The Hardwood Flooring Store Announces The Top Requirements For Painting Hardwood Floors

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TORONTO, ON, CANADA, July 5, 2017 / — Painted floors have become a popular new trend. If a person wants their home to look modern and stylish, painting the hardwood floors is a fun and exciting option. The Hardwood Flooring Store explains this process to owners of hardwood floors as well as those who are interested in purchasing.

Painted wood floors are still unique enough to make a home look distinct. Some people choose to paint them a darker or lighter shade of wood while others go for primary colors. Ron Ander of The Hardwood Flooring Store says that bold colors make the floor stand out. "Many people overlook the floor when they are decorating a room, and that's a shame." He goes on to explain that the floor can become a focal point and add a 3D effect to the design. Instead of just looking around, painted floors cause you to look down.

Painting the floor is a major decision and one which should not be taken lightly, Ander advises. Not everyone will like walking on a bright red floor. It can also make a room look busier or smaller. Decorators recommend having only one focal point so they don’t compete with each other. If one chooses to make the floor the focal point, the rest of the room should be quieter and subtler. At the same time, the floor is not just one component of a room where everything should work together. This means that the design of the floor should complement the rest of the features in the room. If one chooses to paint the floor, those same colors should be found elsewhere in the room as accents.

While painting a hardwood floor may sound like a major undertaking, it's not as challenging as it might seem, says Ander. In many cases, if a person doesn't like the end result, they can sand the floor and restain it with no evidence of their experiment. Of course, this involves a lot of work, so it’s best to try out the look on a small area first. Even better, a person can work with a professional and get a computer image of the room with the floor color to see how it looks.

Ander recommends homeowners to choose a paint designed for floors. It needs to be durable to handle the traffic. It won't be the same as what one puts on the wall, but it needs to be designed specifically for wood. When a person purchases hardwood floors, they should talk to the company and make sure the type of wood they choose will work with paint.

When painting hardwood floors, it is important to consider how the new look fits in with the rest of the room and to use the right paint. The results can be amazing and make a room stand out. It also allows the person to enjoy a space that fits their personality and one that becomes a conversation piece for guests.

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