World Leading Real Estate Platform Adds 100 New NLP Scripts into Their Workout Module


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GREL, the provider of online real estate education & technology solutions, today announced the launch 100 New Workout Scripts for each real estate encounter.

PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 4, 2017 / — Global Real Estate Licence, the provider of online real estate education & technology solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of their exciting and valuable 100 new workout scripts to their module. GREL’s goal for these newly added workouts is for agents to pass the level of just absorbing the information being taught by the courses, but now to actually implement it into their day to day business, to gain real life results. The concept of GREL’s workout scripts is simple, choose from a list of available scripts, listen and read along with the example, and finally, record yourself reading the same script. The workoutScripts are designed to teach members what to say in nearly every possible encounter with their client, through practice and repetition. Scripts have been created to reflect all stages of the sales process, reconstructing scenarios such as prospecting, listing/buyers presentations, negotiations and more. This workout module is designed to teach agents the magnitude of keywords and tonal patterns to make an impact on their clients.

“Reading about a scenario and practicing a scenario will yield two completely different results for an agent's business, and this is especially true when we consider that they are in a sales position. You can find scattered scripts online as resources, however, communication is only 7% verbal, while tone of voice and body language account for the rest. Knowledge and confidence are a real estate agents largest asset in their business, simply knowing something is not enough until, and unless, you can communicate your value to clients. The first thing a real estate agent is selling, is themselves. If they cannot move beyond that first hurdle, they will have little to no opportunity to survive in the industry. The concept is the same as a physical workout, you cannot run for 10 minutes once a week and expect to get results you are looking for. This industry is all based on strategies, with a lot of competition, and those who strengthen their mindset and confidence, will always win”

GREL is grateful for their many students in their mentorship program who are seeking out possibilities to service as a top agent. In return GREL will be striking agents with the most powerful tools based off skillfully crafted neuro linguistic programming. The agents will be able to master skills in many fields such as negotiation, while comprehending each of these real estate workout scripts on an unconscious confident level. By adding 100 new workoutScripts to their library, agents will be able to drill not only the information, but also be able to perform as a specialist, implementing their scripts as though they are second nature. Even though their adaptation has been slow in recent years- don't get this, you will never have to think about what to say to your clients again, these 100 new workout scripts will be the wave to the real estate future

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