick frame construction, Exceed Solar has taken a unique approach by leveraging cutting edge sustainable technology.

Branded under the name “Sol Spaces” Exceed Solar’s living spaces are energy audited to maximize their efficiency. The Company also incorporates state of the art building technology including structural insulated panels (SIPs) as opposed to stick frame construction, making the building envelope energy efficient and structurally sound. The modular approach to these living spaces also provides significant flexibility in the size of each unit.

Exceed Solar has unveiled its new Initiative on its website, at, and will be actively approaching suitable communities to launch the initiative in the near future.


Exceed Solar leverages cutting edge building technologies to create fully sustainable, energy efficient, highly engineered living spaces. These “Sol Spaces” have been designed both to reduce the carbon footprint of the structures and to utilize available renewable energy from the sun via PV solar panels. Sol Spaces are easily installed and highly scalable, from backyard garden suites to solar powered greenhouses to fully sustainable recreational and residential homes. Our company objective is to exceed your expectations of what’s possible.


Stanton Pawchuk, Cofounder
Ph: 587-926-3879

Stanton Pawchuk
Exceed Solar
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Spencer Matthews and Irish model Vogue Williams planning lavish Caribbean wedding.

Vogue and Spencer Matthews

Vogue and Spencer Matthews

Luxury Villa Rentals St Barts

Luxury Villa Rentals St Barts

Best Villas in St Barts

Best villas in St Barts

luxury caribbean vacation rental

Villa Vitti St Barts

Luxury Villas St Barts

Luxury Villas St Barts

Tropical St Barts Wedding for Spencer Matthews and model Vogue Williams

The Eden Rock Hotel is a very special place and we think it is the perfect choice for Vogue and Spencer”

— Niamh McCarthy

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 29, 2018 / — British socialite Spencer Matthews and Irish model Vogue Williams are expecting their first child this September but are also planning a tropical wedding in sunny St Barts at the end of this year. The couple is reportedly flying a jumbo jet of close friends and family out to St Barts to join them in celebrating their special day later this year.
The Eden Rock hotel is owned by David and Jane Matthews, Spencer Matthews parents and the hotel is currently been rebuilt just in time for the wedding later this year after it was battered by hurricane Irma in 2017. The hotel has officially announced a reopening date of 22nd December 2018 and will be more beautiful than ever before.

Guests visiting the island will be delighted with all the things to do and see on the island and which may be found on The Ultimate St Barts Travel Guide.

The newly refurbished hotel will have remodeled suites, more private pools, enlarged rooms, super-duper Sand Bar with a brand new kitchen, bigger and better boutique, a novel library, lovely gardens and much more.

The family connection to St Barts makes it even more special for Spencer who holds treasured memories with his family and friends on the island. The Eden Rock Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in the Caribbean and the most perfect location for a romantic wedding. The hotel is the most sought out hotel on st Barts and past visitors include Rihanna, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Beyonce, Elton John and many more.

The hotel is located on St Jean beach which is also one of the best beaches on the island with beautiful turquoise waters. The hotel also has many villa rentals located all over the 8 square mile island that have VIP access to the hotel and VIP services exclusive to guests staying at their villas when booked through the worlds most trusted villa rental company Exceptional Villas.

Exceptional Villas, leading luxury villa rental company feature all the luxurious villas that are affiliated with the hotel.

Niamh McCarthy who is the St Barts specialist for Exceptional Villas said “ The Eden Rock Hotel is a very special place and we think it is the perfect choice for Vogue and Spencer". The hotel has limited accommodation, so we assume many of their guests will need to stay close to the hotel booking up many of the villas close by. It is very exciting, and we are looking forward to finding their guests the perfect villa for the wedding trip”


Exceptional Villas is a luxury villa rental company featuring only the best hand-picked and personally inspected properties in the world. The company has clients from all over the world. Exceptional Villas have been in the travel business for over 25 years and offer a bespoke service to their clients. This includes matching the perfect villa to each of their clients and providing a complimentary concierge service. This service includes organizing all aspects of the client’s vacations such as VIP airport arrival, ground transportation, restaurant reservations, tours and excursions, water sports and pre-arrival stocking. Unlike some of their competitors, they do not provide a membership fee. Likewise, their villa experts are indeed experts. They visit every single villa and are filled with a wealth of information regarding each villa, as well as each destination. Exceptional Villas take total pride in the customized service they offer.

For more information visit or call + 353 64 66 41170 or toll-free from the US and Canada 1 800 245 5109 and UK 0845 528 4197

Niamh McCarthy
Exceptional Villas
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Sumptuous New Bites at The Ritz-Carlton Club, Bali

Live Cooking

Chicken Curry

Freshly made taco

Exclusive Swimming Pool at the Cloub Lounge

The Ritz Carlton Club is without doubt one of the best club experiences on the island and with the introduction of these sensational new menus the experience is more memorable than ever”

— General Manager, Karim Tayach

NUSA DUA, BALI, INDONESIA, May 29, 2018 / — The Ritz-Carlton, Bali elevates the guest experience, delivering a whole new level of luxury. With the recent introduction of exciting new lunch and dinner menus offered in the Club Lounge, the bar just got higher.

Daily changing menus are immaculately presented as enticing buffets and provide Ritz-Carlton Club guests with a complimentary epicurean experience in exclusive yet supremely comfortable surrounds. Lunch offerings include everything from continental style cold cuts and imported cheeses to individually composed salads such as Fern Leaf with Coconut, Turmeric and Lime Dressing and Pear and Smoked Duck. Hot dishes include Steamed Barramundi and Indonesian classic, Beef Rendang. Gourmet sandwiches, tasty side salads, house baked breads (including gluten free) and the freshest tropical fruit are also served. A live station is featured each day, ranging from Tacos, to Gado Gado, and Young Mango Salad, while tantalizing selections of desserts comprise Pistachio Orange Pavlova and Baked Blueberry Cheesecake.

Dinner buffets offer individual Hot Snacks, such as Satay Lilit Ikan, Grilled Prawn Skewers and Soup of the Day as well as a selection of cold tapas, sushi, cheese and individual salads like Rockmelon and Parma Ham, which are ideal for grazing. Those looking for a complete meal can also indulge in perfectly prepared dishes such as Seared Salmon, Roasted Lamb Loin and Roasted Snapper. Indonesian and Western-style desserts are a highlight, think Blueberry Panna Cotta, Lemon Meringue Tart and a daily changing live dessert station, ranging from Churros, to Crepes and the famous Es Cendol.

These new, carefully crafted lunch and dinner menus complement existing gourmet offerings served exclusively within The Ritz-Carlton Club, from a la carte and buffet breakfast, to afternoon tea with all the trimmings, hors d’oeuvres and poolside sundowners.

A secluded sanctuary nestled into the heart of the resort the Club Lounge not only offers exquisite cuisine, but also an exclusive range of benefits. From dedicated Club Concierge, to personalized business services, high speed Wifi, and tailor-made activities. The Club’s private swimming pool creates an idyllic respite for those looking to relax and unwind in serene surroundings.

“The Ritz Carlton Club is without doubt one of the best club experiences on the island and with the introduction of these sensational new menus the experience is more memorable than ever,” says General Manager, Karim Tayach.
Full Club Access is available at USD78 plus 21% government tax and service charge per person per day. To elevate your stay with The Ritz-Carlton Club experience, please contact our reservation team at or visit our website at or .

# # #

About The Ritz-Carlton, Bali.
Offering an elegant tropical ambience, The Ritz-Carlton, Bali is a luxurious resort combining a dramatic clifftop setting with a stunning beachfront. Featuring tranquil views over the azure waters of the Indian Ocean the resort has 278 spacious suites and 34 expansive villas, providing the sheerest of contemporary Balinese luxury. Along the foreshore are The Ritz-Carlton Club®, six stylish dining venues, an indulgent and exotic marine-inspired Spa, and fun, recreational activities for children of all ages at Ritz Kids. A glamorous beachfront wedding chapel, makes an idyllic setting for destination weddings, while a range of outdoor garden settings provide the perfect space for celebratory events and incentive venues. Well-appointed conference facilities, meeting rooms and customizable packages also entice those looking to create inspired business events. Whether work, pleasure or romance is on the agenda, The Ritz Carlton Bali is the place to make memories that last a lifetime. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube.

Prhativi Dyah
The Ritz-Carlton, Bali
+(62)361 849 8988
email us here

How will you remember Bali

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