Allentuck Landscaping Co. has been recognized with a Best of Houzz 2017 for Customer Service by

This is the third straight year that Allentuck Landscaping Co. has been recognized for its commitment to providing exceptional experiences to its customers.

CLARKSBURG, MARYLAND, USA, February 1, 2017 / — Allentuck Landscaping Co. is very pleased to announce that the company has been recognized with a Best Of Houzz 2017 for Customer Service by, Houzz is the leading platform for home remodeling and design. This is the third straight year that Allentuck Landscaping Co. has been recognized for its commitment to providing exceptional experiences to its customers.

“We are so pleased to award Best of Houzz 2017 to this incredible group of talented and customer-focused professionals,” said Liza Hausman, vice president of Industry Marketing for Houzz.
Award winners are selected based on customer comments and reviews. “I am extremely proud that our professional staff has been recognized for the way that they serve and delight our customers.” Remarked Bruce Allentuck, president of Allentuck Landscaping Co.

At Allentuck Landscaping Co., our mission is to create beautiful environments for people to enjoy. We see landscaping as a way to improve people’s lives.

The Allentuck Landscaping Co. team has been delighting homeowners in Maryland, Washington DC and Northern Virginia for over 28 years with our turnkey approach to landscape design, installation, construction and maintenance. Most companies try to serve many types of customers at the same time; homeowners, shopping centers, office buildings and the list goes on. At Allentuck Landscaping Co., we focus on one customer, you, the homeowner. We have a singular focus on bringing you the best landscape practices, the best customer service, and the best value for your home.

Services Provide – Master Landscape Plans, Complete Maintenance Programs, Plantings, Patios, Walkways, Retaining Walls, Water Features, Outdoor Lighting, Outdoor Kitchens, Trellises & Pergolas, Irrigation Systems, Drainage Solutions, Grading & Sodding. Fire Pits & Fire Places, Spring Clean Ups, Decks, Fences
Areas Served – Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Potomac, Rockville, North Potomac, Darnestown, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Boyds, Clarksburg, Ijamsville, Urbana, Frederick and Washington DC.

Bruce Allentuck
Allentuck Landscaping Co
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Texas Ranchers Have Better Alternatives Than ‘Nuking’ Their Cedar Trees

It takes only 15 seconds to download your free report.

A free, 20-page, easy-to-read pamphlet provides Texas Ranchers with alternatives to clearcutting the cedar stands on their properties.

It is not difficult to manage your ranch and can be a very enjoyable activity especially when you get to see the land respond and flourish under your good stewardship.”

— Lem Lewis, The Ranch Broker

BLANCO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2017 / — If you own a ranch in the Texas Hill Country or are considering purchasing one, you need to know about cedar management.

Cedar is a prolific species of trees that often exasperates ranchers, as it readily thrives and reproduces, blanketing pastureland and rangeland, and causing the native ecosystem to spin out of balance.

A new 20-page, easy-to-read pamphlet, “Cedar Management in the Texas Hill Country,” explains the problem and provides landowners with proven alternatives to clearcutting the cedar stands on their properties. On most ranches, it is unnecessary to remove all of the cedar and usually not the best choice to maintain the property’s environmental quality.

To receive a digital PDF version of “Cedar Management in the Texas Hill Country,” simply fill out the 15-second form at, and you’ll instantly receive a link to read or download the free report.

“How you reduce or outright remove cedar involves a variety of choices, each offering benefits and possible risks,” says Lem Lewis, author of the pamphlet, which is part of the ‘Ask Lem’ series of written reports, e-books, and videos designed to answer common questions about buying, selling, and operating ranch properties.

Lem Lewis, well known as “The Ranch Broker,” is a fourth­-generation Texas rancher whose full­-service brokerage company serves both land buyers and sellers, concentrating on the Texas Hill Country, South Texas and West Texas. Lem also provides consulting services on the best ways to run your ranch property.

“It is not difficult to manage your ranch and can be a very enjoyable activity especially when you get to see the land respond and flourish under your good stewardship,” Lem says.

If you need more information on effective ranch management techniques or help connecting with the right experts, Lem invites Texas ranchers and potential buyers to contact him for a no-obligation consultation. He can be reached at 210-275-3551.

Be sure to read Lem’s weekly blog posts and listen to his popular podcast, RANCHCAST with LEM LEWIS. Both are available from his website

To download the free “Cedar Management in the Texas Hill Country” special report, visit

The more you know about cedar and cedar management, the more likely you will make the correct choice of how to control cedar on your land.

Lem Lewis
The Ranch Broker
email us here

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Are You Crazy to Buy Replacement Windows in Austin Online?

Getting a quote for replacement windows should not be an ordeal.

Replacement window in an Austin Tx home

Replacement vinyl windows Austin Tx

Zen Windows Austin Ask, "Why Should Consumers Endure a 4 Hour Sales Pitch Just To Get A Price For Their Replacement Windows? Why Can't it be Done Online?"

With the internet what it is today, there is only one reason for a replacement window company to insist they come to your house to give you a quote. It's so they can apply sales tactics and pressure.”

— Dan Hatcher, The owner of Zen Windows Austin

AUSTIN, TX, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2017 / — Zen Windows Austin is taking part in the shake-up of the world of replacement windows in Austin. Breaking the generations long tradition of in-home salesman, Zen Windows Austin gives accurate vinyl window replacement quotes by utilizing the power of the internet, the phone and email.

The Zen Windows motto is "Relax. Window Quotes in 5 Minutes." Contrary to the expectations of it's competitors, Zen's "online" approach, like Amazon, is becoming more mainstream with each passing day.

As long as people have had houses, people have been replacing windows in them in one way or another. Since longer than anyone alive can remember, the way people have purchased them involves a salesman coming to the home. In that 2-4 hour presentation you will receive a masters degree in replacement window tech. You'll learn there is seemingly no end to all the benefits you'll receive by replacing your old, outdated and worthless windows with the new, state of the art, ion infused, krypton coated, fancy, modern, hi-tech replacement windows.

Dan Hatcher, the owner of Zen Windows Austin, put it this way… "One of the reasons that more and more people are comfortable with the Zen Windows approach is that since the days of high speed internet, anyone who wants to know that much about windows can simply "Google" it! People are smart. For one thing, they already know they need new windows and the benefits that will bring. Why else would they be looking? They also know what they want and they don't need a stranger in their home to 'make them comfortable' with their decision. We email them all the information about our windows that they need to make an informed decision and are always available for any questions. It's really pretty simple."

Zen's no money down policy, which is different than almost all their competitors, also lends a level of confidence in what their customers are buying. Zen customers don't pay anything until their windows are installed and they are happy with both the replacement windows and the installation.

Zen's no money down policy shows confidence in both the product and in their installation crews that can't be demonstrated any better or in any other way. Dan Hatcher says of that, "People understand, sight unseen, that I 'simply must' deliver a superior window and a fantastic installation crew or I can't expect to get paid for the windows. People understand that for an owner of a company to put his money on the line like that, he means what he says and he will do what he says he'll do."

Couple the "No Money Down" policy with the fact that their replacement vinyl windows and sliding glass doors carry a transferable lifetime warranty and it speaks volumes in the space of a thought that a salesman can't convey in 3 hours.

It's a matter of course that someone from Zen will indeed come to your house. It just doesn't happen in the sales process. Once a person decides to purchase the windows that are quoted, Zen will send their installation foreman to measure the windows before ordering. Once the custom made replacement windows arrive in Austin, an installation appointment is set and the replacement windows are installed.

The greatest advantage to purchasing replacement vinyl windows in Austin the "Zen Way" is not in the no hassle approach they take. Because Zen Windows is a virtual company without showrooms and salespeople and all the overhead that brings to a business, Zen can offer top of the line windows for a price that does not include all that overhead and sales commissions in the price tag.

Mr. Hatcher said, "Zen doesn't sell cheap windows. We sell windows that compare in looks and performance to the windows that top name companies sell for two, three and four times our price. Because of our no money down policy, we simply can't risk delivering cheap windows to our customer's homes. So even though we don't have all the overhead of those 'Big Name' companies, you'll find that our windows are not the cheapest windows in town. We could sell cheap windows, but we don't. So our market is for those who want top of the line and quality windows at the best price in town, not the bargain bin shopper."

If you are looking for a top shelf replacement window in Austin at the best price, go to and request a quote. No salesman will come to your house. No sales pitch must be endured, even over the phone. With just a little bit of information about your current windows and what you want, you can get your quote via email in as little as 5 minutes.

Dan Hatcher
Zen Windows Austin
(512) 595-0101
email us here

Window Replacement Austin TX | (512) 900-8121 | Zen Windows Austin

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Jamaican Oceanfront Resort Project Secures $500M Funding Agreement from Capital Corp Merchant Banking

capital corp merchant banking, project financing, caribbean

capital corp merchant banking, project financing, caribbean, jamaica

capital corp merchant banking, real estate project financing, caribbean, jamaica

The resort aims to attract a luxury clientele, with five-star accommodations, amenities, and real estate properties.

Jamaica’s close proximity to the United States makes it especially well-positioned to benefit from the upsurge in the luxury travel market.”

— Capital Corp Merchant Banking

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2017 / — The $500 million project consists of an oceanfront resort comprising a five-star hotel, a host of amenities (pool, entertainment, dining, shopping, spa), as well as a considerable luxury real estate development with numerous properties of varying types (condos, townhomes, and villas). Jamaica’s tourism industry has been on an upward trend, with increased stopovers in 2016 and an impressive increase in cruise tourism that climbed into the double digits. And with a 48% increase in the last five years, luxury travel is a lucrative market that outpaces all other types of foreign trips, Jamaica’s close proximity to the United States makes it especially well-positioned to benefit from the upsurge in the luxury travel market as the US is in fact the largest source market for luxury travel in the world, with 9.2 million foreign luxury trip in 2014, and holidays abroad account for 74% of all luxury trips. What’s more, luxury second-home markets in particular have seen an average of a 10% increase in year-on-year sales, on pace with growth in primary markets of 7% on average.

The method by which this project is to be funded is the brainchild of Mr Gilles Herard. Mr Herard is a seasoned merchant banker and has been in the banking industry for 38 years. As the head of Capital Corp Merchant Banking, Mr Herard has become a leading figure in international middle-market project funding and engineers all funding structures for projects at Capital Corp. Mr Herard has received numerous awards for his work and other contributions including being appointed to the Presidential Business Commission, Honorary Co-Chairman of the Business Advisory Council, nominated as Executive of the Year by the internationally acclaimed National Register’s Who’s Who, and having received the Senatorial Medal of Freedom, among many others.

About Capital Corp Merchant Banking: Capital Corp Merchant Banking offers quality Merchant Banking services for a variety of projects worldwide. Capital Corp Merchant Banking is solution-oriented and known for being the most flexible Funding Source on the Market in creating handcrafted investment structures to meet the needs of the different constituent groups in each individual transaction, including general project funding, equity funding, debt restructuring, and real estate development. For further information, please visit our website.

CCMB Business Development Department
Capital Corp Merchant Banking
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PEAK Elevator™ Launches Nationwide Franchise Expansion Program

PEAK Elevator™

Colorado-based elevator company targets growth markets across the United States

We are thrilled to expand PEAK Elevator™ with the right franchise owner-operators with opportunities across the United States.”

— Randy McGinnis, president and CEO PEAK Elevator™

ARVADA, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, January 30, 2017 / — Colorado-based company PEAK Elevator™ is pleased to announce franchising opportunities in new territories for 2017. PEAK Elevator™ anticipates adding up to 20 new franchisees during the first 12 months of the program expansion.

“We are thrilled to expand PEAK Elevator™ with the right franchise owner-operators with opportunities across the United States,” said Randy McGinnis, company president and CEO. “We look forward to helping develop the next generation of elevator professionals by passing along our extensive trade and industry expertise.”

PEAK Elevator™ today announced new franchise opportunities in 35 states including: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia and Wyoming. PEAK Elevator™ plans to offer opportunities in the remaining U.S. throughout the rest of 2017.

The estimated initial investment for a PEAK Elevator™ franchise ranges from $118,000 to $283,000 for a new franchise and $100,500 to $274,250 for a conversion franchise. The investment amount includes an initial franchise fee of $35,000 for new franchises or $17,500 to $26,250 for a conversion franchise. As with any new business venture, adequate capital is needed to fund the business.

For more information about applying for a PEAK Elevator™ franchise and what markets are available, please visit

About PEAK Elevator™
Operating since 1980, PEAK Elevator™ is a privately owned company, specializing in all sectors of the vertical transportation industry including elevator and escalator services. Offering complimentary site surveys, consultations and estimates, PEAK Elevator™’s expertise and services include preventative maintenance, repairs, modernizations and new installations. The PEAK Elevator™ franchise business model is a specialized concept made better by efficient systems and professional support — all designed to help provide top-quality customer service. Find out more about the PEAK Elevator™ franchise program and qualification requirements at, call 303.466.6231/option 5 or email

Herrison Chun
TopFire Media
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EquityBuild Announces Charitable Donation to Fisher House Foundation in Honor of Veterans

Lydia Henderson, Manager of Fisher House at the VA North Texas Health Care System, graciously accepts a contribution from EquityBuild presented by EB President Shaun Cohen. This contribution was made possible by EB investors in support of veterans and their families.

Check Presented by EquityBuild as Part of Veterans Day Initiative for the Dallas House

PLANO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 30, 2017 / — EquityBuild announces a special presentation of a donation check to the Dallas, TX Fisher House. The donated funds come from a Veterans Day donation effort by EquityBuild, which encouraged clients to give to those who have served for this country.

Fisher House is an organization that provides support to military families, helping them care for sick and injured family members during hospitalization. The foundation in primarily known for their network of “comfort homes” where military and veterans’ families are able to stay at no cost while their loved ones receive treatment. The Dallas house opened in 2008 and is located at the Dallas VA Medical Center.

“EquityBuild is honored to give to such an outstanding charity as Fisher House Foundation to help our country's veterans,” said Shaun Cohen, vice president of EquityBuild. “We are a company that values freedom, and this charitable initiative is part of thanking those who let us be free.”

For more than 25 years, the Fisher House program has provided these comfort homes for families of patients receiving medical care at major military and VA medical centers. There are 71 Fisher Houses located in the world, with more than 307,000 families served since inception.

“Contributions like the one graciously provided by EquityBuild help make the Fisher House a comfortable ‘home away from home’ for family members of veterans during their hospital stay,” said Lydia Gray-Henderson, Fisher House Manager for the VA North Texas Health Care System.

EquityBuild is committed to putting its extensive knowledge and unique Operational Mastery of the real estate investing process to work for regular people, maximizing their returns and minimizing their risk at every step. By doing this EquityBuild helps its investors achieve financial freedom while improving neighborhoods and providing hard-working families with nicer, safer places to live.

Founded by father-son team Jerry and Shaun Cohen, this company gives people the freedom and time to pursue their passions with the people they love. EquityBuild is ushering in a new era, making real estate investing more secure and reliable than ever. To find out more visit us at

Company Contact:


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Level Office adds three floors, custom suites to Wacker location

CHICAGO, IL, UNITED STATES, January 27, 2017 / — Coworking space provider Level Office is expanding its footprint in the Loop with the purchase of three additional floors at 211 W Wacker, bringing the company’s total Chicago-area workspace to more than 250,000 square feet. The Chicago-based company acquired the floors on January 19 and will immediately begin developing customized office suites for 10- to 75-person companies, as well as smaller private offices.

“We are proud of our growth in Chicago. We have seen huge demand from high-growth companies for flexible, customizable office suites with a combination of privacy and open space, kitchenette, and conference rooms,” said Bill Bennett, Founder of Level Office. “We are excited to continue supporting Chicago’s entrepreneurial community with beautiful, affordable space to grow their businesses.”

Level Office currently offers two floors of coworking space and 1- to 15-person private offices at 211 W Wacker. In May, the company added six additional floors at its 318 W Adams location for customized office suites, which are now fully leased. Pricing for the 10- to 75-person office suites starts at $2,999 a month and includes fiber internet, private entry, kitchenette, and conference room.

Additional features include access to communal lounge areas with amenities such as an espresso bar, local beer on tap, and on-site administrative support. With pricing of $199 a month for coworking memberships and starting at $349 for private offices, Level Office provides small businesses and entrepreneurs with high-caliber amenities that are typically only available to large companies.

About Level Office
Level Office provides fully-furnished, technology-equipped, and affordable workspace to small businesses, entrepreneurs, and larger organizations. Level Office members have access to 14 locations in downtown Alexandria, Charlotte, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Jacksonville, Pittsburgh, San Diego, and Seattle. For more information, please visit

Kayley Carswell
Level Office
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Quote Beating Plumbing & Heating Ltd Releases Free Report On Tradesmen Investing

Free UK Plumbing and Heating Trade Investment Report

Quote Beating Plumbing & Heating

Quote Beating Plumbing & Heating Ltd has released a free report on Investment for Tradespeople: Top Industries UK Tradesmen Should be Investing in Right Now.

SHREWBURY, SHROPSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, January 26, 2017 / — Quote Beating Plumbing & Heating Ltd has today released a free report titled: “Top Industries UK Tradesmen Should be Investing in Right Now”. This report aims to provide the reader with an overview of industries to invest in during uncertain economic times. It also aims to explain why UK tradespeople considering investing in their own businesses need to consider this very carefully at this time. The reason given for that is because there may be a UK economic downturn in 2017, caused by the economic uncertainties surrounding the UK Brexit negotiations. Although people want to be entrepreneurial it may be best not to invest in expanding their own business now.

The report has been made openly available and at no cost by Quote Beating Plumbing & Heating Ltd. It’s available to the general public, thought leaders within the plumbers in Shrewsbury UK market and anyone with an interest in Investment Options for Tradespeople.

The report was also written with a specific focus on plumbing business-people because IPPTS Associates, author of the report, believes.

Steve Last commenting on behalf of the company said:

“economic change can occur so rapidly that, while applauding the idea of investing in their own businesses, for UK business now is not going to be a good time to extend their internal financial commitment."

"Ourselves, and our collaborator at felt that producing and publicizing this report would be the best way to help our fellow business people avoid this potential investment error.”

When asked about why they released the report at this time, Steve Last, Principal at IPPTS Associates said:

“It might seem so obvious for our local small-business tradespeople (like the Shrewsbury Plumbers in our area), who at last have some cash to be able to invest in themselves using their 2016 profits, to do just that and expand. What can be bad about them investing now in their own businesses, they think. But, this lacks a wider perspective. IPPTS Associates simply explains why it makes more sense, if investing now, to look at industries other than plumbing and heating, bathroom, and kitchen installation, to put their money into. Other industries, described in the report, would make much better investment targets as IPPTS Associates say in the report. That’s because, in the event of an economic downturn in the UK, those industries will be much more able to weather-out economic downturns. The local tradesmen should hold on to their hard-earned money for now, and only invest it in their own business, when the Brexit outlook has become much more certain.”

Interested parties can find the IPPTS Plumbers Shropshire/ Quote Beating Plumbing & Heating Ltd, report ready to download, for free, at

Quote Beating Plumbing & Heating Ltd was founded in the 2000s and is a well-respected entity within the community of plumbing and heating engineers in the Shrewsbury/ Shropshire wide UK industry. It is best known for great value high-quality workmanship and excellent day to day communication with their customers.

The unique position within its industry gives IPPTS Associates the ability to produce such a report on Investment Options for Tradespeople. Quote Beating Plumbing & Heating Ltd hold a lead in their business because they are continually experimenting with new materials and technologies in their industry for improved functionality and the very best in customer satisfaction.

For example, the report aims to provide the reader with an overview of industries to invest in during uncertain economic times.

It gives valuable information to the reader that will ultimately benefit them by helping them to be realistic about the UK’s prospects while the UK government is negotiating Brexit terms, and help them avoid the likely worst consequences of it.

This insight simply wouldn’t be possible, or their advice nearly as effective, without their collaboration with Quote Beating Plumbing & Heating Ltd, and their 10 years spent in the “plumbers in Shrewsbury” UK (heating, kitchen, and bathroom installation) world so far.

More information on Quote Beating Plumbing & Heating Ltd can be found at

The Report “Top Industries UK Tradesmen Should be Investing in Right Now” can be downloaded at

Steve Last
Quote Beating Plumbing & Heating Ltd
email us here

An Introduction to the Quote Beating Plumbing and Heating Services Offered

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EquityBuild Announces New Masterclass Webinar for January on What To Expect in Real Estate for 2017

Webinar Highlights a Guide for Investors in This Year’s Changing Economy

PLANO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 26, 2017 / — EquityBuild announces a masterclass addressing the major shifts taking place since Trump has taken office. Experts from EquityBuild will discuss critical insights on what is happening in the market, and what investors need to know now.

In this session, EquityBuild takes viewers behind the curtain, going in-depth on the game plan for profits during 2017. This webinar will run January 26th at 2:15pm Eastern. Register here to join this informative masterclass.

“Our newest masterclass will educate and enlighten investors on what to expect with the change in administration,” said Shaun Cohen, vice president of EquityBuild. “We focus on a higher level of learning of why real estate is the best way to invest now. We also encourage viewers to watch the 1031 Exchange masterclass in our January Jump series which gives a wonderful overview, with a high degree of clarity and candor.”

The January Jump series gives investors the chance to take a deep dive into topics rarely covered so they can gain a better understanding of real estate investment.

• 1031 Exchange masterclass – Learn how to save on taxes, shelter earnings in real estate, and create more income to build wealth with experts Theresa Knower and Kelsey Dineen from Midland IRA. This masterclass shows the benefits of a 1031 Exchange, including how to defer paying all capital gains on investment property. Watch to see how EquityBuild can help investors make it easy to buy properties and grow their money. Join EquityBuild for this special session.

EquityBuild is committed to putting its extensive knowledge and unique Operational Mastery of the real estate investing process to work for regular people, maximizing their returns and minimizing their risk at every step. By doing this EquityBuild helps its investors achieve financial freedom while improving neighborhoods and providing hard-working families with nicer, safer places to live.

Founded by father-son team Jerry and Shaun Cohen, this company gives people the freedom and time to pursue their passions with the people they love. EquityBuild is ushering in a new era, making real estate investing more secure and reliable than ever. To find out more visit us at

Company Contact:


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Dale Sorensen Real Estate announces development of industrial style lofts

Dale Sorensen Real Estate Sales agent and developer Anthony Romero is spearheading the sales and development of industrial style lofts in Eau Gallie, Florida.

INDIALANTIC, FLORIDA, USA, January 25, 2017 / — Dale Sorensen Real Estate (DSRE) has announced the development of Eau Gallie’s very first industrial loft building. LaCroix Lofts will be built on the property located on the corner of Guava and Eau Gallie Boulevard in the Eau Gallie Arts District. The building will contain 30 rental units as well a rooftop tapas bar. Development is set to begin upon site plan approval. The project is the brainchild of DSRE sales agent/developer Anthony Romero and Melbourne Beach developer Wayne Walton.

Romero said the idea has really been in the back of his mind for a very long time. “I’ve lived in the Melbourne area since 1998 and absolutely love downtown Eau Gallie. I’ve been intrigued by downtown residential living for years. After speaking with young professionals here on the Space Coast, I came to the realization that they do not want traditional homes in traditional neighborhoods; they want something more cosmopolitan, but not just another apartment. And a lot of these young professionals come from larger cities where they are used to this style of living. I’ve been familiar with lofts in New York, Chicago and even Miami. But this will be the first of its kind in Brevard County. We’re really excited to bring this project from concept to construction.”

The property currently houses a furniture and consignment store. The building was sold through Dale Sorensen Real Estate. “I was looking for property in the downtown area, literally knocking on doors to see if anyone was interested in selling their building,” said Romero. “I spoke with the building owner who said he had actually been thinking of selling. Turns out this is the perfect spot for our development.” LaCroix Lofts will be in close proximity to all the downtown excitement and entertainment. Residents will have a short walk to local restaurants, galleries and bars.

A loft apartment refers to a large adaptable open space, often converted for residential use. The lofts will be designed with eco-friendly materials top of mind. A product the developers are looking into are shipping containers which have been used in cities across the United States and in other countries. Developers are working with a Sundog Structures, a company that has sourced this product previously for other jobs. Working with local companies is important to the duo. “We want to be sure to hire as many local companies as we can, giving work to those in our own community” said Walton. “Our civil work and general contractors are local firms providing jobs within the community.”

The lofts will be a mix of new and old materials. The current structure on site is not viable for future use, however, the trusses and old wood floors from the building will be used throughout the project. Other materials will be typical industrial loft style including a mix of wood, brick veneer, quartz counter tops and concrete floors.

Each unit will be two story with the bathroom, laundry room, kitchen, living and dining room on the first floor. The sleeping quarters will be on the mezzanine level with access via a steel staircase. The kitchens will be European design. Units that face East will have floor to ceiling storefront style glass with views of the river.

Another unique aspect of the development will be the use of art from local artists. “We want to tie in young local artists to create pieces of art on interior and exterior walls,” said Romero. “We are excited to have chosen Derek Gores and Chris Maslow as art curators for the building.”
Amenities planned for the project include a top floor bar and tapas and a pool. The first floor of the building will house a parking garage for tenants. Entry into the apartments may be with a Fob that can then be used for discounts at local businesses, something Walton has seen done in Miami.
Although rent rates have not been firmly set, Dale Sorensen Real Estate will manage the rental of LaCroix Lofts.

For more information on this project contact Anthony Romero at 321.917.7450 or by email at He can also be reached at the company’s offices at 436 Fifth Ave., Indialantic, FL 32903.

Dale Sorensen
Dale Sorensen Real Estate
email us here

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